4 Last Minute Ideas To Boost Your Valentine’s Day Sales

4 Last Minute Ideas To Boost Your Valentine’s Day Sales

Love is in the air as Valentine’s day is here!

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There’s no better way to get past the after-holiday revenue fall than to kick it into high-gear and boost the February sales? Valentine’s Day, a holiday celebrated worldwide, is the perfect reason to turn your sales around.

If you’re a falling behind valentine’s day marketing plan, here are four last-minute valentine’s day promotions to get your sales back in track.

1. Make it easy for your visitors

At this moment, Valentine’s day shoppers will be doing their last minute shopping. It’s really important that you make it super easy for your visitors to find what they are looking for even if he/she has left your store.

Push notification is a very effective way to target your visitors on their device even if they are not browsing your store. Use a versatile push notification app like PushOwl to create campaigns like Welcome notification or Flash sale. Here are some push notification campaign inspirations for you to try this valentines day.

Check out the quick guide to push notification campaigns and download the design templates here in this article by PushOwl.

2. Reduce cart abandonment

We all know that shopping cart abandonment is the single largest obstacle on the way to making a sale. You may have already equipped your store to tackle this problem but here are a few more ideas to try this Valentine’s day.

Use the cart saver technique: There is a very simple tactic you can use to help reduce the number of people who get close to purchase and then disappear.

With the cart saver technique, you can target a specific page to show a specific offer with a special pop-up for that page. Using this tecnique makes sure that you are taking your best shot to bring a visitors into your sales funnel. You can set-up this cart saver technique very easily with a Shopify app like Privy.


3. Create a landing page for Valentine’s day collection

While planning a campaign, to get the best conversion, it’s best to direct the traffic to campaign-specific landing pages.

A landing page is a page on your site that is dedicated to one goal – in eCommerce, that goal is to convert a website visit to a product purchase. To minimize your user’s effort to find the right product/collection and the offer, create a landing page to showcase one single product (maybe your best selling one) or a collection along with the offer.

Here are some conversion tested Shopify page templates by Shogun page builder you may want to try.

4. Get Visual…very visual

In the rush our of shopping, it’s very hard to grab the visitors attention. Great visuals do wonder to attract the visitors and to communicate a promotion effortlessly. To hold your visitors’ attention and to make them click, you must update the visuals on your store.

Here’s a list of places where you should use appealing visuals to attract the customers as well as to communicate the message in a clear and concise way.

i) Your home page

ii) Your collection pages

iii) Opt-in or promotional pop-ups

iv) Landing pages if you have any

v) Social media profiles

vi) Display Advertisement banners

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