No commitment necessary! Get 50% off a single task.

No commitment necessary! Get 50% off a single task.

What Are Small Tasks?

First things first. What sets Carson apart from other developers is the fact that we offer small tasks that take up to 1 hour to complete. While other Shopify Experts excel at large projects and total store overhauls, HeyCarson recognizes that sometimes all a store needs is a small tweak. In fact, this whole company was started because our founder Jonathan, helped a few people with small Shopify tasks and recognized the demand for such a service.

Our model is simple – single tasks always cost $99 and have a 2 business day turnaround time.

We truly believe in the value of the service we offer, so we’d like to invite you to try us out, no strings attached and get 50% off a single task using the code START50OFF.

But what is a small task, exactly? If it’s in our catalogue, it’s a small task. If it takes our talented developers and designers 1 hour or less to complete, it’s a small task.

Over the years, we’ve added tasks based on our customers’ demands and it now includes categories like Graphic Design, Cart Page and Homepage, to name a few.

“…try us out, no strings attached and get 50% off a single task using the code START50OFF.”

You’ll have an opportunity to describe your project needs to our designers and developers as well as ask questions. This clear line of communication is part of the Carson process.

What Can Carson Do?

Whether you need a new hero image for your homepage, infinite scrolling for your collection page, or even a user interface review, Carson can do it all!

Here are a few other things Carson can help your store with:

Graphic Design – Need to update your email newsletter header? Perhaps you’re beginning to advertise online and need some visually striking banner ads? We’re inspired by your passion for your store when we create images for you!

Development – CSS, HTML and Javascript changes. You’re a business owner, not a coder! Small adjustments to the backend of your store won’t be a complicated matter, thanks to Carson.

Cart Page – Do you want to offer gift-wrapping on your cart page? How about boosting your customers’ trust with some security badges? The cart page and the whole check-out process is a crucial step in the shopping experience. Make sure yours is stellar.

Product Page – Due to the lack of physical interaction with the product, customers will use the product page to scrutinize what they’re buying before committing to the purchase. Give them to option to zoom in, or some stylish swatch options so they can be sure they’re buying what they want.

How Can Your Store Benefit from Small Tasks?

A positive online shopping experience is such an important part of getting conversions. Every small improvement you make to your store puts you ahead of the competition. Oftentimes, your store doesn’t need a huge overhaul – even if you make one small thing better, your customers will feel it.

So every once in a while, take a critical look at your store and think of how you can improve the customer experience.

It’s good to get into the habit of asking your customers for their feedback. Have you had feedback from your shoppers? Are they asking for certain things? Maybe you even have a bug that negatively affects your customers’ experience in your store.

Perhaps it’s nothing negative, you just need a few minor modifications to freshen the look and feel of your store. Improving your customers’ online shopping experience will increase conversions and build your customer base.

This is where Carson can help your store shine. While we do have a subscription service that offers unlimited monthly tasks, many of our repeat customers simply come to us when they need us.

Our User Interface

We pride ourselves on giving you easy and open lines of communication with our designers and developers. That’s why we recently re-designed the CarsonDash. Simply put, it’s the command center of your account where you submit a task, monitor its progress and chat with the developer working on your task. 

Each task is assigned to one developer or designer, who is dedicated to the project. You will be prompted to describe your project, and you should always give as much detail as possible. This helps find the right developer or designer from our team and ensure it gets completed on time. 

You can always see your task’s progress in the Dashboard and have multiple stores linked to your Carson account.

Think Big with Small Tasks

With thousands of tasks completed and over 8000 Shopify merchants, you could say we are experts in the field. We’re a trusted Shopify developer with dozens of 5-star reviews. Just check out our experts’ page here and read for yourself what our clients have to say about us. 

Use the code START50OFF and take a look at our task catalogue to see how you can improve your store!

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