How to Make Product Videos for Shopify That Help You Improve Sales

How to Make Product Videos for Shopify That Help You Improve Sales

The practice of including videos to boost sales isn’t a secret anymore.

The relative ease at which businesses can produce videos has forced consumers to be very particular about what they watch and how they spend time online.

Nowadays, it’s not enough to use videos, businesses, more particularly, eCommerce sites need to make videos that stand out, engage the audience, and convert leads to paying customers.

Years of experience have thought a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t in video marketing.

Today, we share our know-how and talk through the steps on creating the ideal Shopify product video that improves sales.

Types of Product Videos That Can Turn Heads

Earlier a couple of product images and descriptions were the only source of product information for customers visiting a Shopify store. Now, shoppers expect to see video content on the product page to fill the information gap.

Nowadays, it’s easier to create product videos. Add a short clip of the product, including a few Premiere Pro transitions and effects, use some text and an audio file, and invest an abundance of creative energy to produce videos that convert. 

Depending on which stage of the sales funnels the customers are currently finding themselves you can present the ideal type of product video to move them towards a sale.

The followers are the ideal video types to improve Shopify sales.

Product Unboxing Video

When a new product arrives the packaging has a magical hold on us; not just for the kids, but for the adults too. The new product neatly packed heightens our curiosity and fills our hearts with ecstasy.

Even if you have outgrown the joys of unboxing, the process allows you to take a comprehensive look at the product even before buying.

Many experts feel that packaging reflects the quality of the product. Shopify marketers need to leverage the potential of unboxing videos because of their huge popularity.

Tens of thousands of unboxing videos are uploaded on YouTube every month. Unboxing videos have universal appeal with videos uploaded from around the world in over two dozen languages.

Product 360-Degree Video

Nothing can match the thrill of holding a product in hand and examining it from all angles. But, using a 360-degree video comes pretty close to the experience. Plus, it’s the only way to take a good look at the product on a Shopify store.

It’s no wonder that, not too long ago, 9 out of 10 shoppers wanted more visual information about products.

The eCommerce store has a better chance of converting visitors into product buyers with 360-degree video as opposed to using static images of just the front and back of a product.

The use of 360-degree product video in your content marketing improves the shopping experience. In addition, the strategy reduces the trust gap and boosts customer confidence in the product and brand.

Product In-Action Video

The inclusion of product videos can improve the page views by 127%. You can expect a better performance by adding product in-action or how-to videos to your Shopify page.

Such videos give the prospective customers opportunity to watch how to use or what can the product do before buying it.

Although most product in-action videos are short, by the end of the video, the customer will have enough information to make a decision. You could boost the reach of the video by adding captions.

Product Review Video

Before parting with their money, customers want to be sure the product in question is the right one for them. When they see peers talking highly of the product and their experience of using it, the prospective customers shed the lingering doubt and consider buying the product for the first time.

There is little doubt that product reviews in an eCommerce marketing plan can boost Shopify sales. That said you can guarantee higher conversions by following these simple tips:

  •  Request existing customers for authentic product reviews.
  • Keep the review short; its length should not exceed 3 minutes.
  • The Shopify product review videos must focus on the customer’s pain points and how the product helped with the challenge.

Steps Involved in the production of a Shopify Product Video

Whether the Shopify site has one product or a whole bunch of goods, a video production process can help reduce time and resource investment.

You don’t have to be a professional videographer to create engaging product videos. With some basic information, equipment, and editing tools, an array of Shopify product videos will be ready for marketing in no time.

Script and Storyboard the Video

Preparing a script and developing a storyboard are the two most important steps of the video pre-production stage.

You know who is the target audience, the goals you want to achieve, and the message you want to convey, but to attract and engage the audience you need a script.

A video script helps deliver your brand message in a way the audience can relate to and understand.

Want to find out how the script and story will flow even before shooting the video? A video storyboard is here to help.

Storyboarding is the graphical representation of a video on a page. It helps content creators identify potential problems in the video even before the shoot.

In addition, it’ll help you validate your ideas for the video, makes organizing different scenes easier, and help you decide the camera angles, lighting requirements, and lighting placement.

Most importantly, the storyboarding process will ensure you don’t exceed the video production budget.

Shooting the Video

Although a smartphone is enough to shoot a video, bear in mind that quality is directly proportional to engagement and conversion.

DSLR camera that churns out high-quality visuals will ensure the audience is glued to the video.

For the video to have an impact on the audience, you should focus on both visual and content quality. In addition, always shoot more than what’s required.

Editing and Other Post-Production Work

The visuals you just filmed are nothing more than a bunch of scenes. The raw footage requires editing and the final product must be engaging, impactful, and aligned to your brand.

This is also the stage where you include the brand elements, add text annotations, and include voiceover/audio to the video.

The intended purpose of the videos and how they are used can influence the editing process. For example, you could publish the product videos on Shopify product pages. Alternatively, upload a product video as an Instagram post or other social media content to drive traffic to your Shopify page.

If you plan to add product videos to Shopify pages, then it’s essential to abide by a few platform rules.

  • Keep the video length to less than a minute.
  • The Shopify plan you choose dictates the number of videos you can upload. With the basic plan, around 250 videos can be used on the site.
  • The file size should not exceed 1 GB.
  • The Shopify video files must be either .mov or .mp4 format.
  • The eCommerce platform allows video resolution up to 4K.

Tips to Produce Shopify Product Videos That Convert

Creating product videos is the easy part. The real challenge is the planning and promotion of Shopify product videos. The following tips and tricks will ensure your product videos convert from day one.

(a) Visuals and information aren’t enough to engage the audience. Capture their attention and loyalty by including storytelling and emotions in the video-making process.

(b) Use text to create context and highlight the best features and functions. Make sure that too much text content doesn’t divert attention from the product visuals.

(c) The video dimensions will depend on where you plan to use the product videos. The Shopify product page, YouTube, and social media platforms are ideal places to publish the videos.

(d) Social media users are bombarded with videos all the time. You can schedule social media posts using marketing management tools to reach the audience when they are most active.

(e) It isn’t enough to produce great product videos; you need to tell the audience what to do next. A compelling call-to-action will advise the audience on the course of action they need to take.

(f) Email marketing, although still relevant, has lost its sheen due to the rise of social media and other marketing mediums. Ecommerce businesses could still greatly benefit from email marketing by sending video emails to prospective customers.

(g) Paid marketing is a quick road to eCommerce success. An abridged version of the product videos published on various platforms could attract more visitors to the Shopify product pages.

Final Thoughts

You won’t find a better marketing tool than product videos to drive more traffic and improve sales on your Shopify website. But challenges are awaiting you.

The decision to make Shopify product videos alone won’t guarantee more conversions. You need to have a plan; like our guide that steers you in the right direction, advises on the types of product videos to create, steps to develop a product video, and tips to promote your video content.

Cristian Stanciu is a freelance video editor, owner, and post-production coordinator of Veedyou Media – a company offering video editing services to videographers, marketing agencies, video production studios or brands all over the globe.