6 Best Exit-Intent Popup Tools for You!

6 Best Exit-Intent Popup Tools for You!

An Exit-Intent Popup is a very valuable tool to boost your conversion rate by letting your visitors know that you can offer them some better deals and choices before they can actually exit your website. It can be used effortlessly by displaying a popup box to your visitors containing your customized messages, when they are about to leave your page. 

There are plenty of exit-intent popup tools available in the market but you need to choose the best among them. Here are the six best Exit-Intent Popup tools and tips to increase conversion for your website.


Personalization offers plenty of benefits. Research has shown that people prefer to repeatedly buy from the company which offers them a personalized experience. Companies can thus increase their sales by using personalization tends to significantly influence their customers’ decision. 

For this purpose, you can use “referrer detection technology” to detect if a visitor is coming from any specific domain, and then use that information to customize your exit popups. Another way to personalize is to customize your popups for traffic coming specifically from your social media channels. 

Offer Discounts to Your Customers

Nothing is more lucrative than a free trial or demo, which you can easily advertise through exit-intent popups.

In addition to this, most software already comes with free trials and special demos. It takes only a few clicks to make a sale, so free trial and demo strategies for potential buyers can provide you with a great chance to make your presence felt to your website’s visitors, and you can multiply your lead conversion rate with some light touches.

The sole purpose of offering free trials is to allow your potential users to understand more about your services, what you offer, and how you plan to work things out.

It is a fact that customers tend to sign up extensively for a company that offers a free trial or demo. So, if you manage to offer quality products or services which suit them well enough, you might be able to get plenty of paid customers.

Also, by offering your visitors a chance to register for an account on your website without asking them to share their private details, you are more likely to get a revisit from them, and thus you can build a relationship with your potential leads. This will also make them more likely to provide you with their credit card information later when required.

Offer Free Shipping

Like the above two strategies that are highly beneficial in getting potential leads online, by offering free shipping in your exit-intent popup, you stand a chance to recover almost half of the shoppers who might be thinking of abandoning their shopping carts. Therefore, offering free shipping through exit-intent popups is a no-brainer to generate more leads. 

However, there are different ways in which you can approach them with this.

You can provide your shoppers with a free shipping coupon code right inside the exit popup; or if you want to make your customers’ purchasing process seamless and easier, you can even include a link to the product they were viewing, or a link back to their shopping cart, or you can simply add an “Apply Coupon Instantly” button.

Exploit the “Selective Attention” Of Consumers

The human eye can grasp a great deal of visual information, a lot more than the human brain can consciously process. Therefore, our brain tends to rewire itself and focuses on only the most gripping information that it believes to be the most important, and tends to skim over the rest.

This is called selective attention which allows people to naturally skim over unimportant information. You can use this to your advantage by including visually appealing items over which the brain can’t skim. For starters, you can use images, animations, graphics, and numbers alongside your compelling text.

  1. Sometimes a striking image is all that is required to capture your visitor’s attention. So, include images whenever and wherever you can. They are attractive and very descriptive and can make a huge difference to any campaign.
  2. Similarly, numbers are also a great way for grabbing attention. Placing a very specific, odd number, like 2,349 in your text automatically arouses your visitors’ curiosity and forces them to stop and take notice.
  3. Another way to actually help the viewer better comprehend information is to include arrows and other graphical symbols in your text. Arrows specifically direct a viewer’s focus to what is important and ease their brain’s task to filter out unimportant information. 


The bottom line is that if you’re not using exit popups, you’re missing out on lots of profit. Therefore, try to use these exit-intent tools to find online leads and increase your conversion rate.

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