Shopify Theme Review: Streamline by Archetype Themes

Shopify Theme Review: Streamline by Archetype Themes

Detailed Shopify theme review of Streamline by Archetype Themes

Shopify theme developers are making it really easy for businesses to start their online journey with an impressive looking storefront. Packed with beautiful page design layouts and many other features, Shopify themes sure are a powerful tool for online businesses. 

One such Shopify theme that has won its way to the hearts of many business owners and our Shopify experts as well, is Streamline by Archetype Themes

Having gotten the chance to work with brands that want to use the Streamline by Archetype theme, Carson has been able to explore all its features in depth. We have even worked on certain customizations to further enhance what the Shopify theme has to offer. 

In this article, we’re sharing it all with you. It includes everything you need to know about the Streamline theme by Archetype Themes before you buy it for your store.  

Before getting into it, want to take a look at the reviews the Shopify theme has received so far? Read what store owners are saying here

The theme ranks really well in these industry categories on the theme ranking section of our website – Arts and Crafts, Baby and Kids and Clothing.

It also ranks well for these categories Books, Music, and Video,  Jewelry and AccessoriesHome and Decor.

Shopify theme review – Streamline by Archetype Themes

We have covered all ground here to help you analyse if Streamline is a good Shopify theme for your brand. Read on for the details and feel free to reach out to our Shopify experts if you’d like a demo of the Streamline Shopify theme.

What is Streamline by Archetype themes? 

Streamline is a Shopify theme developed by Archetype Themes. The popular Shopify theme developers built Streamline keeping in mind the ease of use most store owners seek and the need for them to easily brand their storefront to adapt to the changing audience preferences. The design layouts included in the theme follow a clean, image-optimized layout to make a visual impact on store visitors.

Streamline Shopify theme features you’ll love 

If you’re wondering whether Streamline is a good Shopify theme, here are some of the features that we really love about it and are sure you would too: 

1. Support for Online Store 2.0

Shopify announced the release of Online Store 2.0, which offers a set of features and feature improvements that will make themes customizations and maintenance easier. The Streamline theme is updated to fully support the new features. Migrate to Online Store 2.0 whenever you need! 

2. Three in-built styles 

The Streamline Shopify theme comes with three in-built design styles – Core, Luxe and Hype. Each style offers a different color palette so that you can pick one closest to your brand and work your way through customizations further. Each style can be tailored to suit your branding in every way. 

3. Designed for thumbs 

More than 60% of online shoppers use mobile devices to make purchases. They get impatient if they need to awkwardly zoom in and out across pages to view the content or take any action. The Streamline theme puts the most important features of your storefront within the thumb’s reach to make browsing and checking out easy for anyone. 

4. Optimized for high-resolution images 

The design layouts for each page in the Streamline Shopify theme are optimized to display high-resolution images. This makes it easy for brands to use visual storytelling to promote their products and collections. 

PS. If you don’t have high-resolution images to add to your storefront, you can use free stock photos by Burst in the Streamline theme. 

5. Image galleries 

To better showcase your merchandise, you can create image galleries on your home page or even product pages. Display different products from the same collection or different collections to nudge visitors to explore more on the store. 

6. Image rollover 

If you want to make your product pages more interactive, the Streamline theme comes with the image rollover feature. It can be used to display different views of the same image or alternative products, etc on your store. 

7. Image zoom 

When making a purchase online, most of us want to be able to zoom into images to see the details. This is where the image zoom feature comes handy! The Streamline theme comes with this conversion feature to help you give shoppers a seamless experience. 

8. Lookbooks 

Create a collection of your product pictures to showcase a range, style or season trends. Give visitors an idea on how to style your products or educate them on what’s trending amongst people like them. 

9. Slideshow 

If you don’t want to create lookbooks, you can actually even create presentation-like slideshows. Add multiple banners on your homepage to act as slides to promote different product ranges and collections available on your store. Great feature to also promote ongoing discounts and deals. 

10. Color swatches

If you have products that are available in different colors, you want it easy for your store visitors to explore all options. The Streamline Shopify theme comes with the color swatches feature that can easily be added to your product pages. 

11. Product options

Product option typically refers to the type of variations of an item available in your store. This could be the color, size or other variants. Including setting up the option to choose custom engraving or prints on products like Apple offers. 

12. Product tabs

Want to reduce the length of your product pages, but also provide as much information to your store visitors? Add product tabs like Dimensions, Care, Delivery and Returns, and more. This makes it easy for the visitor to switch between tabs and read through the information easily. 

