You Talked – We Listened! 2019 Customer Satisfaction Survey

You Talked – We Listened! 2019 Customer Satisfaction Survey

We’re excited to share with you the results of our annual customer satisfaction survey. This is an important and indispensable part of improving the services we offer here at HeyCarson.

Settle in for this week’s special post that’s all about you – our customers! A few weeks ago, we put together a survey to learn more about what our customers wanted, their thoughts and wishes. We wanted to hear it all; the good, the bad and how we can improve our offerings. HeyCarson is dedicated not only to improving the businesses of our customers but to better the services we provide as well.

Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we are grateful for anyone who took the time to answer. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the results and see what you had to say. The winners of the survey have already been contacted by email, and we appreciate all those who took the time to participate.

Why Did You Come to HeyCarson?

We are proud to be the world’s highest-rated Shopify expert team and we don’t take that rating lightly. Part of why we’re good at what we do, is that we listen to our customers.

Almost half of you came to us for help implementing a new feature. Shopify is constantly releasing new features and as a small business owner, you want to stay ahead of the game, technologically speaking. If you are not a coder but you needed to make your Shopify store look awesome we were happy to help with that.

29% came because of a coding issue. As one of our online reviewers put it:

“I really don’t know what I would have done without them. As a novice developer working with clients it was great to have the pros clean up a complex issue with a few clicks of a button and it looked great. I believe Carson has found the sweet spot.”

17%  came to make their website more visually appealing. A good-looking website is a key to turning leads into sales. Our graphic design task catalogue is full of small but impactful tweaks that make websites stand out and look beautiful.

What Are the Benefits You Got?

Over half of you said the #1 benefit of working with HeyCarson was cost-effective development/design service. We aim to keep our costs low because we know that by making ourselves accessible while also providing excellent service is the key to our success.

23% of you also said that another benefit was reliable developers and designers. Our team is one of the most important and without their dedication to the tasks at hand, HeyCarson wouldn’t exist.

How Often Do You Use HeyCarson?

35% of you use HeyCarson every day.

29% of our customer’s use us few times a week.

Looks like many of you have incorporated HeyCarson into the day-to-day of your business. Congrats! We’re proud to be a regular part of your Shopify store and help every store we work with reach their full potential.

How Can We Improve?

The success of any business is its evolution – we wanted to know some of the things you didn’t like as well. We take these suggestions very seriously and will begin implementing some of them as part of our journey to serve you better. Here are some quotes from those who responded:

  • We can communicate better

“Next time, if the answer is “No, it can’t be done” or no work is done for whatever reason, please have the developer/ designer reply within the same day.”

  • Our developers and designers can be more consistent

“I’d like the designers to have a better sense of overall web design aesthetics.”

“It would be great if you could deal with the same developer/designer when bigger projects can be split into a few hour tasks”

  • We can cater to different times and schedules better

“Think about getting some developers that can work in the United States time zones.”

“I would like to send 10-15 tasks without a one-month limit because replying and checking the changes and giving feedback is very time consuming.”

Would You Recommend Us and How Would You Describe HeyCarson?

We asked this question because a recommendation is a true compliment and tells us that our customers trust us. We also asked how they describe us because we wanted to make sure that you understood what HeyCarson does. You didn’t disappoint and had some very positive things to say! Thanks for making us the talk of the town.

” I have described it as finally getting all those website tasks off your to-do list.”

“Yes. They do quick Shopify fixes and help add little custom things”

“Carson does small projects one by one that a lot of developers refuse to take on. Shopify stores that already passed the beginning stages always have a hard time finding a developer like Carson. “

Communication is key to any relationship. In business, it means creating a bridge between your business and your customers. With this survey, we are one step closer to building that perfect bridge. Even though we have over 449 online testimonials, this survey is an important tool to help us learn not only the positives but ways we can be better. Thanks to all our awesome customers, we couldn’t do it without you!

Check out our online reviews and what other people have said about us.

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