How Carson helped Azura Jewelry shine even brighter

How Carson helped Azura Jewelry shine even brighter

Meet Azura Jewelry

When Angela’s family faced persecution in China, she learned early on in life that being meek and keeping your head down was a way to save herself. Her career was planned out – she was set on working for a prestigious company after graduating. But the night before an interview, her mother gave her a gift – topaz and spinel earrings. It ignited in Angela a love of jewelry and the course of her life was completely changed. She decided to take the risk, and launch Azura Jewelry.

5% of Azura’s profits are donated to charities that support women – Angela never forgot where she came from and wanted to support other women through her work.

Azura’s Product Page Problem

While Shopify allows for customization and gives people the ability to quickly build a website, there are often design and functionality features shop owners can’t achieve on their own. Unless you are a coding whiz, you can’t make these changes on their own.

Angela’s challenge and area of focus was her product page. She wanted to add features like a pop-up ring size selection option, a ‘Notify Me When in Stock’ feature and styled product reviews, just to name a few.

Azura Jewelry Product Page size selection – before and after

Her ethically sourced, beautifully designed jewelry needed to be showcased in the best way possible.

Carson to the Rescue!

Carson was there to help. We completed 112 tasks for Angela, allowing her to focus on her business rather than the design and functionality of her website. Keeping the design and aesthetic of her site in mind, Carson was able to overhaul her product page for a better browsing experience for Azura’s customers.

They are absolutely skillful, knowledgeable and fast,” says Angela. “Maybe I will get an annual package if I have on-going design work.Angela Lee

Azura Jewelry Product page – before and after

The Positive Impact

Since Carson made these small but significant changes to the product page, Azura has seen an improved customer browsing experience. Angela has more freedom in how her store looks and functions, as well as the knowledge that her customers have a better experience browsing and shopping in her store.

Getting her product page re-designed let Angela save time and money. Check out our task catalog below to see a complete list of tasks that can help your store look its best.

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