Why Slack Can Be A Game Changer For Your Shopify Business

Why Slack Can Be A Game Changer For Your Shopify Business

With Shopify, it has become a no-brainer to sell online. However, to run a successful store, the real challenge lies in the back end. From managing inventory to posting on social media, there are hundreds of tasks one need to take care of to run a successful store.

Whether you are running your store as a solopreneur or in a team, if you work with anyone else then there is a great tool for you about which we will talk in this post. Slack is the tool we are talking about.

Before jumping to how Slack can help let’s check out some cool stats about it:

Now let’s find out why Slack can be a game changer for your Shopify business.

Saves time (a lot) in team collaboration:

Time is the most expensive resource you need to be successful in any venture. Saving one hour a day means saving six hours a week which is almost equal to a full working day. That means you get more time and get more work done to stay ahead in the competitive market.

Now, how Slack saves you a lot of time?

If you are working in a team or with anyone say graphic designers or virtual assistants or a developer, you can bring all of them under a single virtual roof and manage all the collaboration in one browser window.

All communication in one place:

Slack solves the biggest challenge of communication very effectively. The best thing is you can chat, share a file or make an audio/video call from one place. You can also create different channels to better organize your communications.

Here’s a video by Slack to give you a basic idea about it. Later the call feature has been added.

Integrates with the tools you already use:

It has been seen that the most amount of time wasted in work is to juggle among different windows and tools you work. For example, as a Shopify seller, you may be juggling between the Shopify dashboard, your Email inbox, Google Analytics, FB ad manager, Skype and more at the same time.

With Slack integrations you can connect with almost all the major tools you use. For example, you can connect Google analytics to monitor important KPIs which will be sent to you on Slack every day. You can connect FB Ad manager to view the performance of your campaigns.

slack integrations

Slack App directory

Easy File Sharing:

No need to take the hassle of using Dropbox or Google Drive to send a file to a team member. You can just upload it and send it directly to anyone in your team. You can also connect Google Drive or Dropbox with Slack.

Make a video/audio call without leaving Slack:

Need to get into a one to one or a conference call? Slack has got is covered as well and to be true, it’s much more convenient with many other video call apps out there. You can also share screen while in a call.

All communication in one place:

Another major benefit of using Slack is it’s search option. If you need to find about any old conversation, you can easily retrieve it with Slacks AI-powered highly effective search.

You can also Pin important messages to find it later with ease. It helps a lot when you frequently need some info like a username and password.

Helps to provide quick customer support:

The most important factor in customer delight is the response time for queries. You know how hard it is when a customer asks for an order status and you had to go through multiple different tabs in Shopify dashboard to retrieve the necessary details.

Will not it be great if you just put in the order id and you got all the details in a flash? Yes, that’s possible on Slack by integrating your Shopify store with the Shlack app.

You can just type a query like /store order #41852 to retrieve the order details from your store and you will get it in a jiffy.

Use Slack to fetch order details

Need to dig deep and find out some more details about the customer so you can serve better? Just put an query like /store customer ryan and it will fetch all the details of the customers.

fetch Shopify customer details in slack

This doesn’t end here. There’s a lot more you can do on Slack by connecting it with Shopify.

Conclusion: Slack is a really effective tool to boost your productivity while running your business. Even if every business is different with different needs, you should Try Slack at least once to see if it helps to take your business to the next level.

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