14 Shopify Apps To Build A Professional Store Which Converts

14 Shopify Apps To Build A Professional Store Which Converts

Shopify is the best affordable option out there for building an online store the easy way. However, to succeed in you e-commerce business, you may need some extra features than the default store setup provides.

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There are many apps on Shopify app store which offers to add a new feature to your store. But here’s a word of caution. You should always limit the no. of apps you install which works on the frontend of your store. More apps mean more code conflicts which in turn slows down your page loading speed! That’s why if you are looking forward to creating a professional store, get the features custom developed for your store.

Now, let’s have a look at 14 of the best Shopify apps which gives you features to improve the user experience and the usability of your store.

Customers aren’t patient, that’s why you have to keep them from leaving your website. To help them find the exact products they want, you need the right filtering and search options.

This Shopify app helps the visitors to quickly go to the relevant products from the collections & search page with its advanced filtering and search features. If you are selling a large inventory or have multiple varieties of your products, this is a must-have app for your Shopify store.

Price: Plan starts from $19/month after 14 days free trial.

2. Rewind Backups

Rewind app is the smartest way to backup your Shopify store and revert unwanted changes. Get the peace of mind by ensuring that your most important store data is already backed up by this backup app.

Even though Shopify server backs up all its data, you don’t have permission to access those backups. That’s why you need this automatic backup for your Shopify store to stay safe from any kind of code disaster.

Price: Free up to 20 orders/month. Paid plans start from $9/month.

3. Shogun Page Builder

Most of the Shopify sellers look for a landing page builder that’s easy to use, create modern landing pages and supported by a world-class developer’s team. That’s why Shogun is the most preferred landing page app.

With Shogun, you can use the design of your existing Shopify design to create a faster and highly converting landing page which makes it easy and stress-free while planning any marketing campaigns and product promotions. 

Key Features:

Mobile responsive page designs.

Extensive library of elements of landing pages.

Ability to add custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Extensive support and knowledge database.

Price: Plan starts from $19/month after 10 days of free trial.

4. Plobal Apps ‑ Mobile Apps

According to data on an average human spends 4 hours a day on their mobile phones. That means about 120 hours a month!!

In this mobile-driven world having a mobile app can immensely increase your conversion. This mobile app builder will create a professional mobile application (Android and iOS) along with advanced marketing features for your online store. If you’re looking for a mobile app solution for your Shopify store then you must have a look at Plobal apps.

Pricing: It has a free plan with limited features. Paid plans start from $99/month.

5. Pre‑Order Manager

When you install Pre-Order Manager, a button for PRE-ORDER shows up on a product page where the product is out of stock. When a customer clicks on this button he goes through the regular order procedure. It allows the customer to buysell the product even if it is out of stock.

The message with the button can be customized. 

Price: $24.95/month after 14 days of free trial.

6. OrderLogic ‑ Min & Max Limits

With OrderLogic you can define the minimum and maximum product quantities a customer can order at a time. With an easy to use dashboard, you can set the maximum and minimum no. of products can be added in a single order.

Price: Plan starts at $4.99 after 7 days of free trial.

7. Cart Notifications

Cart notifications helps you add  fun and dynamic notifications to show the number of items in the visitors cart.

When customers add  products to the cart, the number of products will start showing on the store’s favicon. When a shopper abandons the tab on the browser, the favicon notification will start blinking to attract the attention of the visitor to bring him back to the tab.

Price: Free to install. However, you have to pay extra to adjust the design.

8. Upsell Bundles 

Offering product bundles is a great way to increase the average order value for your store. This app enables you to offer a choice of bundled product on the product page of your store. It helps you to create offers like “Save 25% when you purchase a pair of  Sneakers”.

Price: After 7 days free trial, plan starts from $14.99/month.

 9. About Rectify ‑ Edit products option

This app helps you offer your customers quickly and pain-free product details editing. This app adds a simple EDIT button near every product in your cart.

Currently, if your customers want to edit an option of any of the products they added to their cart, they need to first delete the existing product from the cart to add it with the right options.

Price: It has a fixed price of 50$.

10. Form Builder ‑ Easy Free Forms

POWr Form Builder allows you to build FREE professional, easy-to-use and versatile forms to collect any information you need for your business. It simplifies your workflow for sending email notifications every time someone submits a form by sending automatic confirmation emails to the customers.

Price: It’s a free App.

 11. HelpCenter

The easiest way to answer your customer’s question is to create a FAQ page where they can look for the answers. 

With this HelpCenter Shopify app, you can create an organized, quickly searchable FAQs page that looks very professional. Publish your articles and organize them in Sections and Categories. It also lets your customers submit their questions which they are no able to find in the FAQ page.

Price: It’s a free App.

12. Conversion Plus

Conversion Plus helps you create urgency on your cart page, which increases the “Fear of Missing Out” response.

By integrating a sense of urgency in your checkout process, you can make the visitors feel like they can miss out a great offer if they don’t complete purchasing the order at that moment.

Price: It’s a free App.

13. Growave app

Reach. Engage. Convert.

If you’re looking for several apps and features like Wishlists, Rewards and Loyalty, Instagram galleries, Automated emails, Reviews, Comments, Q&A and Social login for your online store, then discovering Growave – will make you very happy as every feature that you’re looking for in different apps can be found in just one, s aving your company’s money and time.

Integrating with a lot of apps might slow down your page loading speed because of code conflicts from several apps, but with Growave, you get all tools for reaching, engaging and converting your customers from one place.

All the apps and features that you need are under one dashboard and integrations are very easy, the app is easy to set up and makes the transition seamlessly. Grow traffic, engage customers and sell more with just one app.

Key features:

  • Loyalty and Rewards
  • Comments
  • Reviews
  • Social Sharing
  • Wishlists
  • Community
  • Social Login
  • Automated Emails
  • Instagram Notifications

Price: It has a free plan with limited features. It has 30 days free trial. Paid plans start from $119/month.

14. Oxi Social Login

With Social Login, customers can log in with their existing social accounts. By avoiding a cumbersome manual registration and login process, it brings the opportunity of improving the conversion rate. With Social Login, there’s a higher chance that the customers will create an account on your store.

Price: Plan starts from $1.99 after 15 days free trial.

Which Shopify Apps Are Best for You?

In this article we have listed the apps which we have found useful. However, there are many great apps out there which you may find very useful for your store (check out the article here for more resources).

Try the apps according to your need and see which one works for you best. Let us know if we have missed your favorite app in the listing.

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