Shopify Theme Review: Warehouse Theme by Maestrooo

Shopify Theme Review: Warehouse Theme by Maestrooo

This is a detailed Shopify theme review of the Warehouse Theme by Maestrooo. We review popular Shopify themes as Shopify experts and frequent users of Shopify themes. Our honest ratings and reviews help brands and experts make better decisions around theme selection.

Before getting into it, if you’d like to look at what other Shopify merchants are saying about the Warehouse theme, read the reviews here

The theme ranks really well in these industry categories on the theme ranking section of our website – Arts and Crafts, Outdoor and Garden and Services.

Warehouse Theme Overview

The Warehouse Theme by Maestrooo is known for its customization options, as well as its design and flexibility. It is a theme best suited for merchants who have large catalogs of products to display. 

From the home page to product, collection, and cart pages, the theme is almost 100% customizable. You can tailor each layout and style to match your brand and storefront preferences. The theme also offers standard features like popups, announcement bars, promotion tiles, and others, to drive more conversions. But it also comes equipped with other powerful features like predictive search, stock level indicator, and others that we’re covering below. 

The theme is officially listed and sold via Shopify’s theme marketplace. 

Having worked on the Warehouse theme for brands across different industries, our team has explored much of what it has to offer. We decided to create an in-depth review of it to help you understand if it’s well suited for your business. 

In this review, we’ll be covering all aspects of the Warehouse theme, including price, ease of use, features and recommended customizations, customer support options, general sentiment from reviews and testimonials, and finally, what our team has to say about it. 

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About the developer: Maestrooo

The Warehouse theme is built by Maestrooo, a high-end development and design studio that works with companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500. They are the first and only technical Shopify Plus partner in France led by founders Axel Bouaziz and Michael Gallego. 

They are known to deliver great web applications for online businesses, especially Shopify merchants. Their forte lies in building Shopify themes that are flexible, conversion-focused, and visually appealing. 

They have built 5 beautiful and power-packed Shopify themes for online businesses across different industries. These include Focal, Kagami, Trademark, Prestige, and others. You can explore them all here.  

Apart from Shopify themes, Maestrooo also develops apps for online stores and has two apps listed in Shopify’s app marketplace: Section Feed for Instagram and SuperFields.

The two Founders and their story have also been covered by Shopify themselves on the Partners blog. Get to know them better through this interview

You can connect with Maestrooo on: 

Pricing (4/5) 

The Warehouse Shopify theme is priced at USD 250. You get an unlimited free trial and need to pay when you publish the theme on your store. 

The price was recently increased to USD 250 from USD 180 due to its compatibility with Shopify’s recent Online Store 2.0 update; to account for the time and engineering needed to accommodate the changes required.  

At $250, we feel theme users will still get excellent value from the theme, its options, and the lifetime support provided by its developers.  

We will likely see most premium Shopify themes increase their price in the coming months, so this isn’t specific to Maestrooo. But with an increase in the price, you will also be able to see the higher quality and improved functionality and usability of the theme.  

Ease of use (5/5)

The Warehouse theme is extremely customizable with editable design templates for all pages. But if you want to further customize its conversion features like the popup, stock inventory bar, or promotion tiles, it requires you to edit the theme code. 

This may require learning a little about editing code in the Shopify admin. To help you with that, Maestrooo has created a knowledge base where you can find articles to learn from.

Alternatively, you can also reach out to the Maestrooo team with your requests or get help from our Shopify experts at Carson. This will help ensure that you don’t disturb the rest of the theme’s design and layout while making customizations. 

Features (5/5)

The Warehouse theme comes packed with a lot of features; we’re covering a few of them in this section. 

As compared to other Shopify themes for large inventories, Warehouse gives you an added advantage with conversion-focused features apart from multiple layouts for each. 

The thing we love about its feature set is the ability to further customize them with ease, which in many other themes, can be rigid.  

Three built-in styles 

The Warehouse Shopify theme comes with the following styles: Metal, Wood, and Fabric. Each one lets you bring out a different look and feel on your storefront. 

Online Store 2.0 compatible

The theme is compatible with all the new features announced for Online Store 2.0. So you will be able to access the platform upgrades with ease. 

Built for large catalogs 

Its design layouts and features are tailored for maximum customizations. This makes the theme one of the best for stores with a large inventory.  

The theme lets you display live search results and quick links for products and store pages with this feature. That makes it easier for store visitors to find products, leading to higher conversions from every visit you get. 

