Inspiring Brand Stories: WP Standard

Inspiring Brand Stories: WP Standard

About WP Standard

WP Standard produces high-quality leather bags made for the long haul. With over 10 years of service, Ryan and his company WP Standard guarantee their products for life, no two hides are the same and each batch has some variance in characteristics making your bag truly one of a kind.

HeyCarson helped Ryan improve their existing Custom Corporate Gifts landing page by strategically arranging the content to better visualize the purpose of the page, highlight bestseller products and past projects. Not only that but an interactive form has been introduced – allowing potential customers a hassle-free start on creating beautiful handmade bags.

The problem: Redesign of the Custom Corporate Gifts page

Ryan was looking for a fresh and creative way to showcase his Custom Corporate Gifts landing page to better inform potential customers about the service, highlight bestseller products, and prompt visitors to get started with creating their own handmade bags.

“This is a bag, or rather a person with some stories to tell. And though buying some bag doesn’t automatically imbue life with good stories, perhaps it can be a humble reminder to make some.”– Ryan Barr, Founder

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Implementing the solution with the help of Carson

After conducting a comprehensive analysis of their landing page, our plan was to clearly illustrate how the product and services could benefit potential customers. We wanted to draw attention towards the most popular items as well as motivate individuals to start customizing. Since this is a custom product, the company would need to discuss more details with new leads.

With this in mind, we placed a prompting call-to-action that includes a clear value proposition text and an email field at the very top of the page, instead of just displaying the company’s contact email address. Placement of the field above the fold grabs users’ attention, quickly giving them a hint as to what they can expect from this page.

With the simple addition of an email field, customers can contact WP Standard directly within their page. When a customer submits their address, it generates a generic inquiry request that allows WP Standard to respond with necessary follow-up instructions.

Before > After

By optimizing the call-to-action placement, we created a more aesthetically pleasing and improved user experience. We organized sections to draw attention to key titles while weaving in content seamlessly – allowing users quickly build trust with this informative page.

Before > After

We made sure that the titles are consistently displayed and each element defined to bring value to the overall page structure.

Before > After

Sometimes less is more! By displaying our featured products in one row we maximized the impact of each product while minimizing clutter on the page. We also provided a convenient link below to “Explore More Products”, offering users an easy way to view additional items from this central location.

To give the video its proper attention, we went all out with a large, eye-catching title and strategically placed “As Seen In” logos for an added spark of credibility.

To enrich the bottom part of the page, we added a new Past Projects section in which the company can  visually showcase some of their past projects. We also included an FAQ page in order to provide customers with quick answers and peace-of-mind.

At the bottom of the page, we placed a second CTA and customer review slideshow to further promote brand trustworthiness. This strategically encourages users to take their first step and get started.

Final CTA on the page

Once customers have a clear idea of the value our product can bring them, they’ll be well-equipped to make an informed and confident decision about hitting that call-to-action button.

Final look and thoughts

HeyCarson’s dedicated team of designers and developers have completely revamped the page, check out the final look here here

Ryan was able to take their Custom Corporate Gifts page up a notch with HeyCarson’s guidance. Through strategic content arrangement, they created an intuitive visual experience which showcased bestseller products and past projects in the most effective way possible – not stopping there, customers can now easily start creating gorgeous handmade bags with just one interactive form!

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