Shopify SSL pending: what does it mean?

Shopify SSL pending: what does it mean?

SSL is critical in protecting your store from data loss and cyberattacks. But without any technical knowledge, the jargon can be hard to understand and, at times, overwhelming. It can make it downright impossible for merchants to fix issues like the Shopify SSL pending error. 

That’s why we made this easy-to-understand guide. Today we’ll discuss exactly what SSL is, how it protects your store online, and how you can get that pesky SSL certificate to finally go through. 

What is an SSL Certificate? 

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An SSL certificate, or a Secure Socket Layer, is a security measure that protects your store. It ensures that no private information is available to hackers and keeps your internet connection secure. 

SSL protects the gap between the web browser and the web server so that any data that moves between these two points is kept secure. If any malicious hackers or malware tried to get to you through the connection, it would be prevented by SSL. 

It also signals to store visitors that your website is secure. Without the SSL certificate, users aren’t likely to make purchases because they know their sensitive information is vulnerable to attack. 

It’s very easy to see when a store is not secure. The first sign is the padlock. If your store is secure, visitors will be able to see a padlock next to your web address that shows the store they are visiting is safe to use. 

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The second one is worse. This one cautions visitors against visiting your store. When they click on your web address, it will block them from entering this web space and nudge them away from your store.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) also prioritizes stores with an SSL certificate. If you have one, SEO will boost your store. If you don’t have a secure site, you are not going to climb SERP results and your store will stop growing. 

As you can see, having an inactive SSL certificate is a very bad idea. It will signal you as untrustworthy to potential customers and make you and your clients vulnerable to attack. It’s essential to fix the Shopify SSL pending error. 

What does “SSL Pending” mean on Shopify?

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When you open a Shopify store, you are given an SSL certificate that can take a while to configure to your store. If the notification shows your SSL certificate is still pending, it means your store is not secure and is vulnerable to attacks.

This is why fixing a pending SSL certificate is so important. To get rid of this issue, you need to complete the SSL process or encryption protocol. 

There might be a few reasons why the SSL certificate is still pending. The most common one is time. The encryption process takes time to complete. 

It’s a stressful time for store owners. Unfortunately, the process can’t be rushed but sometimes something might have prevented the certification process from completing. Below, we’ll discuss exactly how to handle all of the possible errors. 

How to fix “SSL Pending”

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Unlike the “SSL Unaviavlable” errors, the “SSL Pending” errors mean you have an SSL certificate but it hasn’t been configured yet. There could be various reasons, including misconfiguration or content that have made Shopify hesitant about your store and whether it meets all the encryption protocols. 

Next, we’ll discuss ways to fix your “SSL Pending” notification. It doesn’t require any knowledge of Shopify’s coding language but if you are worried about making any errors that could change your store, clone your Shopify store or make a site backup

Method 1: Wait for the error to resolve

SSL certificate changes can take a while to resolve. Shopify will have to check your site again and verify your site which can take a few days to complete. 

If you recently opened your store and only recently activated your domain, then you might just need to wait. 

If you completed other verification steps or the below methods and it still shows “SSL Pending”, it doesn’t mean it failed. It could just be the verification or renewal is busy and hasn’t shown up on your dashboard yet. 

Either way, give it 48 hours before trying any of the other methods below or calling your domain provider. It might simply just be a procedure that is taking a little longer than expected. 

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Method 2: Fix name records

When you open a Shopify store and use a Shopify domain, configuration processes are taken care of for you. This includes domain setting and the SSL certificate. While errors aren’t common, they do happen. 

But if you created a Shopify store and used a third party that was not Shopify for your custom domain, you will have to add the custom domain to Shopify and configure the A record. 

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The A record is a setting that checks the IP address associated with your domain. You will need to change it to Shopify’s IP address. Only then will the SSL certificate be able to be configured. 

To do that, follow these steps. 

Step 1: Log in

Log in to your Shopify admin with your unique login details. 

Step 2: Connect the domain

  • On the left of your dashboard, click on the section labeled Online Store, where you will be able to edit Shopify redirection and Shopify Sitemaps
  • Under Online Stores, navigate to the Domains tab and click on it. 
  • Next, choose the option to Connect existing domain
  • Add the domain in the available space and click next. Shopify will show prompts that will help you add your domain name. Just follow the instructions to connect your domain. 

Step 3: Add the A record

  • Next, log in to your domain provider dashboard and find the section that lets you manage DNS settings or domain management. This will be slightly different for every provider but still follow a similar pattern. 
  • Once you have found it, look for a section labeled A record or a bar that allows you to change the A record. Once you have found it, change the A record IP address to Shopify’s IP:
  • Save your settings and give the SSL certificate some time to change. 

Method 3: Change DNS CNAME

CNAME records map the path from one domain to another. If your SSL certificate is pending, it might be that you just need to change your CNAME record and point it to your domain. It should never point to an IP address. 

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It’s easy to change the CNAME. 

  • Log in to your domain provider and navigate to the DNS settings or domain management section. 
  • Under the A record, which has Shopify’s IP address, should be a section labeled CNAME record. If there is not, add one and label it CNAME record
  • Next to it, under the @ sign, add host. 
  • Next, add the domain name 
  • Click on the save changes option and give your SSL certificate time to change. 

If none of these methods worked to change the certificate status, give your domain provider a call. They will have established protocols to help you. 

Shopify SSL pending: what does it mean? (FAQs)

Is SSL free with Shopify?

Yes, SSL is free with Shopify. It’s included with your subscription and domain. It is set up automatically by Shopify when you buy your store and ensures your customer and you are safe. 

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What does SSL Unavailable mean on Shopify?

If you receive an “SSL Unavailable” warning on your Shopify admin or a similar error message under Domains, it means your store’s connection is not secure and it can’t find your SSL certificate.

If your store is still new then the certificate is likely being configured. If you have had your store for a while and it’s still unavailable, then you will need to troubleshoot the issue or contact Shopify or your domain provider. 


Hopefully, this guide helped resolve the Shopify SSL pending error. A secure store is a must for both SEO domination and customer safety. Having a secure website is also essential to building a reputable online business. 
Celebrate with an updated Shopify theme by adding a custom feature. Hire a developer or designer by submitting a task and elevate your Shopify store. Combine this with your SSL-secured store and you are guaranteed to see an increase in visitors.

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