How Can YOU Join the Carson Team?

How Can YOU Join the Carson Team?

How would you like to join a team of talented, engaged, dedicated remote workers living all across the world? To have all the benefits of a strong workplace community, without losing the freedom to work when and where you want? You’re in luck, because you could be just the person Carson eCommerce is looking for!

How Is a Remote Workplace Unique?

On the Carson team, the magic happens 100% online. As a remote-based company, we talk to each other using virtual tools like Zoom and Slack. This means wherever you are in the world—whether it’s curled up around a mug of hot chocolate wrapped in your comfiest blanket or stretched across a lounge chair listening to waves on the beach — you are valued as a crucial member of the team. No long morning commute, no 20-minute lunch breaks, no problem.

The beauty of a totally remote workplace is that the online company culture can really blossom. There’s no separate “in-office culture” which leaves the few remote workers hanging on the margins. Instead of remote staff being forced into awkward work arrangements that were designed for in-person workers, Carson is set up for your success, wherever you’re logging in from. Anyone in the world who has the right skills and mindset can be welcomed onto the team, just as long as they have Internet access.

How Do Job Seekers Find Carson?

So if the Carson team lives across the globe, how do they all find out about us? We put extra effort into making sure we’re very visible around the web, so that it’s easy for qualified job seekers (like you!) to find us. It’s a win-win.

Our Website

The simplest way to see what positions are currently open is to visit the Career page of our website. Click here to see what opportunities are available right now. You’ll find even more reasons to work with us, and a straightforward way to start your application today. It’s easy—just tell us a little bit about who you are and what you will bring to the table. 

Online Profiles

Not everyone finds us directly through our website. Some applicants come across Carson on Glassdoor, where employees have rated us 4.7 out of 5 stars. Many people also find us on Facebook. We have a Facebook page, Carson Shopify Experts, where customers can learn about our services and specials (like our Perks of the Week!). Carson also runs a Facebook group called Shopify Entrepreneurs. There, Shopify store owners can find a like-minded community and share their experiences. 

It’s very common for people to find us on Glassdoor or Facebook first and then realize that they would be a good fit for the team. It’s no wonder, considering that our Shopify Entrepreneurs group alone has over 100,000 members!

Job Boards and Platforms

We also recruit new members to our team on sites like,,,, and Facebook pages for job seekers. We know many people look for remote jobs on sites like these, and we try to advertise our career openings as widely as possible so talented people everywhere can find us easily.

Employee Referrals

Last but certainly not least, we love it when an employee refers someone to us. Candidates who are referred by a current team member are evaluated the same way as everyone else, of course, but it’s always a great sign when employees enjoy working with us so much that they want others to have the same great experience. We’ve found lots of our awesome staff this way. 

What Roles Are Available?

We’re usually looking for front-end developers and customer success agents. We always need talented people right in the heart of the action! Sometimes spots open up on our product team for back-end developers, or for new members to join our marketing, admin, and design teams.

Applying to Carson

It’s very important to us that our application process is fair, transparent, and straightforward. We care about each person’s experience with us, whether or not we end up working together. This means throughout your application, we’ll respond quickly to your questions and give you quality feedback. We’ll never leave you hanging while we talk behind the scenes. After all, we know the application process isn’t just about us finding the right person for the job, but also about YOU figuring out whether Carson is a place where you want to build a career.

What Are the Steps to Apply?

There are a few simple steps to getting hired:

  1. We look through CVs and motivation letters to see who stands out.
  2. You’ll have a chance to chat with us and learn more about the role. We’ll also send you our guidebook so you can learn more about what we’re looking for, Carson’s awesome company culture, and how your skills can grow with us.
  3. You’ll complete a questionnaire. Think of it like an interview, but with all the time you need to really show off your skills and experience.
  4. Next comes the test task. This is your time to shine!
  5. Lastly, you’ll have a Skype call with the department lead. After interviewing each of the top candidates, we’ll select the very best fit for our team.

What Happens When You’re Hired?

If you’re chosen for a position with us, congrats! In the first few weeks, you’ll get the training you need to fully dive in. Your department lead will give you information about getting started, share our useful knowledge base, and give you some helpful tricks of the trade. HR will send you the welcome guidebook and practical information about company policies (including how and when you’ll get paid!). 

You’ll start out with a trial period. This time is built in so both you and Carson can be positive that the role is truly a great fit. Even if it turns out the job isn’t really for you, you’ll still be paid for your time. Having a trial period helps us both be sure you’ll be happy at Carson!

The Bottom Line

At Carson, we know that talented people can be found all over the world. We hire people for their valuable skills and great attitude, regardless of their time zone. Our team thrives off this diversity, and while working for Carson, you’ll quickly find yourself building worldwide friendships. We pride ourselves on our fun online company climate, because we know that a happy team is a productive team.

If this sounds like exactly what you’ve been looking for, head over to our Career page to see which of our open positions fits your skill set best. We’re excited to meet you—virtually, of course!

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