Best Shopify Themes for Food and Drinks brands (and the Features to Look for)

Best Shopify Themes for Food and Drinks brands (and the Features to Look for)

The global food and beverages (drinks) eCommerce market is expected to grow from $25.36 billion in 2020 to a whopping $31.25 billion by the end of 2021. A compound annual growth rate of 23.2% clearly highlights the opportunities for businesses in this industry if they move their brand to digital. 

But unlike other industries, it isn’t just about setting up an online storefront for these businesses. With consumers becoming more conscious of what they consume in terms of food and beverages, the look and feel of the storefront is what can make or break the deal for these businesses. 

That’s where choosing the best Shopify theme for food and beverage brands comes in and we’re here to help you with that. 

Best Shopify themes for food and drinks brands

1. Vantage by We Are Underground

Vantage is one of the most versatile Shopify themes for food and beverage brands. Designed with keeping conversions in mind, it comes with a strong feature set for high resolution images that are handy when presenting food and beverage products to the consumer. It offers four styles as well to help you get started with the branding of your storefront – Clean, Mono, Black and Reclaimed. 

What we really like about this food and drinks Shopify theme are the multiple header layouts and content display options. This gives you complete control of hero images and campaigns you want to run. It also lets you share your brand story with an in-built timeline option, and flexible blocks for text, galleries, collections and more, that can be arranged in both list and grid layouts.

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2. Focal by Maestrooo

If you’re someone who’d like to use lifestyle and product imagery to make your catalogr or menu more appealing to the visitor, this Shopify theme is for you. Focal offers a bold, grid-style theme that comes with four in-built styles – Standard, Black Box, Sea and Giveat. 

Built for large catalogs, the theme includes smart features like infinite scrolling, swatches to enable portion selections, a multi-column menu and home page video. It also lets you easily customize the content sections on your homepage to display important information that may impact a visitor’s buying decision. 

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3. Providence by Skup

For minimalistic design style lovers, Providence is a clean, no-distractions Shopify theme focused on conversions. It comes with three in-built styles to help you with color-branding your storefront – Thunderbolt, Seaside and Birch. 

Some of the features that makes this a chosen Shopify theme for foods and drinks brands are slideshows that let you showcase multiple products on the home page, home page video section, a customizable sidebar that can be used to display information like ingredients and more, and a quick buy feature. 

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4. Emerge by Troop Themes

Built for contemporary, omni-channel brands, Emerge offers a spacious design layout and comes packed with powerful features. It comes with three in-built styles – Bright, Light and Dark, that can be customized to create a color theme for your storefront. 

Some of the features that make this Shopify theme suited for food and drinks brands include home page as well as product page videos, a quick buy functionality, multi-level drop-down menu, and pickup availability. You can also easily customize the content sections on the home page.

Need help setting up the Emerge theme on your Shopify store? Reach out to HeyCarson.

5. Brooklyn by Shopify

A free Shopify theme for food and drinks brand, Brooklyn comes with two in-built styles – Classic and Playful, that can further be customized based on your branding needs. 

The Shopify theme comes with a header slideshow that can be used to showcase multiple products or collections at the top of your homepage. But what we really like is that it has a dynamic product grid which changes the layout of your products automatically based on how many of them are being displayed. The slide-out cart and homepage video further makes it a compelling choice! 

Need help setting up the Brooklyn theme on your Shopify store? Reach out to HeyCarson.  

6. Editions by Pixel Union

If you’re looking for a clean and simple Shopify theme that makes your food and drinks products stand out, Editions is for you. The theme comes with three styles to help you customize the overall look and feel of your storefront – Light, Spring and Modern. 

The Shopify theme includes features like infinite scrolling which helps you give visitors the experience of browsing through a physical menu. It also comes with a homepage slider to showcase large, high-resolution product images that can be used to promote different menus or categories. You can also enable the ‘pickup availability’ feature on your product pages to let local buyers pick up their orders instead – a great feature especially for perishables! 

Need help setting up the Editions theme on your Shopify store? Reach out to HeyCarson.

7. Mobilia by Out of the Sandbox

Another one of the best Shopify themes for food and drinks brands is the Mobilia theme that comes with four styles – Milan, Napa, Sydney and Tokyo. Each style of theme boasts of a modular, easily configurable home page that lets you share your brand story with custom content. 

The theme features a mega menu that your food and drinks business can use to display menus, letting customers easily navigate through large catalogs. The theme also includes a FAQ page template to help address the concerns buyers typically have when purchasing consumables online. 

Need help setting up the Mobila theme on your Shopify store? Reach out to HeyCarson

While these are some of the best Shopify themes for food and drinks businesses, there are also many others that come with various in-built styles, layouts and powerful features. If you’d like to explore more Shopify themes, let’s tell you about a few features you should look out for.

Must-have features to look for in a Shopify theme for food and drinks brands

1. Customizable content sections on home page

As a food and drinks brand, there is always going to be some information that you’d like to share with your store visitors. This could include ingredients used in your products, your overall company ethics or maybe a section that shares what and who you are all about. You can even use this space to display where your stores/ cafes are present. 