13. Product videos

Product videos are said to increase the amount of time store visitors tend to spend on your site, and also help them understand your products better. That in turn definitely helps increase your conversions as well. The Streamline theme offers layouts where you can easily add product videos across your store. 

14. Shipping/delivery information

In some cases, your shipping and delivery may vary from product to product, or across different collections. The theme comes with sections that can be added to product pages to include this important information to reduce returns and cancellations on items. 

15. Size chart 

This feature is especially useful for fashion, clothing and shoe brands, and in some cases, even other categories. To help visitors make informed purchase decisions, the theme comes with a size chart feature that can be added to your product pages easily. 

16. Usage information

You can create a dedicated section to display content around how to use a product that a visitor is interested in. This helps them further understand the utility of the item they’re about to purchase and make an informed decision. 

17. Animations

From background videos, image rollovers, moving text and more, the theme supports powerful animations. This makes it easy for you to not just create a good looking storefront, but also one that instantly engages the visitor’s attention. 

About 60% of your store visitors make use of the search functionality on your store. The Streamline Shopify theme comes with an enhanced search feature. This makes it easy for visitors to find items on your store; especially if you have a very large inventory. 

19. Product filtering and sorting

Another feature that will make it easy for your store visitors to narrow down the search results and reach the product they are more likely to buy! 

20. Sticky header 

If there is an ongoing offer or a change in policy like returns and exchanges that you’d want to convey clearly to your store visitors, use the sticky header feature for that. 

Amazon gets 33% of their revenue by making product recommendations to visitors browsing their site. Product recommendations help you get more products and collections discovered on your store, easily upselling and cross-selling when the consumer is already in the zone of making a purchase. 

22. Quick view

Sometimes when you’re browsing through a site, you just want to take a quick look at a product and not really dive deeper into the rest of its information. But most of the time you have to move from a search results page to the individual product’s page; having to do a lot of to and fro. This quick view feature is a fix to that! 

23. Social proof 

The Streamline theme includes social proof features like the ability to display product reviews, product badges and trust badges on products. This helps reassure store visitors as they browse through what you have to offer, making them more likely to make a purchase. 

24. Stock counter 

Another smart feature for merchandising is the stock counter that comes with the Streamline Shopify theme. This lets you display the inventory available on the products that a visitor is interested in, creating FOMO and nudging them to  make product purchase decisions faster. 

25. Press coverage 

When your brand gets featured in a magazine or mentioned in the news, make it a point to show it to your store visitors. Let them know you are a brand whose credibility is being noticed in the industry. Add press coverage to your homepage to keep visitors browsing the store. 

26. Promo banners and popups 

Most online stores are continually running discounts, deals and offers of some kind. You need to be able to get them noticed. That is where the promo banners and popups that come with the Streamline Shopify theme come handy. 

27. FAQ page 

As we move to making most of our purchases online, we are often struck by pre-purchase anxiety. The Streamline Shopify theme comes with a FAQ page wherein you can address common queries and concerns of buyers. This could be regarding product specifications, choosing a variant or your shipping, delivery, exchange, returns, etc. 

28. Cart notes 

You can add a text area to the cart page with this feature. This allows customers to share special instructions for their order and submit it at the time of placing the order, instead of having to reach out to you separately. 

29. Slide out cart 

Remember how every eCommerce conversion expert recommends making your cart visible and easily accessible? The slide out cart is exactly the feature you need. It is non-intrusive and yet remains easily accessible as a store visitor browses through pages. 

Streamline Shopify theme cost 

The Streamline Shopify theme costs USD $ 180. 

You get an unlimited free trial and need to pay only when you publish the store with the theme. 

What type of brands can use the Streamline theme? 

Just like the other themes created by Archetype Themes, Streamline too can be used by any type of business or industry. The customizations make it possible for you to tailor the layouts to suit your needs! 

But from our experience, we think the Streamline theme is best suited for brands in the clothing and accessories, health and beauty, and sports and recreation industry. 

It is also important to note that the Streamline theme is optimized and well-suited for high-volume stores. 

Shopify stores using Streamline theme 

There are a number of brands out there that are using the Streamline Shopify theme on their storefront. But here are some that we find impressive: 

1. World Ambassadeurs 

A fashion and clothing store, World Ambassadeurs sells a collection of daily wear t-shirts for both men and women. If you notice, their store makes use of full page background product videos to add more depth to their storefront. 

