5 Awesome Omni Channel Strategies That You Can Use For Your Business

5 Awesome Omni Channel Strategies That You Can Use For Your Business

Omnichannel marketing is the future of business. It is a business model that allows customers to switch seamlessly from one platform to another. Omnichannel makes a better customer experience while also earning larger companies more money by making their companies accessible across the board.

Many large B2C companies, once learning what is an omnichannel contact center and how it benefits the customer experience, started incorporating this cloud-based platform technology successfully.   This type of customer-focused business strategy allows its customers to do everything electronically and then pick up their products or see results in real life. It is a great way to utilize various platforms to make your company money. Businesses like Chipotle and Starbucks have seen great results by switching to an omnichannel strategy.

Many businesses can benefit from switching to an omnichannel strategy, especially as the newer generations get used to being able to do their shopping across multiple platforms. There are different ways to use omnichannel marketing and plenty of strategies to help businesses trying out this new method. Here are five of the best omnichannel strategies to help your business.

1. Pick up and Drop off

Something that every good business owner knows is that every customer is different and wants different things. There are some people who would never buy a clothing item without trying it on and some people who see no reason to ever enter a store again since everything can be done online. Making buying and returning items a great experience for all your customers is a huge part of the omnichannel strategy.

Returning items should be as easy online as it is in person. The experience between buying online and returning in person should be simple and seamless. Making sure that your online business runs smoothly with your in-person business to the point that they function as one will please customers and make it much easier to keep track of sales being returned differently than they were purchased.

Ideally, your omnichannel business will work so that all customer purchases and returns are addressed the same way no matter which avenue they choose to go through. Having a company that uses online and in-person methods of sales means they should run together without the customer having to do any work. The modern world requires an easy experience that runs together whether it is online or a brick and mortar building. 

2. Get An App

One of the best examples of this strategy is Starbucks. They have an app where you can order, pay, and collect rewards that flow perfectly with their in-person pickup. Having an app that makes buying and ordering easier makes for great customer experience and fewer lines in your actual business. 

Having an app for your company allows customers to interact with your business in a way that is more convenient for them. Apps make ordering products and giving feedback a much simpler process than going into the store or finding a website. It also allows your company to keep track of exactly what is being ordered and any potential problems you might be having.

The newer generations are used to being able to do things online. That is something that you could allow to put you behind the times or that you could profit from. As technology becomes more ingrained in the shopping experience, companies that have not kept up can expect to lose business and fall behind.

3. Set Profiles

As a modern company it is important you assume customers are going to start shopping using one method and continue shopping in a different way. Many people start shopping on their phones so that they can get things into a cart and then continue shopping on their computer where they have card information saved. You should have an online experience that allows your customers to pick up where they left off no matter what method they use to shop.

Having profiles on your website and app will allow your customers to save their progress on any device and pick up exactly where they left off. This will also allow your customers to see past purchases and even collect points if you decide to reward customer loyalty. This makes having a profile beneficial for both the customer and your company.

Having the ability to be able to switch where you shop from is something current consumers are used to. Allowing customers to have that seamless experience with your company will make more customers return to your website and let you see how many repeat customers you have returning to purchase more. Profiles on your website are the perfect ways to make your customers feel appreciated and your business stay relevant.

4. Cut Down In-Store Inventory

A great omnichannel strategy that has been gaining popularity is allowing customers to come into your store to look at clothes and try them on but have the clothes they purchase delivered. This is an excellent way to use several types of methods to create a better customer experience. Having a store where customers can see what you have to offer and order clothing that is delivered to their home keeps bags from piling up for customers and inventory from piling up for your company.

The rise of Amazon has customers used to receiving their items like a present on their doorstep. It is more convenient than carrying around shopping bags or trying to decide if something is exactly what you want while you are in the store. This strategy allows customers to see what they would be purchasing in person and then decide whether they want to order the clothes in-store or order when they get home.

Keeping your in-store inventory down allows for smaller stores and less unnecessary costs for things customers might not buy. Things stay organized and only what the customers are actually buying gets delivered straight to the customer. It also allows customers to make sure they like how an item fits and feels before they purchase so you will get fewer returns.

5. Be Global, Act Local

Huge companies are obviously global, but they have the ability to connect locally with individual markets. A great example of this is brands that have separate Instagram accounts for their brand in each country. This allows their brand to connect with local people on what they are buying without confusing their overall customer base. 

You can also do this by showing the reviews for your company that people in the same city or state as the buyer are posting. This makes your customers feel more catered to and helps you make sales based on what people in each region are buying and talking about. This marketing strategy keeps your brand relevant in every place you sell by catering to the individual instead of pretending every place is the same and every customer has the same needs.

Having a local feeling to your company also makes your customers feel more comfortable. There is something that can be a bit overwhelming seeing a post that talks about what your company is selling in HongKong when the customer looking at the add is from a small town in Ohio. Making your ads and marketing flow seamlessly between regions and customers gives a more local and personalized feel to your company.

To Conclude

Omnichannel marketing is the best way to sell to and connect with your customers. Modern technology is making it easier than ever for customers to have a seamless experience between all forms of how your company sells and they expect that experience. Making sure all parts of your business run smoothly together will allow you to provide better customer experience and make more money.

Some strategies to make your company omnichannel include making your purchases and returns easy. Customers want to be able to return in-store what they bought online and vice-versa. The same can be said for allowing customers to order their items in store to be delivered straight to their home.

Getting your company into the modern age by providing an app and customer profiles online will keep your sales experience seamless and your customers satisfied. Make sure you are connecting with your consumers where they are instead of catering to all customers as if they want the same things. These are some of the great strategies for omnichannel marketing that you can use in your business. 

This is a guest contribution by Gabe Nelson from Converged Technologies. Gabe is a content specialist of over 7 years of experience, currently working for Just out of high school he set off crab fishing on the bering sea in Alaska. From there he went back home to finish his college degree at the University of Montana. He is a vivid reader who likes to read about hacks and tricks to be applied for businesses to grow faster.

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