Card for trust badges

It also features a dedicated card to showcase your security and payment badges. This will help you reassure your store visitors and nudge them closer towards purchasing from you. 

Exit popup

Encourage customers to sign up for a newsletter before they leave from any page of your Shopify store with the theme’s exit popup. You can also use it to drive their attention to ongoing deals, discounts or offer one to them to encourage interaction. 

Custom promotion tiles

Promote sales, discounts, and featured products with the special promotional tiles feature. It instantly brings more attention to content that is more likely to drive sales on your store or to appeal to current market trends. 

Stock level indicator

You can create urgency by displaying your remaining stock in a progress bar. More than 70% of online shoppers have admitted to purchasing due to FOMO; a tactic used by most brands to nudge impulse buys. 

Speed-tested and approved

While the look and feel of your Shopify store are important, so is the speed at which your page design loads. No matter how many features you enable or elements you add, your site speed needs to be well below 3 seconds, and Warehouse makes this easy, as it comes tested for speed for all of its offered layouts. 

Team page 

Add a human touch to your brand by showing the people behind it. Use the Warehouse theme team page template to introduce the team behind your products or social media posts. Let your store visitors know they’re talking to people like them! 

FAQ page

The Warehouse theme comes with design layouts and templates that allow you to set up an FAQ page. You can use it to address common buyer queries and concerns around your policies or products. 

Mega menu

The mega-menu allows you to show a dropdown menu in a more elaborate and structured way. This acts as a visual cue for the store visitors to browse through different product collections available on the site.

Cart page popup 

To drive more conversions, you can use the “free shipping banner” and “gift wrapping” feature on your cart page. You can implement it as an announcement bar or a popup.

This will help you encourage the buyer to complete the purchase, and also avail add-ons either at an added cost or at a discount. You can also leverage these features to get a buyer to make a higher-value purchase. 

Multi-lingual support 

If you sell to multiple locations where English isn’t the primary language, you’re in luck. The Warehouse theme supports multiple languages including English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Norwegian, and Brazilian Portuguese. 

Customer service, support and documentation (4/5)

Phone support

Not available. 

Email support 

Maestrooo offers customer service and support via email. You can reach out to them at [email protected] with queries and requests for assistance in customizations. 

To help you identify your needs better and get assistance faster, they typically ask you to include the following information in the email: 

  • Include your theme name (and the preset used ) in the email subject line. If you do not already own one of their themes, include the name of the theme to which your question(s) pertain.
  • Include a link to your Shopify store. If the problem occurs on a specific page/post/product, please mention it and include a link to it too.
  • Include screenshots of any problems you’re experiencing with the theme. 

Alternatively, you can contact them by filling out the form here

They respond to support queries within 24 hours (during workdays). They work from 9 am to 4 pm, UTC +1, and can assist you in English and French. 

Social media support

Not available. 

Documentation/Knowledge base

For those who like to find answers to questions on their own, Maestrooo has also created a set of documentation in their knowledge base. 

You can view it here

It includes answers to the features and customizations possible for every theme they offer. You can navigate through the documentation based on the theme you’re using or planning to use. 

Note: They keep their documentation up-to-date at all times with features and other changes made to the themes. The last update was made at the launch of Online Store 2.0, but you may not find help documentation on all the features. 

Reviews on support 

As per the reviews from Shopify merchants, Maestrooo continues to offer a quick turnaround time on support and small customization requests. 

They have also received positive reviews for their professional approach to servicing their customers. 

Other ways to get peer or premium support

If you need priority support or would love to get help from peers to set up Warehouse on your store, here are a few other options to explore: 

  • Shopify Entrepreneurs Facebook Group – Drop a detailed note about what you’re seeking help with and get help from other members (merchants and Shopify Experts) in our exclusive Facebook group. 
  • Shoptalk – An invite-only, private community of Shopify Entrepreneurs built by us to learn, share, and inspire one another.    
  • Official Shopify Community – Seek answers in the official forum where merchants and experts exchange notes and get answers from the team. You can even add a question if you don’t find one around the Warehouse theme. 
  • HeyCarson – Reach out to our team of Shopify experts trusted by thousands of brands across the globe to help you with the setup and customization of the theme.   

Reviews and testimonials (4.8/5) 

As of writing this Shopify theme review, Warehouse has received 197 reviews on the theme store. 

About 87% of merchants using the theme have indicated they are happy with the design layouts, features, and the support received on making the purchase and during setup. 

