How Carson tuned up Galaxy Music Notes’ online store

How Carson tuned up Galaxy Music Notes’ online store

Meet Galaxy Music Notes

As a professional musician and music teacher with over 30 years of experience, Mizue Murakami wanted to create an online space where students and music enthusiasts can access quality sheet music. Thus, Galaxy Music Notes was born. 

Her journey as a musician has seen her performing and touring with the Russian Ballet dancer, Mikhail Baryshnikov and his dance company as well as a finalist at International Thelonious Monk Piano Competition at Smithsonian, Washington D.C. 

Mizue applies the same dedication to her online store as she does to her teaching. This means selecting all the songs, arranging, composing, engraving, editing, live recording, MIDI recording, and creating instruction pages. Her dedication to her craft ensures all the products at Galaxy Music Notes are properly categorized and leveled.

Galaxy Music Notes Social Proof Dilemma

Social proof is now a major aspect of decision making by online shoppers. “Is my credit card information secure? Has this store been authenticated?” Are all questions shoppers ask when purchasing online.

While Mizue’s store was rich in music selection and documented her extensive accomplishments and experiences as a musician, it didn’t have the trust and security symbols customers have come to expect.

How Carson Helped

After inquiring for help from several other Shopify experts, Mizue found that most are not willing to take on stores that require such small tweaks.

She has this to say about her experience with Carson:

“Carson eCommerce has a system that is pre-organized and well organized. The team accepts small projects which many other developers don’t accept. I’m very happy to find one that helps Shopify stores that already launched and need some tweaks, adjustments and improvements.”Mizue Murakami

So how did Carson solve Mizue’s customer trust issue?

We implemented payment option icons on the checkout page and on the footer of her website. A small but powerful changes that assured shoppers their personal details were safe and showed them their options.

In total, Carson completed 51 small tasks for Galaxy Music Notes!

Galaxy Music Notes Footer Section – after

When the Curtain Falls

Now when music lovers visit her website and purchase Mizue’s sheet music, safe payment badges are clearly displayed. Carson’s role in helping Galaxy Music Notes establish trust with customers brings authenticity and a feeling of safety during their shopping journey.

Want to add payment badges to your website’s footer, cart page, or another spot? Check out this small task in our catalog below.

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