Best free Shopify themes

Best free Shopify themes

There are many reasons for researching the best free Shopify themes available. You might be starting a new store, working within a budget, or wanting to test-drive a new Shopify theme before committing.

Whatever your reason for trying a free theme, selecting the right one will ensure that you create a modern and professional-looking online store. Using it, you’ll be able to cut down on the design time (and costs) while putting your brand’s best foot forward.

At HeyCarson, we’ve compiled a theme directory of the best Shopify themes, where you can filter by both paid and free themes. With our help and the help of our theme directory, you’ll be able to find the right theme for you, no matter the industry.

Nine of the best free themes for Shopify

Before getting started, here’s a quick reminder of what a Shopify theme is – it’s the creative template that provides the design backdrop for your Shopify online store. 

Some of the best Shopify themes are free to use. They are mobile-friendly, offer app integrations, and are fast-loading. As a bonus, they are also easy to set up and customizable to your brand.

No matter if you’re in dropshipping, fashion, food, photography, or the health and beauty industry, there’s a free theme to suit your store.


Best Free Shopify Theme

For a fast-loading theme that is suited to most eCommerce businesses, you may want to try Supply. This theme is especially suited to showcasing large product inventories. It provides your customers with the functionality to filter product pages by brand, price, and any other customizable options you require. 

It also displays multiple feature products, and you can showcase several product images in a slideshow on your online store’s home page. There are two styles to choose from, Light, and Blue, which give you flexibility in choosing a design that is just right for you.


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In any e-commerce store, conversion is of the ultimate importance. You need a Shopify theme that has a solid reputation for converting store visitors into paying customers. With this in mind, we recommend Debutify. 

Debutify is one of the highest converting Shopify themes. Features such as product testimonials, add-to-cart animation, and more than 50 add-ons enable you to power up your store and convert customers quickly.

It is also ideal for all types of businesses that operate across regional or local boundaries. A built-in currency converter, automatic geolocation, and multi-currency checkout options make this more accessible for your international customers. 

Some of its other top features include being able to edit your product page, the home page, as well as the drawer, footer, and navigation menus from the dashboard. In general, the theme is visually clear-cut and very fast-loading. 

Debutify will also support your marketing efforts, as it connects to Facebook Messenger and your Instagram feed, and has a newsletter pop-up. 

If you’re a dropshipping retailer, you’ll be pleased to know that the theme has gained several glowing reviews from drop shippers. The sales count down, collection add-to-cart, and inventory quantity are a handful of the useful features in this space. That said, no matter which industry you are engaged in, Debutify can get your conversion rates to soar.


best free shopify themes for clothing

Showcasing your stock can be daunting when you have a large inventory. Your customers can easily get overwhelmed with the volume of products on display when viewing catalogs online. It may also be difficult for them to find what they’re looking for. But that won’t happen with this theme. It’s designed specifically for online stores with a large product inventory. 

It is also an excellent theme for highlighting your innovative new products. You can showcase multiple images in a slideshow that looks great on any device or promote a new product front and center on your home page. It’s also possible to highlight discounted products in a promotional banner at the top of your home page.

Take your business in a new direction with Venture. Its clean, fuss-free design will display all your product details and images in a multi-column drop-down menu. With three exciting styles to choose from: Boxing, Outdoors, or Snowboards, you’ll find the best choice for your business venture.


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When starting up an online fashion business, it helps to have the right theme to display your fashion items and attract the right market. 

The focus should be on your stunning images, but you also need to list all the info your customers may require about colors, sizes, styles, and shipping. Everything should be displayed as neatly as possible while providing clear steps to purchase.  

Your creativity will know no bounds with Boundless. If you are looking for the perfect theme for your online store in the fashion industry, this is an option. The stylish yet clean-cut theme lets the product images do the talking by putting your photos front and center. 

Choose between two styles: Vibrant or Black and White, and place the spotlight where it needs to be, on the stunning fashion items you’re selling. 

This theme lets you feature multiple products or brand images in a fade-effect slideshow on your home page. Or you can tell your fashion brand’s story with a YouTube or Vimeo video


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Online stores in the health and beauty industry need good, clear images and an attractive layout. A  free Shopify theme that best meets this need is Sense

Have you created a range of holistic health products that you want to promote online? It makes sense to go with this theme for your store because of its energizing style. You’ll also enjoy extensive product detail layouts with minimal setup.

This theme, with its fresh design and gently curved lines, is designed for visual brand storytelling. It offers cart notes, in-store pickups, cross-selling, and recommended products. There is also functionality to support zoom and roll over for your high-resolution image galleries, lookbooks, and product videos. 

