How Carson helped Protein Package make ‘pick and mix’ more efficient to increase conversions

How Carson helped Protein Package make ‘pick and mix’ more efficient to increase conversions

Case study 

At Carson, we get to work with Shopify brands from all across the globe. This time around, we got a chance to work with Protein Package to make their storefront far more efficient to shop from.

About Protein Package 

George Greenhill, the Founder & CEO of Protein Package, started an online business following his passion for leading a healthy lifestyle.

Born out of the need to make healthy protein snacks and nutritional supplements easily accessible and affordable for everyone, George started the brand to make it simpler to pick healthier snacks on the go, based on your preferences, contrary to being sold bigger, expensive packages only. 

“When I was aged 16 and starting my healthy lifestyle transformation, I soon got the taste for healthy snacks and nutritional sports supplements.

However, all the products I loved came as expensive individual products in large boxes and tubs that left me stuck with the same flavor for weeks on end – boring! That’s when the idea of pick ‘n’ mix came, to make it simpler for everyone to experiment with snacks in their health journey.” 

Protein Package is today on the road to becoming the UK’s number one provider for convenient health foods, high protein snacks, and sports supplements, with several new products getting added into their catalog every month to help health enthusiasts experiment more! 

But to give consumers more flexibility came new challenges. 

The problem: Making pick ‘n’ mix simpler and faster 

As the brand started to garner more interest, they noticed that their uniquely styled healthy pick and mix online wasn’t as easy to interact with, making it harder for consumers to make purchases. 

While the store saw an increasing number of visitors, the conversion rate wasn’t as impressive. 

On auditing the site, they noticed that many visitors wanted to add a couple of the same items to their basket. But to do so, they’d have to repeatedly add the item to the cart. 

For example, if they wanted to purchase 5 protein bars in a specific flavor, they’d have to click the quantity button 5 times. While doable, it wasn’t exactly easy or efficient! 

Protein Package wanted to simplify this so that their consumers could make these purchases even on the go. 

To tackle the problem, they knew they had to create a setup wherein a customer can add set quantities of a product when mixing instead of needing to click the quantity adjuster. 

The brand wanted to make it easier and quicker for the customer to add set quantities of a product when mixing instead of needing to click the quantity adjuster, type in a number, and then hit apply multiple times.

Protein Package came up with an idea to have three square buttons below the quantity selector with varying numbers. 

For example: x5 x10x and x20

When clicked, this would automatically and quickly add the corresponding values of x5 x10x and x20 to the basket.

But at the same time, the brand also needed to change the button requirements on specific products that were larger in quantity. For instance, their protein powder tubs. 

They needed similar functionality on those products but with lower values assigned.  

This is when the team recognized the complexity of the customizations required here and decided to reach out to the Shopify experts at Carson for help. 

Implementing the solution with the help of Carson 

Protein Package reached out to Carson and was greeted by our teammate, Hemnys, who holds years of experience in web development on Shopify. 

The teams worked together to understand the current situation to come up with a concrete solution to tackle the problem. 

As a result of another audit, analysis, and customization capabilities on Shopify, we came up with a bespoke plan to design the “Quick Add” function the brand had envisioned on the product page and suggested incorporating meta fields so that it was possible to manually adjust the quantity values whenever required on every product.

Agreeing on the logic behind the plan, we coded it in the color-matching buttons and tested their functionality with our Ajax cart. After thorough testing and quality analysis, the feature was all set to be rolled out to the Shopify storefront of Protein Package. 

We added the quantity value into the Shopify product page tag section to make the “quick add” buttons appear on the live product pages with the above functionality. 

With a mere 24-hour turnaround, Protein Package was able to simplify quantity selection on their Shopify store with this solution.

Tasty results

After implementing the “Quick Add” button feature, Protein Package saw a sharp 155% rise in conversion rates. Their pick and mix offer saw an increase from 2.51% to 3.88% in no time. 

In George’s words, “This Shopify feature customization implemented by the Carson team boosted our yearly sales by around £75,000. What more can you ask for? Thank you!” 

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