How to change your URL on Shopify (step-by-step guide)

How to change your URL on Shopify (step-by-step guide)

Do you suffer with URLs that are long, ugly, and have many people wondering if they are spam? Do you want to change these URLs to improve your site SEO, and clarify your brand and the products you sell? 

Then look no further. Today, we’ll show you how to change your URL on Shopify in a few easy steps. We’ll also discuss exactly how customizing them could improve your store’s click-through rate, expand your reach, and increase your sales. 

Can you change your Shopify URL?

To a small degree, yes. With your Shopify store, and pretty much any online website, you are given a URL or a domain, which is your unique web address. With this address, customers can find your store from any device, anywhere in the world, and make purchases.  

Unfortunately, the only way to customize your URL is to change your domain name. This will change the customer-facing domain but it will not change the merchant-facing domain. 

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This is unchanging and is used to log in to your store. The only way you could have a different one is if you deleted your Shopify store and then opened a new one or opened multiple Shopify stores with different URLs. 

The only other URL customization possible is changing the tail end of your product or collection URL. 

Why would you want to change your product/collection URL?

Let’s say you have a product URL that reads

It doesn’t look very pretty and it’s a bit of a mouthful. If you were to share this link over social media or with a friend, it would maybe even look like spam. 

While this might not bother many store owners, top Shopify brands have realized how this can affect their stores. Building a brand doesn’t just mean changing your Shopify store name or having a great Shopify theme

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It also means using every available space as a way to market your brand and products. Like removing the “powered by Shopify” tag, changing these URLs will look better and can be used more effectively.

Another very important thing about changing the URL structure is how much it can help improve your store’s SEO. A clear URL will signal to customers what your store is about and what you are selling, which in turn will improve your click-through rate and your search engine rankings. 

Ultimately, shortening and customizing your URL will improve the look of your store, improve your brand and SEO, and make sharing products and/or services easier and prettier. 

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How to change your Shopify store URL

Step 1: Log in to Shopify

Log in to your Shopify account with your unique login details.

Step 2: Go to product edit 

  • Once you have logged into your store, you will have your Merchant Dashboard in front of you. To the left of the dashboard will be a sidebar with a bunch of sections. On this sidebar, click on the Products tab.
  • Once you have clicked on the Products tab, you will have a few choices. Navigate down to the All Products tab. 
  • Here you will have to look for the product URL you want to change. When you have found the product, click on it and navigate right to the bottom of the product information. At the bottom will be a Search Engine Listing Preview, which shows how this product shows up on search engines.
  • On the top right-hand corner of this preview will be the option to Edit Website SEO. Click on this option. 

Step 3: Change the product URL

On this new page, you will be able to edit a bunch of SEO-related features on your product page. 

  • To change the URL, scroll until you find the URL And Handle option. 
  • Click on the URL. The part that you can change will show up highlighted in blue. You can now change your store URL. 
  • Repeat this step with all the products or collections you want to change. Make sure the wording is clear, concise, and showcases the product well. 
how to change shopify store url

Remember that when you change your URL, your address is changing. People with your old URL will now be shown a site error and won’t be able to view the product. It is important to set up redirects or to manually change the product links on social media or your website from the old URL to the new URL. 

How to change URL on Shopify (FAQs)

Is Shopify SEO-friendly?

Yes, Shopify is SEO friendly. This all-in-one e-commerce platform comes with automatic SEO-friendly features like canonical tags and editable features like title tags, meta descriptions, and alt text for images. 

All these are combined with Shopify’s built-in optimization to create a very SEO-friendly store. 

What is the Shopify URL structure?

Shopify automatically generates a URL for every product on your site. It will be your usual URL followed by a product directory and then the product name. Users are only able to edit the last part of their URL. 

Does Shopify give you a URL?

When you open your Shopify account, you are given a default URL. It will look something along the line of this: Unless you buy a domain from Shopify or a third party and connect it, this will be the URL that all your visitors see. 

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With the above guide, you will be able to make an informed choice regarding your store URL. You can easily improve the look of your store, increase your click-through rate, and ultimately make more sales.
If you are serious about improving your user experience and joining those top Shopify brands, then submit a task with a Shopify developer or designer for custom tweaks and features. Ones that are guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd.

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