Extra Support in Uncertain Times 🙏

Extra Support in Uncertain Times 🙏

Since 2015, Carson has been a leading Shopify expert service for thousands of merchants who use Shopify, from solopreneurs to Shopify plus teams. We even helped many internal Shopify staff with their side-hustle stores!

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With your support, we’ve built an essential service for non-technical store owners who need quality development and design help to grow, but simply can’t justify typical agency rates and budget-breaking minimums.

Now, just like many of our customers, we are also a bootstrapped small business facing uncertainty.

Instead of bracing for change, we’re embracing uncertainty by seeking out opportunities to improve ourselves, and help others.

Here’s what we’re doing for our customers:

Through to April 15th, 2020, our team will be offering free scheduled assistance over the phone to customers who may be impacted by the economic changes and/or are uncertain about the next months. We have many different ways to help, not only with your business but with suggestions or adjustments around how you use Carson. To book a call, please find our Aleks, Aleksandra or Mia on the live chat (bottom right corner) or send us an email at [email protected].

What else? If you don’t already know, we run a free Shopify support community at Shopify EntrepreneursIt’s a vibrant place with 100k members, and it’s grown to be the best FREE resource for Shopify merchants worldwide. We originally started it to support YOU, our customers. If you’re not part of this community yet, please join us! I invite you to post any questions, stories or topics that might help you or others with regular business challenges or how current events are impacting you. Tag your posts with #heycarson and we will prioritize their approval.

Lastly, our team has been remote for five years, so instead of dealing with drastic internal changes, we’re trying to focus more energy on our customers and our team members.

We’re proud to be part of the greater Shopify community.

Stay safe, stay poised and be helpful to others.

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