New Feature Rollout! Store Showcase is Here.

New Feature Rollout! Store Showcase is Here.

We’re always looking for new ways to innovate our subscriber’s dashboard experience. As of September 19th we’re launching an exclusive feature for HeyCarson subscribers, the Store Showcase. Have you ever seen a particular feature that you liked from another store and wondered “How did they do that?!”? Under the Store Showcase, you can find that out! Think of it as an exclusive online community, just for HeyCarson users where you can connect with other store owners that are also subscribers. 

In this day and age, we’re overloaded with information and at times it can be overwhelming figuring out opportunities to grow your business. After months of research, we wanted to create a space where all of our shop owners could discover each other. We saw how your passion and creativity come to life through the way each store had been carefully designed and wanted to give subscribers the opportunity to learn from one another.

What are the benefits of the Store Showcase?

We’ve seen online that the best way to succeed in the business is through analyzing what performs well and doesn’t. Creating a community exclusive to HeyCarson subscribers streamlines that process into one place. As a store owner, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with other store owners to provide or receive honest feedback. This will allow you to expand on specific aspects that either could need more improvement or expand in areas that are performing well.

If you’re not searching for feedback, you can explore other stores to understand what they’re doing and components that they’ve included e.g. installed themes, design, products, etc. Discovering new stores will help you learn about features. Our open system allows for the community to find inspiration and adapt new elements to fit your business’s needs. 

Why did we create this?

We wanted to create an exclusive, reliable and unique online community where the core purpose is to learn from one another and provide valuable feedback to take your store to the next level. By giving store owners the opportunity to see each other’s set-ups, you’ll be able to discover new modules that you can apply to your own business. Ultimately providing you a network for support and knowledgeable resources.

Sometimes as business owners we’re too consumed with the daily operations, we can easily put our own site’s needs on the back burner.”

How do I get started?

After logging in, subscribers will find it conveniently located at the top left of the CarsonDash, under store management. The new feature is broken down into three simple modules: all stores, showcased stores, store details. 

All stores will display every subscribed owner’s store, who has signed up to showcase their store. This is where you’ll be able to discover other HeyCarson subscribers and see their offerings. We encourage everyone to explore stores you wouldn’t necessarily click on or discover new industries! You can find inspiration for your own store by taking what you like from their store and modifying it to your own. 

Showcased stores will have their average rating features from other subscribers and reviews. Additionally, you can see the business description, industry sector and what apps they’re using. While exploring other stores is a benefit, the additional feature is having direct feedback from other business owners. It gives you a full window into what performs well and doesn’t. The world is your oyster here and you can make the most out of this by leaving reviews to help others, they may return the favor as well!

Store details is where you enter the information about your own store, and upload photos if you want it to be featured in the Showcase. You have complete control and can delete this information anytime you want.

What kind of feedback should I leave?

Sometimes as business owners we’re too consumed with the daily operations, we can easily put our own site’s needs on the back burner. The feedback section poses an outstanding opportunity for you to have an outside source help you. If you don’t know what kind of feedback you should leave, think about what kind of input you’d like. It’s important to leave constructive feedback that could help improve the other store owner’s business. 

Some questions to think about could be how intuitive is the user journey? Are the images informative? Does the store description help you better understand what the benefits are to their product or service? Would you recommend any relevant apps? What are they doing well in? What elements should and shouldn’t be on their page? How fast was the load time? Think of yourself as a consultant when you’re helping other people when you leave feedback.

How can I implement feedback and learnings?

Once you’ve accumulated the information that you want, start to organize your needs based on priority and attainability: high, medium and low. From there you can create an action plan and work with your team to implement these changes. After the changes have been made, if you have analytics embedded into your site, measure the results before and after the changes. Did you notice that bounce rates, check-out sales or website traffic improved after applying the changes?

With this approach can continue the cycle again and continuously modify your website based on changing demands and consumer needs.

Time to get started!

Community and communication is a vital part to HeyCarson. We hope that this latest feature helps you find innovative ways to improve your eCommerce business and give your customers the best online experience. Leave us a comment below telling us about your experience with the Store Showcase or what other features you’d like to see!

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