Their template flexibility, customization, and user-friendliness are highlighted by most, alongside the quick turnaround on the support they offer. 

Some of the negative reviews they have received date back in time. They are mostly related to the speed of the theme and mobile optimization. Both of these issues are addressed with updates.

Brands using the Warehouse Shopify theme 

A lot of brands on Shopify are making use of the Warehouse theme on their storefront. So we’ll share a few to inspire you and give you an idea of what the theme looks like in action: 

1. Tefal Shop 

Tefal is an online store that sells innovative, smart, and quality kitchen appliances and cookware products. They have a vast range of products including clothes steamers, food steamers, multi cookers, sandwich makers, and much more. That’s why they make use of the Slider feature of the Warehouse theme. They have also display collections on the homepage to encourage visitors to explore them all. 

2. Tennis Giant 

Tennis Giant is a renowned, authorized Canadian online retailer for the industry’s leading brands for tennis gear. They are aligned with certain private tennis clubs to offer players daily essentials and services. The brand is backed by the expertise of industry veterans and tour players, and their storefront reflects that. They keep all the essential gear displayed straight from the homepage. The Warehouse theme is tailored to be minimal, keeping focus on the product and the information around it. 

3. Garage Grown Gear 

Garage Grown Gear is a team of outdoorsy individuals dedicated to supporting the growth of small, startup and cottage brands. From outdoor apparel to gear, the store displays a range of products using collection tiles on the homepage with the help of  Warehouse theme’s customizations. 

4. Appliances Club 

Another online store for appliances, the Appliances Club uses the Warehouse theme to offer a minimal and clear display of products on the homepage. This helps visitors understand what the store has to offer and allows them to explore different  product ranges easily. 

Think this is the Shopify theme you’ve been looking for? 

Before you get the theme, let’s show you how we used Warehouse for one of our customers and the customizations we enabled for them. 

Interesting Warehouse theme customizations examples  

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to customizations, and Warehouse offers a lot of flexibility. But we got the chance to explore different customizations for different brands, across various industries. Let’s walk you over a few. 

1. Collapsible collection description for an electronics brand

A brand that sells wine refrigerators, came with a large inventory across different categories and types. We customized the Warehouse theme to build a collapsible collection description to make the screen length smaller on the initial load. We also added a “show more/ less” button to give visitors the flexibility to choose how much information they want to see.  

2. Custom labels for pet supplies brand  

As pet accessories, toys, and food brand, a business came to us with a large inventory across different categories. We created custom labels controlled by product tags using the customizations offered by Warehouse.  

3. Two collection images for a garage supplies brand 

To showcase the large inventory of an auto electrical and garage supplies company, we customized the Warehouse theme to create an option to have two collection images – landscape format for the cover image on landing pages and square format for the featured collections section on the homepage.  

4. Variant selector and add to cart buttons on the collection and home page 

A food brand is another example of a business with a large inventory and the need to make it easy for buyers to explore and buy products. We implemented a variant selector and add to cart button on the collection page and homepage, below the product cards.   

Warehouse Shopify theme customization

The Warehouse theme works well with images of all sizes. However, in our experience, you should optimize the images as per the following dimensions for best results: 

  • Blog post featured image: 1650×900 px (JPG format)
  • Collection images: 1970×460 px (JPG format); remember to keep the image’s point of interest in the middle, as this image will be automatically resized on various devices 
  • Brand collection template: 580×180 px (JPG format) 
  • Product image: There is no recommended size for this one as it entirely depends on how you want to showcase your products (square, horizontal or vertical images); although, try to keep it consistent and use the JPG format, and upload images as large as possible to give the theme flexibility to optimize within the layout 

Final verdict: What do we think about the Warehouse Theme by Maestrooo?

As Shopify experts who have their hands on hundreds of stores and Shopify themes every week, we think that the Warehouse theme is a great choice for stores with large inventories and has shown itself to provide a surplus of value for most brands that come to us as users of the theme.  

We love the flexibility of the theme and the various layouts for each page type, making it easy to create tailored experiences on different stores and brands with little effort and time.  

If you’re in the market for a premium theme and have a large catalog of products to showcase, there’s little risk in giving Warehouse a test drive yourself to see if it meets your needs. 

After hours of in-depth research and evaluation, we can confidently recommend this theme by Maestrooo to our readers! 

Need help setting up or customizing the Warehouse theme? Get in touch with our team for a free project estimate or consultation.

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