Thank you 2019! What did we accomplish this year?

Thank you 2019! What did we accomplish this year?

This past year has been a whirlwind for Carson! As 2019 comes to an end, we want to thank all our customers for their support and for trusting us with their Shopify stores. Our goal has always been to provide small, one-hour tasks that other Shopify developers don’t always want to bother with. We go into 2020 with the same goal, but with some exciting new things to look forward to.

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In 2019, we listened to our customers and made improvements to our user interface as well as continuing to provide perks and special offers. Here’s a round-up of Carson’s accomplishments this year, as well as what awaits you in 2020.

Goals Accomplished in 2019

Growing Task Menu

As the complexity of Shopify stores evolves and as Shopify releases new features, so does our task menu. We now have listed over 100 tasks in our catalogue, and this year we added dozens of tasks such as Colour Swatches, and Mini Ajax Cart (our 2 most popular tasks from the catalogue). 

What new tasks are added is decided based on customer demand and the ability of our designers and developers.

Website Redesign

In August we redesigned our website and got a fresh new look! With direct feedback from our customers, we improved the overall site performance and made it easier to navigate and submit tasks. This major redesign took months of work and dedication from our internal team as well as other professionals outside the company.

We believe it now better reflects what Carson is all about.

Affiliate Program Relaunch

Our partner program allows us to work closely with app developers, theme companies and agencies to develop new relationships and grow together. We believe we are all part of the Shopify ecosystem, so working with other professionals just makes sense! This symbiotic relationship allows us to connect with people who may need Carson’s help with their store, but don’t know we exist.

Learn more about it here.


We love connecting with our audiences, and while we already have a large Shopify Entrepreneurs Facebook group, we also launched our Instagram page.

The more ways our customers can learn and talk to us, the better. 

The CarsonDash Features

CarsonDash is the command center of your account – where you submit a task, monitor its progress and chat with the developer working on your task. It’s also where our customers have access to exclusive perks that come with being a Carsoneer! 

We add new perks every week, with awesome discounts, free trials or other benefits for each. Below are just a few of the perks we gave our customers in 2019.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

Service: A free Facebook ad account audit, by Ajdust Media Co. It allows store owners to identify areas within your purchase funnel that need improvement, and craft media & messaging strategies accordingly.

Theme: 20% off the Superstore theme from Pixel Union, the ultimate Shopify theme for wholesalers and high-volume stores with tons of design and layout options.

Apps: A 60 day extended free trial on the social autopilot and subscription apps from Bold, which builds powerful, flexible, and customizable eCommerce apps.

In September we added a brand new feature to the CarsonDash, the Store ShowCase!

Learning from one another is one of the pillars of success!

We wanted to create a special space where all of our shop owners could discover each other and give and receive honest feedback. It’s an exclusive online community, just for HeyCarson users where you can connect with other store owners that are also subscribers. We believe that learning from one another is one of the pillars of success!

We’re changing the world with technology. Bill Gates

Some other housekeeping improvements include faster loading times and an improved attachment feature. A few of our customers told us they were having issues attaching files, so of course, we fixed it as soon as possible.

What in Store in 2020?

At Carson, we always have our eyes set on the future. There’s a bit of mystery surrounding our 2020 changes because we are just beginning to plan them. But here is what we can reveal. 

In 2020, you can expect some price changes (We can’t reveal what they are yet!). We will make a formal announcement as soon as we are ready.

The CarsonDash will also be getting a much-needed redesign, to make it easier to use and navigate. Our customers will still have access to perks and all the other features they currently enjoy, but we feel the CarsonDash must match the beautiful redesign of our website.

One of our biggest changes will be a special offer to Shopify Plus merchants. We will be expanding our task lengths to more than one hour to accommodate the special needs of Shopify Plus Merchants.

The Wrap Up

The nature of e-commerce is that it evolves very quickly, and we believe we must evolve with it. 2019 was a year of big changes for us and we look forward to the new year with excitement and the same commitment to our customers. In the meantime, check out our task catalog and see what small improvements you can make to your store for the coming new year.

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