CarsonDash – Where You’re in Control

CarsonDash – Where You’re in Control

This week we’re taking a look at ourselves, specifically – the CarsonDash. It’s the command center of your account – where you submit a task, monitor its progress and chat with the developer working on your task. The unique features of CarsonDash allow our customers to easily communicate with our team and keep track of everything that’s going on in their account.

We created the Dashboard because emails can be inefficient and communications can get lost. With the Dashboard, you can track all of the tasks and adjustments that have been completed on your stores. 

HeyCarson is a flexible service, and we offer customers the option of subscribing to a monthly plan or paying for a single task. After you’ve signed up, paid and granted our developers access to your store, you’re ready to start! (You can revoke our access at any time).

Tip: You can always access the Dashboard, whether you are an active user of the service or not. 

Getting Started with the CarsonDash

Log in to your HeyCarson account to start submitting tasks!

The homepage is your command center, where you can check on the current status of all your tasks. You will see: 

  • Active and inactive tasks
  • Recent tasks
  • Task drafts
  • Suggested tasks from the catalog based on your history
  • Member perks

On the left side, you will also see a menu where you can easily access the task catalog, see your active, completed and closed tasks, your plan, and member perks. If you’re not sure what task to submit or want to see what kinds of tasks our developers can offer, feel free to explore the task catalog, which is always available on the left-hand side.

Submitting a Task

  1. Click Submit a Task or Choose a task from the catalog
  2. If you submit a task using one of the buttons, you will need to fill in information such as a task title, choose whether it’s a design or development task, and describe the task.
  3. If you choose a task from the catalog, the info fields will come pre-filled. Feel free to edit and add your own information here.
  4. Click Submit and wait while one of our developers works on your task.
  5. The developer will send you a message with a link, letting you know your requested modifications have been made to a duplicate theme in your store.
  6. Publish the changes yourself or let the developer do it on your behalf.

Tip: HeyCarson will never publish changes to your store unless you have approved them!

When will my Task be Completed?

If you’re a subscriber, you will receive the first deliverable of your task on the next business day.

If you’ve submitted a task using a task credit, it takes up to 2 business days.

The turnaround time for a revision is up to 12 business hours.

While we work as fast as possible, we also create realistic timelines for tasks. We don’t guarantee that changes would be completed on the next business day – this is just the time you can expect to receive the first deliverable of the task. If you have revisions or questions, that can cause a task to be prolonged. 

You can always see your task’s progress in the Dashboard, including active, completed and closed tasks (canceled and refunded tasks). The date of your deliverables will also be displayed, along with prompts if a reply to your developer is needed.

Tip: Subscribers can draft up to 10 tasks, and put them in their task queue, however,  only one task per store can be active at a time.

What If I need to Amend my Task After I’ve Submitted it?

We strive to make our customers satisfied, and you can ask for additional revisions of your task before you mark it as complete. If you mark it as complete and then want to make changes, the developer who worked on the task won’t be notified. In that case, you reach out to the customer success team via email or chat, on the bottom right of the page and ask to reopen the task. 

HeyCarson also offers a one-month guarantee on all completed tasks, so we can reopen the task if it has been completed in the previous month and if there isn’t a new task currently active.

Tip: If you’re a subscriber, you have unlimited revisions. On a single task, you get up to 3.

Can I Have Multiple Stores on my Account?


Purchased task credits can be used towards any of your stores.

If you’re a subscriber, your tasks are connected to the specific store which you subscribed with.

Start by clicking the Add Store in the top-right menu, next to your name.

You will need to enter your store name and URL.

Tip: Our monthly plans only cover tasks for one store – you will need a second subscription for your second store.

What are Member Perks?

We’re always on the lookout for great deals for our customers, and we partner with other Shopify experts and other e-commerce specialists to bring you deals that will take your store to the next level.

Perks include apps, themes or other tools that can be useful for your store.

Tip: We add 2 new member perks per week, so make sure to check back often!

CarsonDash – Efficiency and Speed

We created the CarsonDash to easily communicate with our customers and let them have control of their requested tasks. Few other Shopify experts offer this type of communications method and rely on emails to get projects done. This can be time-consuming and inefficient, and in the e-commerce world, time is of the essence.

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