5 Smart Tips to Promote Your Shopify on Instagram

5 Smart Tips to Promote Your Shopify on Instagram

Are you an eCommerce business owner or want to start one? Are you looking for ways to promote your Shopify on Instagram? So you are reading the right article!

Instagram is a unique platform compared to other popular platforms as it provides a lot of easy to use features for businesses and brands. According to a study, each Facebook post has an engagement rate of 0.09% while the engagement rate of Instagram posts is 1.60%. Such statistics are interesting because common thought revolves around the effectiveness of Facebook. However, Instagram is the sole platform that scores such a high engagement rate.

To establish an eCommerce business, you need an idea and courage to turn your idea into a strong business plan. Moreover, you need perseverance and patience to make your business survive in the challenging world of start-ups. Establishing an online store has been made easy by Shopify. Therefore, all you need to do is to learn some tips that help you promote your Shopify on Instagram.

What is Shopify?

Shopify has undoubtedly been a revolution in the online shopping industry since its establishment. It provides a unique, convenient, and user-friendly shopping experience for all.

In October 2019, Shopify announced that it surpassed one million merchants worldwide on the platform.

How Shopify Started Its Work?

It should be interesting to know the history of successful companies and set them as motivational role models.

The idea of running Shopify as a start-up business came from the dissatisfaction of its owner as a customer. Moreover, Tobias Lutke was annoyed at the process of creating portals for the eCommerce business. So, he thought about a new platform that makes eCommerce easy to all and he created it. 

It took 2 years for Shopify to find its place in the world and among eCommerce owners. So, the small team of friends was replaced by a large team of about 2000 employees. There are now over 800,000 online shops in the world thanks to Shopify. 

Shopify has been growing and updating its features to the requirements of its users. For instance, it has added a new feature that makes Instagram marketing integration for Shopify online shops possible. So, let’s see how you can promote your Shopify e-store on Instagram.

Why Do Shopify Marketing on Instagram?

Social media marketing is an integral part of marketing for businesses today. If businesses want to survive, they have to think about these fertile channels and find a way out of the shell of traditional sales. 

Instagram has about one billion monthly active users which makes it an irresistible platform for sales. So, you can share content on Instagram easily and be sure that even your busiest followers spend a minimum amount of time on Instagram. 

How to Promote Your Shopify on Instagram?

Now that you are convinced to consider Instagram for promoting Shopify, you should learn the quick tips:

1. Add Your Products to Facebook

First, you should install a Facebook channel to be able to add your products to it using Shopify. By doing this, you can tag your products on Instagram feed and stories. 

2. Switch Your Account on Instagram to Business

Switch your account to business from the Setting section. Without a business account, you cannot use the shopping feature of Instagram. In fact, there are some conditions for being eligible to use the shopping feature: 

  • You should have a business account. 
  • Your Instagram account must be connected to a Facebook page where your product catalog is available.
  • Instagram shopping should be available in your location.
  • Only physical products can be sold and not services for instance.

If your eCommerce business meets the requirements, you can submit your account for a review:

  • Open Settings on Instagram.
  • Tap Business.
  • Select Sign Up for Instagram Shopping
  • Follow the steps and hit Submit

3. Turn on Instagram Shopify and Sell

Getting approval from Instagram may take some days. As soon as you get the approval, you can see the Shopping option in your Setting. By turning on this feature, you can tag your products on your posts or stories and sell them.

4. Tag Your Products on Instagram Posts

Take high-quality photos and videos of your products and write interesting captions for them. Then, tag your products using Shopify links. You can tag up to 5 products on your photo or video. One tip to remember is that you should write the same name for your product on Instagram as your Facebook catalog. 

Source: Instagram- @grace_hummerston

5. Sell through Instagram Stories

You can also use Instagram stories to sell your products. As you know, Instagram stories can be present on your account for 24 hours only. However, you can save them as Highlights to keep them on your account for as long as you want.

To add your products to a story, you ought to tap on the sticker icon and choose the Product. Choose the product you would like to sell from your product catalog. 

Source: Instagram- @wolfratsen

More Tips to Promote Your Shopify on Instagram

To sell your products on Instagram, you should always update yourself to the latest features and trends. It is not a hard thing to keep an eye on the Instagram strategies of your competitors or the successful eCommerce businesses. If you are creative and have an aesthetic sense, you can easily change their ideas to original ideas of yours. 

Here are some more tips that you would better follow if you want to promote your Shopify on Instagram:

  • Be creative to make new and captivating concepts out of the common rather uninteresting concepts of the boring modern life. 
  • Post regularly on the peak hours when your followers are online.
  • Optimize your profile by adding a proper username, profile picture, and bio. Try to add the keywords of your niche in them to make your account easy to search. If you add your social media links on your Instagram bio, you have also promoted your other platforms. and easy to communicate with. 
  • Adopt a theme or brand color for your feed and highlights to add up to the beauty of your account. It is one way to impress the new visitors to your account. Moreover, it is a part of your brand identity.
  • Add hashtags or locations to put your posts and stories more exposed to a new audience. 
  • Be authentic and original and keep your brand voice. 
  • Use offers and promo codes to tempt your followers. 
  • Emphasize on your customer service and attract trust. 
  • Share your story and the history of your business. 
  • Encourage UGC and share them to give credit to your brand. 
  • Spend time to reply to your DMs


Using Instagram Shopify marketing as an option to grow your sales is a must nowadays. You can easily acquire what you need to do and then keep on doing them on a regular basis. Follow the tips and guidelines above and enjoy the great sales!

This is a guest post contribution by Parichehr Parsi. Parichehr is a born writer and a copywriter. She currently writes Instagram marketing blog posts for SocialPros. She loves reading, doing research, and updating herself every day.

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