Carson acquires user testing platform

Carson acquires user testing platform

We’re pleased to announce that Carson has acquired the user testing platform Our mission has always been to help eCommerce store owners build better websites. We’ve accomplished this with our small task service at Carson, and later with our Shopify freelancer platform at Storetasker (acquired Oct ’19). 

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We’ve supported thousands of eCommerce stores since 2015, and this experience naturally helps us spot patterns and gaps. We love the idea of helping people build better websites and digital products so we’ve decided to expand our offer with We feel that eCommerce merchants can benefit greatly from unbiased feedback from targeted users to incrementally improve the experiences they create, in the goal of reaching better business outcomes. 

User testing is one of the most effective ways to test design/funnel ideas, diagnose bugs and identify confusing website experiences, and get real feedback from your target market. All this without the hassle of logistics. This user feedback, combined with existing website metrics, is crucial to getting websites to convert more and leave visitors with a better impression of your brand. With the rising cost of online traffic comes the incentive to make sure website experiences are free of confusion and convert better. The global user testing market size is expected to grow from USD 1.3 billion in 2019 to USD 2.0 billion by 2024

UserInsights currently has a network of +1000 vetted English speaking testers based in the US/Canada and the UK, who perform 5-minute video recordings offering honest feedback about the experience, led by specific test instructions. What was once a practice reserved for enterprise level businesses is now accessible to a much wider audience via

Please visit for more information or to get started with user testing for your website. 

We’re also looking to expand our network of vetted testers in the US, Canada and the UK. Get paid to test! Apply below.

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