5 Sales email template examples to take your online business to the next level

5 Sales email template examples to take your online business to the next level

With e-commerce businesses rising through the pandemic, brands ensure that their products or services could be purchased online. Most organizations use the Shopify platform to create their presence online, increase their revenue and purchases. But, the journey of a successful business does not stop here – besides your e-shop, you need further strategies and efforts to succeed in the competitive market and boost your sales. 

Looking for leads and generating sales is a must for every successful business. To be able to convert and approach large numbers of people, email is considered to be the most effective tool. It is cost-effective and has a great success rate which drives salespeople to hold on to their email marketing strategy. Studies show that sales emails are 40 times more successful when approaching new clients compared to social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter, which sounds like a guaranteed result with only small efforts.

However, to be able to write effective sales emails it takes a lot of serious practice. You have to make sure that your email is interesting enough to attract the receiver’s attention and hold that attention for long enough so your message could be read. It also has to be well thought about since no one wants to get an email that is clearly automated. Although you will potentially be using the same text all over, you must change a few words here and there to showcase the intention of relationship with your potential customer.

To ease your headache and give you some guidance we will introduce you to the best practices and tips when writing the sales emails and provide you with email templates that will help you to increase your success chances when approaching your leads.

Sales Email Structure

Most salespeople tend to make mistakes such as writing emails that are too long, provide no value to the receiver, and are too self-focused. Automatically, most of these emails are rejected, left unopened, and eventually moved to spam.

To avoid this, follow a  simple structure which will help you create more meaningful sales emails and this will be delivering your expected results.

Subject Line for sales email

To attract your potential customer’s attention, consider including their name – it is well known that the emails which contain the name of the recipient are more likely to be opened, so why not take  the chance to  increase the probability that they read your email?

Here are a few examples that you might consider for subject lines to increase sales

  •  (Name), we just added the (Service/Product) that you might enjoy
  •  (Name), welcome to (Your Company’s Name)
  • Hello (Name), (Your Question)
  • So nice to meet you (Name)

Sales Email Body

The first impression counts! If your subject line attracted the attention of the recipient, you now have around 5 seconds to get your potential client to read the full proposal. The first sentence is one of the most important parts of your sales email as for many receivers your email’s first few lines will be displayed right after the subject line. Place yourself into the shoes of the recipient and think of the 1st sentence which would capture your interest and keep it till the end.

You might also consider the following structure:

  1.  Introduction: Remember to address your potential customer by their name, tell them why you are writing this email, and prioritise your recipient by making it all about them rather than about you.
  2. Proposal: Emphasize the key points of why your product/service is suitable for the recipient by customising his/her situation to your offer. Consider providing evidence such as success stories, case studies or statistics to prove your point.
  3. Conclusion: Finish with a  call to action that could be replied by simple yes or no, true or false, etc. The ease of the response will increase the probability of the receiver’s answer.
  4. Signature: Make your email signature look like a personal landing page. It should include your name, company and contact details. Consider adding anything that presents credibility and builds trust. You might also attach links to relevant content, awards, reviews or social proof. 

Sales Email Templates

 There are many ways you can approach your potential customer with your offers. To help you decide and select the right one for your company we have provided you with 5 email templates which will help you boost your sales.

Sales Cold Reach Email

First impression is everything when sending a cold sales email. Use questions in your subject line as they are good for attracting attention. To get noticed, mention to your recipient how you can help them and what advantages you will bring to their business. Here is an example:

Storytelling in Sales Email

It is important to show your results and add some proof to make your recipient more persuasive so he/she could build trust in your brand. Do not forget to add a call-to-action line! Here is an example:

Common Sales Connections

Once you develop great relationships with other professionals, you might consider using them to attract the attention of their connections (make sure you ask them for permission before contacting). There is a high chance that you will be able to earn more reliability straight away and your sales emails will have a better chance to be opened. Here is an example:

Reacting to Social Media/Blog Posts in Your Sales Email

You can get potential opportunities by searching for clients on social media. Before sending the sales email, research their online platforms, check their posts and their social media stories and closely monitor what they have to say. It will help you to engage with your recipient and start a topic that will be an eye-catcher. Here is an example:

Sales Follow Up Email

A lot of sales professionals make a common mistake – they concentrate on the initial email while follow-up stays in the background. Keep it short and sweet, be warm and approachable – you still want to get that lead! Here is an example:

Conclusion: Focus On the Main Things in Your Sales Emails

There are multiple possibilities to reach your potential customers, but if sales emails were not on your strategy list, now is the time to add them. Emails have so much potential in developing great relationships, getting leads and increasing your revenue.

With the templates provided you will be able to create the ideas for your own sales emails, just remember to use the correct structure and engaging subject line. Here is a little recap of the most important details when writing a sales email:

  • It needs to be personalised for each recipient to increase the chances of them opening it.
  • Don’t forget to attract attention and talk about the value that you would bring.
  • Make your sales email short and to the point.
  • Give examples of success stories and results you brought to other clients.

Now is your time to shine! Good luck!

This is a guest post contribution by Skirmantas Venckus. Skirmantas is a writer by day and a reader by night. He hates talking about himself in the third person. He is also the growth hacker at – the email marketing provider that is focused on user-friendliness, affordability, and utility.

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