So the food and drinks Shopify theme you choose should let you customize the content sections on the home page to showcase products, blog posts or promotional content in any order with customizable rows.

Depending on what you sell, you may have products that can be categorized into separate collections, ranges or menus. To get online shoppers to discover them all, you need to make them easily visible and accessible. 

Your food and drinks Shopify theme should offer a featured collections section on the home page. This way you can subtly nudge your store visitors towards different product categories, guiding their journey to conversion. 

3. Multi-column or mega menus

If you have a mid to large inventory, you want your products to be easily searchable. Apart from the search feature on your Shopify store, including a multi-column or a mega menu can really help visitors navigate through your site. 

So make sure the Shopify theme includes either a multi-column menu or a mega menu that helps you easily list down all your products. 

4. Advanced product filtering

Another feature that makes it easy for shoppers to look for items in your food and drinks store, is product filtering. While search can list down all the products that fall under a specific keyword, it is the filtering that helps the buyer narrow the results down and find what they’re looking for. 

So ask the developer of the Shopify theme you like if they have advanced product filtering as a feature. It should allow customers to filter products by brand, type, color, size and other custom parameters like ingredients on the collection page.

5. Services list

If you have your brick and mortar store, restaurant or cafe still running, your Shopify theme should enable you to also display your services list. For instance, if you offer food catering services at events or similar! 

Let them know of the in-store details such as services, price lists, menus, and more throughout your Shopify store.

6. Quick buy

When you’re in a food and drinks store or at a cafe/ restaurant, you typically go through the available items and quickly place orders on the side for things you like. You need to offer a similar experience on your Shopify store. 

Your food and drinks Shopify theme should include a Quick Buy feature that can be implemented on the collections page, as well as on the search results page. This will save the visitor from moving back and forth between pages as they browse through your products. 

7. Slide-out cart

At a physical store or restaurant, you have someone taking note of the items you want to purchase from the food and drinks menu. You’re able to add or subtract from it on-the-fly, as you explore all the options available to you. 

On an online store, the shoppers should be able to do this easily as well without having to move to and fro between pages. This is where having a slide-out cart feature in your food and drinks Shopify theme comes handy. 

8. Multi-product order form 

When you’re placing an order at a physical store, you’re able to mention the qualities of multiple products on-the-go. Be it two quantities for a dish from your favorite cuisine or the drinks you’re placing an order for. 

When you go online, your Shopify store needs to be able to do the same. This is where having a multi-product order form in your food and drinks Shopify theme becomes important.

9. Optimized for one-page

As consumers, we’re inclined to get a ready list of products/ menu items in front of us. It just makes it easier for us to browse through all the available products in one go and then make a purchase decision. 

Having a Shopify theme that offers a layout optimized to showcase your products and all important content on one-page for quick ordering can cater to this consumer need. This is also a good feature for small inventory stores, saving the back and forth for online shoppers. 

10. Pickup availability

Let’s assume you want to order certain food items and beverages for a party you’re hosting in two days. Would you be willing to wait for the order to get delivered from a store that’s close to you or go pick it up? The latter. 

If you can, offer pickup as an order delivery option. Your food and drinks Shopify theme should be able to help you set up pickup availability on all your product pages. This makes it easier for the buyer to plan their purchases. 

11. Full-width homepage video

As a food and beverages brand, you need to be able to win the consumer’s trust to get them to buy from you. Especially now when they want to be doubly sure about the things they consume to remain healthy. 

With a full-width homepage video, you can actually share your brand story with them. Or use the space to even highlight the difference in what you sell vs products sold by others, keeping your value proposition up, front and center.

12. Collection sub-listing

Make it easier for online shoppers to give in to their impulse cravings by making all your products accessible. Pretty much similar to how in-store menus have collections and then sub-listings; for example the dishes under a cuisine based on their type! 

This is a good-to-have feature for food and drinks brands, as it lets you display custom collection tiles and breadcrumbs within another collection. 

13. Story-focused product pages

Depending on what you sell, you want to be able to tell the story behind the items. This could be their making, why you came up with those in the first place and how they’re different, or what value it will bring to the consumer’s life. In this case, storytelling comes into play. 

Your food and drinks Shopify theme should enable you to tell product and brand stories using additional images, the timeline tool or even text blocks on your product pages. Let’s just say it’s a way to start a conversation by making your product more relatable, before a conversion.  

14. Lookbook feature

Who said lookbooks were only for fashion and apparel brands? You can use the smart feature to even display various menus across the different cuisines or the ingredients that go into the making of your drinks and food items. Pretty much similar to how you get to ask the in-store representatives when you want to know what’s in a product! 

Alternatively, if you’re using content marketing to promote your brand, you can also use lookbooks to share try-at-home recipes of dishes, cocktails and mocktails. 

15. Timeline tool 

A lot of food and drinks brands had to move to digital during the pandemic. Before which, they either sold via physical stores or other retailers with their own brick and mortar stores. Either way, they have a story to tell – right from the point of their inception to going online. 

A Shopify theme that equips you with a timeline tool is one of the best ways to share a little about your brand with the consumers. 

