How to change your domain name on Shopify (step-by-step guide)

How to change your domain name on Shopify (step-by-step guide)

Like many of Shopify’s biggest clients, your store domain name says a lot about your brand and your product. But what do you do if you started your store before you were sure about your mission and now find your store doesn’t match your domain name? 

The most obvious solution is to, of course, change it. 

Today, we’ll cover whether or not you can change your domain and if you can, how to change your domain name on Shopify. 

Can you change your domain name on Shopify?

how to change shopify domain name

When you open your Shopify store, you will need to supply Shopify with your store name. When you provide this name to Shopify, you will be given a very generic URL. 

This URL is your store is your web address and the only way to change your Shopify store URL is by buying a new Shopify store.

Luckily, when you follow the steps below, this URL will only ever be visible to you, the merchant, and never the customer. This is good because Shopify encourages store owners to move away from the URL to build their brand and establish credibility with their customers.  

While you will still be using this URL as your store address, you can change the URL that customers see by purchasing a new domain and then making this your primary domain on your Shopify Admin portal. If it is significantly different from your original design, you can also change your Shopify store name to match. 

This means the customer-facing domain name will be different and can be made into whatever you choose. There will be no need to cancel your Shopify account and start all over again. 

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How to change your domain name on Shopify

Method 1: Purchase a new domain

You can purchase a domain directly from Shopify on your Shopify Merchant Dashboard.

Step 1: Log in to your Merchant Dashboard

Log in to your Shopify Merchant Dashboard with your unique log in details. 

Step 2: Buy a new domain

  • From your merchant dashboard, navigate to the left side panel. Under the Sales Channels section, click on the Online Store section. 
  • Under this will be options that let you manage your Shopify themes, blog posts, navigation, etc. Click on the Domains option. 
change shopify domain
  • Next, you will be presented with two options. One will let you connect to an existing domain and the other will let you purchase a new one. Choose the Buy new domain option. 
  • Now you will need to choose your new domain name. Choose your domain name carefully and take into consideration your brand and your product. You won’t be able to change this and will have to purchase a new one if you don’t like it. 
  • When you have chosen a name you like, you will need to choose the extension. Extensions vary from place to place. For example, .uk is the United Kingdom’s internet extension. The .com extension is the most widely used and is intended for commercial use. 

The extension you choose will also determine the cost of your domain. Some cost more than others and Shopify will display them with their respective pricing options. 

  • Once you have chosen the domain name you like and the extension that best fits your needs, click on the Buy domain option. 

Step 3: Review the domain purchase summary

Your purchase will only be approved after you have reviewed your purchasing summary and can’t be changed later. Be sure to be thorough. 

  • Make sure the domain name and extension are correct. 
  • Make sure the personal details are correct. The personal details are what tethers this domain to your name and your Shopify store; if it is incorrect, you risk losing your unique domain name and extension. 
  • If you want to auto-renew your subscription, click Auto-renew this domain every year
how to change shopify url
  • Review the privacy policies and make sure you have WHOIS privacy, which keeps your personal information safe. If you do not see an option for this and want your information kept from public domain registration records, click cancel and choose a different domain that does have WHOIS privacy.
  • Finish the registration and click Buy

Your domain can take up to 48 hours to become active. If this is the first domain added to your Shopify store, it will be added and configured to your store automatically. 

Method 2: Connect an existing domain

Shopify only allows for one primary domain per account. This doesn’t mean you can’t open multiple stores on Shopify; just that you can’t run them all off one account. If you want to change your primary domain to a newly bought domain, just follow the steps in the below tutorial.

Step 1: Log in to your Merchant Dashboard

Log in to your Shopify Merchant Dashboard with your unique log in details. 

Step 2: Choose your existing domain

  • On your dashboard, navigate to the Sales Channels section and then to the Online Store section. 
  • Under the Online store, choose the Domains portal. 
  • On the new page will be two options: Buy new domain and Connect existing domain. Choose Connect existing domain. 
  • In the next section, you will need to provide the domain you want to connect to your Shopify store.
change shopify url

Step 3: Connect your domain to Shopify

The next step will be different for everyone and depends on the domain provider you are using. 

Luckily, your domain provider should make this step easy and it won’t require much technical knowledge from you. 

Just log in to your domain provider website and search for the relevant instructions. Follow the prompts and connect your domain with Shopify. 

This won’t make Shopify your domain provider. It will only connect the two and run your domain through Shopify so that you can run your store smoothly. 

If you already have the domain connected but it is still running your old domain, return to Domains on your Shopify dashboard. Then click on Change primary domain, choose the domain you want, and click Save

how to change domain on shopify


It’s important for store owners to personalize even the smallest sections of their store. By changing your domain name and utilizing other small spaces, like removing the “powered by Shopify” tag, you can fully customize your store’s shopping experience. 
Don’t stop with domain customization. Submit a task, hire a developer or designer, and create custom features that make your store stand out from all the rest. Increase your revenue by establishing your brand and building trust and credibility with your customers. 

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