11 Shopify Apps To Increase Conversion And Boost Sales

11 Shopify Apps To Increase Conversion And Boost Sales

You’ve put a lot of effort into getting traffic to your shop.

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What’s next?

You have to convert that traffic into sales and retain the customers.

Arguably, that’s the second hardest thing to do. And lots of sellers give up right at this point. They spend so much time, money and effort in getting traffic to their shop and when they notice conversions are too low, they just can’t handle it.

These apps help you implement conversion boosters in a variety of ways.

Take a look:

Shopify apps to boost conversion rate:

1. Social Proof & Urgency by Banana Stand

social proof and urgency shopify app by banana stand

  • Banana Stand is a Shopify plugin that will add the idea of “FOMO” (fear of missing out) to the shopping experience.
  • This shows up in a variety of ways. When someone is on your store, and looking at a product, you can add messages like, “Only 2 left in stock!” or “Chat with our support team to get an offer on this one!” etc.
  • You can also add social validation that goes, “John Doe from Oregon purchased this product!”.

2. Sales Rocket


  • This is one more plugin that helps you follow the “fake it till you make it” ideology. With this one, you can inflate vital stats on your products that will make your store look “busy”
  • You can add fictional stats like “X people are watching this product” or “Y people have purchased this already”. This adds social proof which in turn helps raise conversions.
  • You can also deflate stocks remaining – that adds a sense of urgency. With depleting stocks, people are more prone to purchase something before it runs out.

3. Conversion Plus


  • Another app playing on “FOMO”.
  • The core idea here is to target cart abandonment. People add things to their cart and leave it there because mostly there’s no urgency or FOMO to drive them to finish the checkout.
  • Conversion Plus adds that urgency by adding a “timer” to the cart.
  • By adding a timer, you can attach a message that plays as the timer starts. The countdown timer itself is an psychological trick to introduce urgency. (Think Amazon deals that run out after 15 minutes in the cart).

4. Cart Notifications

Cart notification shopify app

  • If you are someone interested in attention to the tiny details, you’ll know that browser tabs play an important role in attracting attention to the page they have.
  • Cart Notifications plays on this. It animates your store’s favicon when a customer adds something to their cart but then tabs away.
  • There’s a lot of customization to the look and feel of the animation on the favicon (but it’s all very simple to use and implement).
  • It may not sound like much but it’s the little details that make this plugin a great one to have. Plus, the beginner plan is free.

5. Insta Ratings


  • This plugin takes “fake it till you make it” to its extreme.
  • With this, you can add fake “stars” (ratings) and numbers for each product. The granularity is quite deep.
  • Generate random numbers for # of orders and the associated rating for each product. For example, you could show as if a product has had 3000+ sales with a 4.5/5 average rating.
  • You can also customize the text that goes along with the messages.

6. 3 Products


  • This plugin helps you show those “Recommended products” to customers/visitors based on customer intelligence, and data collected from your website’s performance.
  • There are lots of generic plugins where the recommended product is random (or from collections) but this one tries to make informed decisions about what products to show each unique customer (thereby increasing the conversion)
  • You can also pick from different types of recommendations to show: best-sellers, trending/most-visited, customer-segmented recommendations, behavior-based, or grouped (“often bought together”).

Shopify apps to increase sales and revenue:

Another way to increase revenue is to squeeze as much as you can from each sale you make.

The concept of cross-sells and upsells come in handy here.

If you’ve already made a decision to buy, and you notice a discount on another item (or on same item, extra quantity), you are more likely to add that to the cart than if you had not even made a decision to buy in the first place.

These apps help you use that ideology of selling.

7. Smart Upsells


  • The best time to upsell is just about when the customer has added something to their cart and is one step short of checkout. This plugin helps you upsell your customer by showing them a recommended product as they add something to cart.
  • The customizability is simple and sufficient: you can select what products should be shown in the upsell popup and you can set rules for when the upsell popup should be shown.
  • Simple tracking lets you find out how many upsell offers have been shown and accepted and what sort of revenue has been generated by them.

8. Discounted Upsells

Discounted upsell shopify app

  • This plugin takes upselling up one level from Smart Upsells. With this one, you can show deals like, “Buy one more at 50% off”.
  • You can customize the upsell offers – either use a percentile discount or have a flat-rate discount. You can also let the plugin decide which product collection to pick products from (and based on what the customer has already selected)
  • You can update offers in real-time and there are no hassles to get this plugin installed and running in no time.

9. Quantity Discount & Tiered Pricing

Quantity discount and tiered pricing

  • When customers know that purchasing 2 or more of an item (instead of just 1) saves them a lot of money, they’re more likely to purchase more. (Esp with things that they use/buy more frequently)
  • This plugin helps you set up discounted prices for products/collections in your store so the customer knows that they get a discounted price if they purchase 2 or more.
  • The best thing is the tiered pricing is visible all throughout (on product pages, in cart, during checkout).
  • And what’s even better is that the look is quite customizable.

10. DiscoBars: Discount Bars Widget


  • DiscoBars lets you put up discounts/offers on various products/collections on your store and pop them up to the right visitors (based on rules you set)
  • Comes in handy when you want to increase the sales on discounts and offers you have running on your store. Think of it as an interesting way to draw more traffic to your discounts/offers
  • The plugin also comes with a nice little traffic dashboard so you can find out how effective the plugin has been.

Have you found any other app which helped you to boost sales on your store? Comment below to let us know. We will love to add it in the post.

11. Kite – Print and Dropshipping on Demand

  • Kite provides a free and easy to use print-on-demand custom merchandise plugin for Shopify.
  • Once installed you can apply any image or design to a growing range of products and merchandise, and then publish these products to your Shopify store.
  • When a sale is made through your store, Kite will then print and drop-ship directly to your customer. This means you don’t need to stock products or deal with fulfillment.
  • You can start selling custom smartphone cases, mugs, hats, photo books, and more without the usual upfront costs and easily test designs and products find those that convert best
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