16. Team showcase 

At physical stores, we get to meet the people behind the brand. We get to talk to them, associate with them and find grounds that establish a connection between us, making us want to engage with the brand. 

Look for a food and drinks Shopify theme that comes with either a team showcase section or a dedicated page for it. Let them see the humans behind your brand to build a stronger relationship. 

17. Customer testimonials 

Social proof is still one of the most effective tactics when it comes to gaining a consumer’s trust and selling online. Whether it was an offline sale or an online one, get your customers to share reviews, ratings and testimonials. 

But then, also look for a Shopify theme that lets you showcase those testimonials on your home page, product page or even a dedicated testimonials page. 

18. Age checker popup

If you sell beverages that should be sold or authorised to only a consumer segment above a certain age, you need to be able to verify the age of the buyer before you make a sale. Now you can’t ask for identification proof online. But you can leverage an age checker popup. 

Check with your Shopify theme developer if they offer one or can build one for you. This is very important for those selling items such as alcohol. 

19. Long-form home page 

Make the most of your home page by featuring different kinds of content in a long-form design layout. Be it the different product items you sell on the store, the various cuisines or product variants and more. 

Let the visitor feel like they’re browsing through a menu board that doesn’t require them to flip through pages to find what they’d like to order. 

20. FAQ page

As conscious buyers, we as consumers have a number of questions before making a purchase. Be it things like whether there are other options available, what the return policy looks like or if the product is 100% vegetarian. 

You’re not physically there with the buyer when you run an online store. But you can address all their concerns with a dedicated FAQ page. 

21. Product recommendations

In-store, you get to ask for products that might interest you or suit your preferences. On an online store, you can do the same for your consumers with the help of a product recommendations section. 
Ask your Shopify theme developer if they can enable you to showcase personalized recommendations that dynamically change as the buyer traverses through your website. 35% of Amazon’s revenue comes from product recommendations, so you don’t want to miss this feature!

22. Optimized for large images

The buyer can’t see the food and drink items in real life on the showcases or the tables of those sitting next to them. What’s the next best thing to offer them? Product images. 

Look for a food and drinks Shopify theme that is optimized to let you showcase high-resolution product imagery throughout your store. 

Be it the banner images:

Or the products you display on the homepage: 

Another good to have feature in a food and drinks Shopify theme is a homepage gallery or slideshow. This should let you showcase up to 20 product images that a visitor can browse through to get an idea of what your Shopify store sells. 

You can use this space to showcase your ongoing deals and discounts, value proposition or different collections. 

24. Swatches 

This feature is especially important if your Shopify store sells food and drinks in different quantities or maybe even variations. For example, the different sizes of burgers or pizzas! 

With swatches, it is easier for the online shopper to select the variant of the product they want to buy. In fact, it lets them know that the option is available to them in the first place! 

25. Mobile-friendly/ responsive design 

A non-negotiable feature that you should look for in a food and drinks Shopify theme you choose, is mobile-readiness. As of today, more than 53% of online purchases are made via mobile devices. 

A good way to test this is to look through stores that are using the Shopify theme, browse through all the pages and interact with the smallest of elements on your mobile device. Experience it for yourself before you set it up for your buyers! 

26. Search engine optimization 

Search engine optimization stats suggest that 39% of global eCommerce traffic comes from search. So make sure that the Shopify theme you pick for your food and drinks brand, includes elements that are easily crawlable and indexable! 

This includes even added elements like the FAQ section on your product page, the testimonials and more. 

Bonus – A good to have! 

27. On-site live sales popups 

We’re all making a lot of purchases online today; including food and drinks. But sometimes we need a little nudge or influence to give in and make a purchase. This is where another smart form of social proof comes in – live sales on-site notifications. 

These are small bubbles that appear at the top or bottom of your Shopify store pages, that display the orders being placed at the same time when someone is browsing through your site. For example, ‘<name> from <city name> just placed an order for Sushi 15 seconds ago’. 

This feature essentially lets the buyer feel like they’re interacting with a real restaurant/ drive-thru where people are getting served ahead of them. It will make them want to not miss out and make a purchase decision faster! 

Finding the best Shopify theme for your foods and drink business need not be tough! 

While the food and drinks industry is thriving today, it is also becoming challenging to convey how trustworthy your brand is or how hygenic/ nutritional your products are. The Shopify theme you choose for your brand will help you set that perspective for online shoppers as they tend to equate the look and feel of your storefront, to the stability of your business. 

Now free Shopify themes might definitely seem more appealing to you at the start. But they come with much lower capabilities for customizations. That is why we recommend opting for a premium paid Shopify theme for your food and drinks business. It will give you complete control over how you project your brand to the store visitors! 

Does picking the best Shopify theme for your food and drinks business seem overwhelming? 

Well, remember that if you’re not choosing the right theme in the first go, the world doesn’t end. Shopify makes it easy for store owners to switch their themes as the store grows and the need for branding changes. 

Need help picking a Shopify theme for your food and drinks business? Contact the Shopify experts at HeyCarson today.

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