How Carson helped Alpine Rings turn their store around

How Carson helped Alpine Rings turn their store around

Meet Alpine Rings

With a product as unique and beautiful as their custom-made men’s wedding bands, Alpine Rings needed a website to match. When CEO Tim Dobbs founded the company, his vision was to break free from bland tradition and do things differently. 

“It’s all about the individual, and we think every man should have options that reflect his character.” Tim Dobbs

Alpine Rings combines rugged woods like African padauk wood, chestnut, zebra Hawaiian koa and teak wood with sleek and solid metals like tungsten, titanium and ceramic.

Alpine Rings’ Online Store Issues

Alpine Rings had a few design and functionality issues with their online store. These included the layout of elements, as well as missing elements that are considered best practice for online stores. Customers found it difficult to navigate their contact us page and customer reviews of their products were not being displayed. There were also some issues with drop down menus not displaying correctly in mobile.

CEO Tim Dobbs also mentioned that the site’s main header menu was malfunctioning on larger resolution screens, another issue that needed to be resolved quickly. 

Overall, there were several things to resolve and Carson hopped to it!

How Carson Helped

We completed over 112 tasks for Alpine Rings! And while we won’t list every single detail we fixed for their site, here are a few main tasks that made a big difference! The first thing we did was create a contact us page and styled it to their preference. To jazz up the product pages, we added an accordion feature as well as description tabs. 

Alpine’s Ring Contact Us Page – before and after

Finally, we added review stars to both home and category pages for social proof and to increase customer trust. 

Alpine’s Ring Product Page – before and after

This is what CEO Tim Dobbs had to say of his experience with Carson:

“My site’s main header menu was broken on larger resolution screens causing it to look really bad and jumbled up. HeyCarson diagnosed the issue very quickly and came up with a fix all within the 1 hour package.”Tim Dobbs

Ring It In

Now when customers browse Alpine Rings’ website, they can focus on the beauty of the product. The Alpine Rings ethos is to “approach each piece with reverence and care.”, Carson took the same care when fixing their website, which resulted in an easy to browse product pages, intuitive navigation and an aesthetic that showcased the true beauty of the rings.

A user-friendly website means higher conversion rates. Want to see all the ways you can improve your website with Carson? Check out our task catalog below.

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