Boo! Is Your Store Ready for Halloween?

Boo! Is Your Store Ready for Halloween?

Halloween, or All Hallow’s Eve has pagan roots celebrating the harvest and end of summer. Today it’s a worldwide phenomenon, celebrated by adults, kids, and even pets and is a fun night to get dressed up in a costume, indulge in some candy and scare someone. It’s also an $8 billion dollar a year industry (2018 data), with the average person planning to spend roughly $87 during Halloween.

Any Shopify store can benefit from the enthusiasm the populace has for this spooky and exciting holiday. One of the challenges of e-commerce is the physical separation from your customers, but just like brick-and-mortar stores decorate for Halloween, you can decorate your online store. 

We’ve prepared a special Halloween task collection for this month, so get into the spirit with some spooktacular digital decor from HeyCarson. From spiders, ghosts and cobwebs we have a little bit of everything. Don’t delay and get your store ready for one of the most loved holidays in the calendar. When Halloween is over, you can easily turn off the special effects using the on/off the checkbox in your CarsonDash.

Yes, we know ‘Halloweenize’ isn’t a verb. But we’re using it anyway. Your logo is the first impression you make to a customer, so consider it like a business card. Or a greeting card when it’s a holiday! Remember how Google creates a Google Doodle for every holiday? Now you can personalize your logo with a fun graphic too. It’s a wonderful way to give your company some pizazz and personality in the vast anonymity of the online world. 
Pick from a pumpkin or a witch’s hat – a few of the classic symbols of Halloween. Whatever you choose, get creative and celebrate the joy of Halloween with a custom logo.

2. Hovering Ghosts Animation

If you’ve got it – haunt it! Add these friendly ghosts to the buttons of either your home page or any other page on your site for a fun and immersive experience for your visitors. You can use them to draw a customer’s attention to a particular button and persuading them to click it. These hovering ghosts are the perfect mix of noticeable yet unobtrusive Halloween accessories that visitors to your page will be sure to love.
Happy haunting! Get your hovering ghosts here.

3. Glowing Jack-O-Lantern Social Icons

You’ll definitely be posting Halloween related posts on your social channels, so why not make your social icons stand out a little? Many users have become desensitized to these, as they are quite unobtrusive and hard to notice. But Halloween could be their time to shine! The eerie, glowing effect of our Jack-O-Lanterns may be just the thing you need to get more followers and visitors to your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter.

When users hover over the icons, the Jack-O-Lanterns will emit a beautiful orange glow, enticing them to click on the icon. The cutouts in the pumpkin will be in the shape of the social media channel.

Glow and behold! Our Halloween pumpkin social icons are available here.

4. Cute Spider Animation

Don’t you want to let these adorable spiders move into your online store, just for a little while? Add some personality to your pages with these 8-legged animations, provided you don’t suffer from arachnophobia! These are sure to make your store stand out from competitors who didn’t bother to decorate for Halloween. The spider subtly moves up and down and looks from left to right. More adorable than scary, but very Halloween appropriate nonetheless.

Ready to invite these cute creepy-crawlies to adorn your Halloween storefront? Get them here.

5. Spider Net Decoration

Cobwebs whether digital or real are the essence of Halloween. Except digital ones don’t need to be cleaned up! Your store could have some real spooky vibes with a spider net decoration hanging in the corner. While these are subtle, they let your customers know you’re ready to celebrate Halloween right along with them.

Want your very own cobweb? Click here.

6. Spooky Fonts

In addition to animations, we’re also offering some fonts for the written parts of your website. Don’t neglect the copy – images are great, but your customers will be reading as well as looking at the awesome visuals. Add some clear messages that you’re totally in the spirit of Halloween with some spooky fonts. Your headlines and callouts will be more noticeable and memorable to the visitors of your site. Choose from 5 fonts that are just perfect for Halloween.

  • Creepster
  • Eater
  • Frijole
  • Nosifer Caps
  • Butcherman Caps

Check them out here.

Creep it Real

We hope you enjoyed our efforts for Halloween! Holidays bring everyone together, and that sense of connectedness can be transmitted online with just a little effort. Other ways to connect with your customers during Halloween can be a themed email or special promos. Whichever way you choose to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve, do it with style. Make sure to check out the full Halloween task collection below and have a Happy Halloween!

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