How Carson shone a light on Vasili Lamps

How Carson shone a light on Vasili Lamps

Say Hello to Vasili Lights

Founded by two architects with a love of interior design, Vasili Lights is an Amsterdam-based studio that creates whimsical and sea-inspired light fixtures.

Since 2015, Vasili Popov and Lidiya Koloyarskaya have been making paper craft lampshades in the shape of aquatic animals. Some of the lights are meant to be assembled at home, because:

Making things by hand gives you a unique feeling — one that makes you calmer the more you focus on it, that leaves you with a sense of pride long after the glue has dried. We want to share this feeling with you.Vasili Lights

Vasili Lights’ Product Page Issues

With such a beautiful and inspiring product, it was of the utmost importance that their creations be displayed in a way that showed their charm. Online shoppers have an added dilemma of purchasing a product that they cannot touch or see in real life. Professional photos from several angles are a must for something as dynamic as a light fixture.

Online shoppers also expect to be able to see a product quickly and easily, with minimal clicking and navigating through a page. The challenge of an online store like Vasili Lights is to allow a visitor to imagine what their lamps would look like in the visitor’s home. Their product pages just weren’t giving their light fixtures the credit they deserve.

How Carson Lit Up the Product and Collection Pages

We completed 15 small tasks for Vasili lights and overhauled the look and feel of their collection and product pages in the process. One of the most impactful changes was implementing a second image on hover on collection pages. This small but important feature allows customers to see a second image of the product just by hovering their mouse over it, without having to click through to a different page.

Vasili Lights Collection Page (second image on hover) – before and after

Some product page changes we implemented include accordion product description tabs so customers could easily learn about the product with minimal scrolling, as well as product labels.

Vasili Lights Product Page (accordion product description tabs) – before and after

We also gave the website a rotating promo bar, allowing the Vasili and Lidiya to communicate with their customers and make special announcements.

Vasili Lights Collection Page – before and after

Shining the Spotlight

Working with a customer on their site is a two-way journey and Vasili Lights trusted us with the backend of their website. We don’t take that responsibility lightly! Which is why we wanted to create the best possible collection and product page for them. Vasili gave us prompt feedback and it was great to work with him. He had this to say about working with our developers, who took the extra step in explaining a particular detail:

I am particularly grateful for the step-by-step explanation and screenshots.Vasili

When a customer browses for products online, the whole process must be intuitive and immersive, allowing them to focus on the items and their selling points. Want to know how you can improve your product pages and show your wares in the best possible light? We have a whole category of tasks dedicated to product pages. Check it out below!

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