2. Texas Humor 

Another brand in the fashion and apparel industry, Texas Humor offers a range of products that appeal to the millennials with fun quotes and sassy humor. Their store uses high-resolution images across the site to promote different products. 

3. Sieteex 

A fashion and clothing brand, Sieteex makes use of high-resolution images across the store. Their homepage replicates the look and feel of a poster and they put most of the conversion features offered by the theme to work. 

4. Bloom Balance 

A health and wellness brand backed by Chinese medicine and science, Bloom Balance has a unique set of products. They use the theme to use visual storytelling to showcase the value the product offers to customers. 

5. Made In Brazil Fit 

A fitness wear brand, Made in Brazil Fit uses the Streamline theme to showcase the agility their products bring to workouts and sports. They use high resolution images, product videos, collection tabs and more on their store. 

6. Bush Tucker Blends 

A popular brand that sells whole foods online in interesting blends, Bush Tucker Blends leverages most features of the Streamline Shopify theme. From using product videos, high resolution images to slideshows and more, you can see it all in action on the store.

7.  Avium Jets

If you’re someone who has been fascinated by jets, you probably know of Avium Jets. And as we said, their store is the perfect example of how the Streamline Shopify theme can be customized to suit absolutely any industry!

8.  Metal Art of Wisconsin 

Metal Art of Wisconsin is an American brand that makes metal and wood art. They make use of the Slideshow feature of the Streamline theme to showcase the different types of art they create. They have even been featured on various popular television shows.

How to set up a Shopify store with the Streamline theme?

To start using the Streamline Shopify theme, you need to log into your store admin. From there, go to the Themes section. 

You will notice that a default team is probably set up on your store, unless you’re making use of another theme. 

If you want to use and customize the Streamline theme on your Shopify store, you need to add it to your admin. To be able to do so, follow these steps: 

  • Visit the Streamline Theme on the Shopify theme store
  • Click View demo store if you’d like to see how the theme looks in action 
  • If you like what you see, click Try theme to add it to your store 
  • Go to Shopify admin > Online Store > Themes 
  • You will see the Impulse theme listed here 
  • Select an Action you’d like to take on the theme – this is where you can preview and customize the theme  

Now at this point, the customizations you implement entirely depend upon the type of products you’re selling, your target audience and your goals. 

Must-have customizations on the Streamline Shopify theme 

The Streamline Shopify theme is extremely powerful. The layouts are so flexible that it lets you change absolutely anything and everything across all the pages. 

So when it comes to customizing the Streamline Shopify theme, we recommend identifying what you’d want to achieve from the look and feel of your storefront. Make only those changes that will truly add value to your branding and positively impress your store visitors. 

At the same time, we do usually recommend a few customizations. 

1. Build a cross-sell functionality in the cart page/ drawer  

Most online shoppers visit a store seeking something specific. There is a high chance they simply add the product to cart and complete checkout without looking at your other products. Make sure you add cross-sell functionality to your cart page. That is your opportunity to introduce the buyer to products they are more likely to have an interest in. 

2. Create a reorder functionality in the account page

Repeat buyers spend 33% more than new customers as they already trust your brand for the value it offers. But you need to make it easy for them to place reorders of items that might need frequent buying. Imagine wanting to buy a shirt you did a few months ago – the very same; and having to start your product discovery process all over again. 

Streamline shopify theme customization

3. Add a separate quantity selector for each variant

Make it easy for shoppers to get their hands on different variants of the same product. Add a quantity selector to make the buying process easy instead of having to move to and fro from variant pages to do so. 

4. Add a sticky add to cart button that appears on scroll 

In case you have a lengthy product page to include all the details of it or a collection page with way too many items, make your add to cart button sticky. This makes it easy for the visitor to go back to completing the purchase at any given time instead of having to manually scroll all the way back up. 

5. Include a quantity and add to cart button on collection pages 

Irrespective of the size of your inventory, make sure you include a quantity and add to cart button on the collection pages. This makes it easier for the store visitors to add products from specific collections to their cart; without having to visit individual product pages under the collection. 

What do we think about the Streamline Shopify theme?

Our in-house team of Shopify design and development experts say it is one of the best mobile-first design layouts available. It’s fast and comes with nice animation and multimedia support for storefronts that want to lead with visual storytelling. 

We also like that they have created a unique mobile navigation to tailor to the increasing need and demand for mCommerce. It is one of the very few themes that has gone beyond simple responsiveness to cater to mobile shopping.  

Want to know more about the Streamline Shopify theme or would like to know how it can be customized to suit your brand? 

Reach out to our Shopify design experts today

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