How to master your Shopify development skills.

How to master your Shopify development skills.

“A talented person is talented in everything” Debatable? Well, the team members at HeyCarson are certainly talented people in what they are doing in the company, but they also have talents and passions in the different areas of life, and sometimes it beautifully complements the working path they’ve chosen.

Today we’re talking with Ivan Djordjevic, our Lead Developer about his first book that’s been released recently (Yes! That’s where the one more talent comes into play) 

Why did you want to write a book on Shopify? 

They say that one can master every skill with enough time, but the truth is that sometimes ‘enough time’ can be a bit too much. During the few years I have been helping developers familiarize themselves with the wonders of Liquid, I noticed specific patterns in certain areas of their knowledge, resulting from learning Liquid from various articles and posts.

While they may offer quality content, they often neglect to mention some fundamental concepts that I believe are basic knowledge. Without an understanding of such fundamentals, developers are most likely to face challenges in creating a solid foundation for how both Shopify and Liquid work. This observation made me want to help them by creating something that will make this path easier for them.

As they say, “Create something you wish you had when you started”.

What is the approach of the book?

I wanted to focus on the areas that people getting started with Liquid were struggling with. I made a selection of the concepts that needed to be covered and I wanted to tie it all up in a way that would be intuitive to the reader.

This book follows a learning curve flow, where each new chapter builds on the previous one instead of simply listing out features. This is a crucial aspect of the book, as sometimes the order in which you learn something can significantly affect how you understand something.

What’s your take on Shopify and where it’s headed in the future?

If I had to summarize where I see Shopify heading in the future in one sentence, I would say it has a bright future, and even that would be an understatement.

In the past years, Shopify has made more than a few strong moves, such as strong partnerships with some of the largest social network platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. In addition to this, Shopify has also significantly improved Liquid itself, making both the development and usage of their store much easier, while also showing us they’re in tune with their customers and experts working on their store.

If anything, simply looking at all the recent changes that Shopify has made over the last few months alone, they’re sending a strong message that they’re here for the long haul

Does the book incorporate the latest updates to Shopify and Liquid?

Throughout the book, I have covered everything from the fundamentals, including an introduction to Shopify as a platform and getting started with Liquid, all the way to the more complex integrations such as sections and the Shopify Ajax API.

However, the book also contains some of the latest features that Shopify announced at one of their most significant yearly events, Shopify Unite 2021.

Above all, the book covers some of the most featured changes, such as JSON templates and internal Metafield features, which made a considerable impact on both developers and store owners.

Is there a platform where readers can interact with you and learn more about Shopify?

Absolutely! Anyone interested in discussing the latest technologies in eCommerce and new development techniques, or those who simply want to say hi can find me on LinkedIn.

The book is available for order on Amazon in paper and e-book format. Enter “25SHOPIFY” during checkout to get 25% off. Applicable only on Amazon America (.com) till the 3rd of March.

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