Using Sense, you can list your health product ingredients or nutritional information in a clear, uncluttered style. You can also let your customers learn more about your products with reviews, press coverage, and an FAQ page. Only one style is available for this theme.


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Food and beverage stores can catch customers’ attention with mouth-watering images and delicious descriptions. If you need a new Shopify theme that will get consumers’ tastebuds in a frenzy, market your range of scrumptious meals with Crave.

Like Debutify, The Crave theme is quick to launch with minimal set-up steps. And as with Sense, only one style is available. But it offers an array of useful features in a vibrant, simple layout. 

You can list dietary categories, food substitutions, possible allergens, and nutritional information, while the focus is placed on images of your products. And like most Shopify themes, it’s very easy to customize it with just a few clicks, drags, and drops.


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When your products are photographic prints, high-end works of art, or limited edition decor items, you need the very best theme to highlight their beauty. And if you have a limited number of products, it’s best to keep your theme simple and uncluttered. 

Make your debut into the online world with Debut. This is a sleek and uncomplicated theme. It will direct viewers’ attention straight to your stunning photos and images of your high-end products. As with the other themes, you can let your style do the talking with a slideshow, banner, or engaging video on your home page. 

In addition, you can provide customers with live search results and quick links to product pages. It also shows them where their favorite items are available for pickup after purchasing online, right on the product page. And you can further promote your products by sharing satisfied customers’ comments. 

Whether advertising an art exhibition or marketing your own masterpieces, you need to showcase your products to increase their discoverability. Choose between the Default and Light styles, and see how this stylish theme will frame your curated artworks or decor pieces perfectly.


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Do you want to attract new followers to your store by telling your story and that of your brand? Narrative is optimized to support brand storytelling with images, video, quotes, and more. 

Set-up and optimization of this free Shopify blog theme are quick and simple. The theme is ideal for online stores with a smaller number of products. It’s popular among social influencers who are engaged in affiliate marketing of a limited number of products. 

Like many other free themes, you can customize your home page with blog posts, product information, and images in a vertical slideshow. Its large, customizable, and quote slides will give viewers more insight into your brand. 

Narrative also tells your story with a fullscreen photo or video at the top of your home page that’s set to autoplay. And for better navigation and browsing, menus, logos, and carts will surface as your customers scroll up each page.

With four attractive styles to choose from (Earthy, Warm, Light, and Cold) you are certain to find one that fits your story.


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Now, more than ever before, you need free mobile-friendly Shopify themes. For a straightforward and minimalist theme that displays well on mobile devices, you can try Simple. This theme is particularly suited for viewing on mobile devices thanks to its clean, uncluttered look. 

It looks just as clear and attractive on mobile devices as it does on a desktop or laptop, without sacrificing functionality. This is of paramount importance because more and more people are accessing the internet on the go from their phones.  

Display your products with a simple, easy-to-follow accordion-style menu in the sidebar. Your product images will animate into the page for a smooth transition effect. And you can give your customers extra information about any product when they hover over the image. 

Don’t let this theme’s name throw you off – it’s anything but boring. And with three attractive styles to choose from (Light, Beauty, and Toy) you’ll find a simple yet beautiful style that’s just right for you.

Where can you find free themes for Shopify?

It’s easy to find free Shopify themes in our library. Click here to navigate free themes, filter results according to your industry’s requirements, and select the one that works for you.

It’s easy to preview the layout and features of each theme. To get an idea of what your customers will see, simply click on “view demo”. This will give you more insight into the design and store experience you’ll get. 

Are free Shopify themes as good as paid Shopify themes?

A free Shopify theme can be every bit as good as a paid one, although the features and support may be more limited. The big advantage of a free theme is that it allows you to experiment and see what works before committing to a paid one. 

What features are standard in free Shopify themes?

The core features that come standard in most free Shopify themes are: 

  • Quick set up 
  • Inventory management 
  • Integrate shop carts and sections for product information
  • Easy customization 

Additional features vary from one theme to the next. Keep a lookout for any industry-specific features that you may need when doing your research. Our directory has filters that you can use to search for something specific.

In conclusion

A free Shopify theme is a cost-effective solution to engaging your customers and increasing sales. Because every online store is unique, you need a theme that works for your industry and your brand. Using our directory, you can browse through hundreds of Shopify themes.

Whether you need promotional banners, integrated blog posts, videos, images, or other standout features, there’s a theme that has it. As an accredited Shopify Expert, we provide the support you need for your online store. So contact us today with any queries you may have.

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