6 Ways To Use Shopify Resources To Supercharge Your Business

6 Ways To Use Shopify Resources To Supercharge Your Business

This is a guest post by Victoria Greene. She is a writer and brand consultant. She writes at Victoria eCommerce and also runs her own eCommerce stores. A big fan of community management and data-driven content marketing.

If you’re selling on Shopify, you’re in a great position to make a profitable start to the year. Just ensure that you’re making the most of all that the Shopify platform has to offer. After all, you want to be getting maximum value out of those monthly subscription fees.

As well as your online store, don’t lose track of all the different sales channels and Shopify tools available. Put the work in and you’ll see some amazing results from your ecommerce efforts. Here are some platform-specific resources, tips, and tactics that should help you make a killer start to the year.

Get comfortable with Kit

Kit is your marketing secret weapon, especially for the busy side hustle Shopify sellers.

An AI-powered bot, Kit will help you manage and scale your store’s marketing. From emails to running Facebook ad campaigns, Kit is a lifesaver for busy store-owners who struggle to keep up with the daily demands of running a store. Having Kit work for you is almost like getting a member of staff (for free) who can take tasks off your hands and keep you motivated.

In ecommerce, profitability is all about consistency and about moving customers along the sales funnel. It can take a few weeks, even a month, for people to complete the sales funnel, so a tool like Kit will help you inch towards that all-important sale in a consistent manner. Kit is free for all store owners and super easy to use, so there are really no excuses…

This proactive messenger bot is the future of ecommerce marketing. The more you work with Kit, the more value she can add to your business. Use Kit to save precious time and squeeze more sales out of every customer opportunity.

Hatch a great brand

Hatchful is a great little Shopify app that could save you a ton of time and money when it comes to design work. Great designs and cool branding are eCommerce essentials, but it can be hard to achieve the look you want on a budget.

With Hatchful, even the most design-challenged seller can create awesome branded assets in next-to-no time. It even perfectly resizes images and automatically creates cover photos for Twitter, Facebook etc. It’s a nifty little tool that will help you reinvigorate your brand in moments, and the start of the new year is the ideal time to up your branding game.

We all know how important a consistent brand is from a customer loyalty, experience, and trust point of view. A free design tool like Hatchful is a lifesaver for bootstrapped startups or savvy store owners who haven’t got much of a design budget for 2018. Why not experiment and see what you can create?

Automate with apps

If you want to make the most of Shopify, then you NEED to get on-board with their apps. From automating shipping and sales tax, to bulk SEO-optimization and pop-ups, Shopify apps will help you increase sales figures and profits in no time.

Use Shopify’s in-built data management tools and systems to help you decide where and how to automate. You will probably get the most value out of automating shipping, and then using automation across the sales funnel.

Focus on adding apps into your store in a way that’s integrated and strategic. Paying for an app is a good idea only if you can justify the cost in sales figures or profits.

Apps can also help you improve your ad campaigns.  Facebook ads are a Shopify mainstay — so get to grips with abandoned cart ads in order to boost revenue and customer lifetime value.

Marvellous multichannel

Multichannel commerce on Shopify is easy! So why not start selling on Amazon/Facebook/Pinterest/Etsy/in your own retail store?! With Shopify, it’s all possible.

2018 is the year of the multichannel merchant. Brands who are able to keep up with the fragmented user journey are the ones who are going to win. Don’t be afraid to add new sales channels into the mix. Especially selling on social media is set to be big this year, so flex your social commerce muscles and use videos, viral content, and stylish imagery to help you increase sales figures.

This will enable you to grow your revenue and eventually take your store to the next level by upgrading to Shopify Plus, which brings with it numerous advantages!

Buy niche stores on Exchange

Exchange is the place to be if you’ve got your eye on a new business idea for the new year.

Jam-packed with profitable niche sites from sellers who are moving on to pastures new, browse the stores for sale in order to find your next money-maker.

The data that’s displayed (traffic, sales etc.) is verified data that’s being pulled in directly from the Shopify dashboard.  That’s a great confidence-builder, as you can get a really accurate picture of how well a store is doing (and why).

Whether you want to find your next niche store, or sell yours own — there is a lot you can learn about profitable ecommerce in 2018 from Exchange.

Keep on learning

Don’t just read the odd blog — really engage with the Shopify community. Speak to Shopify experts and developers to get the most out of your store builders, train yourself up on ecommerce on their free courses and webinars, listen to the seller podcasts, and subscribe to the Shopify emails. There is a lot of knowledge out there in forums and on online blogs that can help you untangle any technical knots you may find yourself in.

Community engagement is the best way to stay informed about new launches, and also find the right sort of expertise for your store. Join Facebook groups, go to local meetups, and generally don’t be afraid to reach out for help.

Maximize the free resources you already have access to in order to learn all you can about profitable eCommerce. Use all the tools and tactics at your disposal to ensure that you kick this year off with a bang.

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