Which products do people buy online the most?

Which products do people buy online the most?

Online shopping has been a growing force since 1991, when the internet was opened to the public. Now, nearly 30 years later it had a higher market share than in-store shopping for the first time, according to the US Commerce Department. With this immense growth, it’s imperative for e-commerce businesses to know what items people are buying the most.

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Whether you’re just starting out or already own a successful online store, knowing what the most popular items bought online can be very useful information. Find out what they are below, as well as other shopping trends all online store owners should know about.

1. Clothes

Fashion is a huge industry, both online and in-store. Easy return policies have made it very attractive for online shoppers to buy clothing online without the risk of purchasing something that may not fit. Fashion is a top-selling industry worldwide and a highly competitive one. With new trends and pieces released every day, it’s a market that moves fast.

While men are also shopping for clothes, the online fashion industry is dominated by female shoppers. If you’re thinking of getting into online fashion, be aware that it’s a notoriously difficult industry to crack because of the fierce competition.

Most popular item in 2019: Shapewear, like Spanx.

2. Electronics

Technology can get expensive, and people are always on the lookout for the best deals when buying electronics. Being able to shop around to get the best price is one of the appeals of online shopping for consumer electronics. Whether it’s cameras, cell phones or laptops, customers want to know that if there’s a defect, there’s a return policy that allows them to exchange their product.

Online shopping requires a higher amount of trust between the store and the customer because electronics tend to run on the expensive side and people need to know there’s someone they can reach if there’s a problem. With technology playing a bigger part of our lives every day, it’s a market that will continue to be popular as new products are released.

Most popular item in 2019: Smart home devices like Alexa and Google home.

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3. Books, movies, and music

Entertainment plays a big part in our busy lives, and that includes books, movies, and music. Whether it’s settling down with the latest bestseller, playing their favorite tunes or popping in a DVD for a movie night, people are spending money in this very popular category.

According to a study from, 60% of the respondents to their survey about online shopping said they purchased an item from this category. Despite downloading a popular source for this category, people still seem to love consuming media in its physical form. In today’s digital world, maybe there’s a bit of magic in holding a book or a record, and that’s what’s driving the popularity of this industry.

Most popular book in 2019: The Testaments by Margaret Atwood.

4. Health and Beauty Products

Skincare is another big industry that’s also extremely competitive. In fact, many brands choose to only sell online, eschewing physical stores. Without overhead costs, it’s a wise choice. Social media is a big player, with sponsored posts and influencers promoting products. According to NBC news, by 2022 health and beauty product sales are expected to grow annually by 4.3 % to reach $429.8 billion!

Most popular item in 2019: Retinol moisturizer.

5. Pet Products

The pet industry is booming – people now consider their furbabies a big part of the family and aren’t afraid of spending money on them. This includes online shopping. 67% of U.S. households own a pet in the U.S. That’s 85 million families! There are so many options when it comes to online shopping for your furry family members – pet beds, toys, accessories, and even Halloween costumes. This industry is also another big hitter on social media.

Most popular item in 2019: Pet food.

6. Supplements

People are focused on their health, and whether or not you believe in the medical benefits of supplements, they are a big industry. A 2012 study from Harvard found that approximately 114 million Americans take at least one supplement. That number has only increased and grew to one of the biggest online shopping categories. From sleep supplements, diet supplements and probiotics, supplements are an industry that people are serious about. 

Most popular item in 2019: Multivitamins and multiminerals.

Gone Shopping!

Who doesn’t love the convenience of shopping at home? In our busy lives buying what we need with a click of the mouse saves us time, which is our most precious commodity. As online shopping grows, it also gets more and more competitive.

Nowadays, it’s not enough to simply sell products from some of the above-mentioned categories. It’s important to give your customers a well-rounded experience in your online store. How you display your products is equally as important as the quality of the products themselves. Check our task catalog for small and quick ways you can improve your store for the new year.

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