Best Shopify Themes for Jewelry and Accessories Brands (and the Features to Look for)

Best Shopify Themes for Jewelry and Accessories Brands (and the Features to Look for)

The online jewelry market size has the potential to grow by USD 19.88 billion during the time period of 2020-2024. The market’s growth momentum will accelerate at a CAGR of over 15% or more, owing to the current shift in consumer behaviour to online shopping. 

As more brands go online, including names that have predominantly relied on physical store sales, getting a consumer’s attention and driving it towards making a purchase is getting tougher by the day for jewelry brands. 

Then of course there is also the challenge of showcasing the ‘value’ of the jewelry online when there are endless options available to a typical consumer. 

This is where the look and feel of your Shopify store decides the perceived value of your brand. So in this article, we’re going to share some of the best Shopify themes for jewelry and accessories brands and the must-have features that are bound to impress the shoppers you drive to your store! 

The best Shopify themes for jewelry and accessories brands 

There are a number of Shopify themes out there. Each one offers a competitive look and feel for jewelry and accessories brands going online. 

But based on some research and the Shopify themes we have used while working with jewelry brands, here are some of our favourite picks and why you should choose them: 

Motion by Archetype theme

If you’re looking for an impressive Shopify theme that lets you use animations and videos to promote your jewelry pieces or accessories , Motion by Archetype is a great choice. The Shopify theme comes with exclusive image, text, and page transition animations so that you can capture a visitor’s attention and keep them engaged while delivering a premium look and feel. 

Another good feature of this theme is its collections. It includes a beautiful collection collage section as well as a one-step callout section that pulls in your product photographs automatically. 

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Kagami by Maestrooo

If you want to showcase your brand and product imagery in a dynamic masonry-style grid, Kagami by Maestrooo is for you. The Shopify theme includes three styles – Kyoto, Baptiste and Geneve, that essentially differ based on how strong you want your brand colors to pop on the site. 

The theme comes packed with features such as a collage-style layout, home and product page videos, slideshow and built-in style and color palettes to help you get started faster. It also includes an FAQ page that you can use to answer common questions about your jewelry line. 

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Expression by Clean Canvas

Ideal for promotion-focused stores with large inventories, the Expression theme by Clean Canvas is optimized for large product imagery across all pages. It comes with four built-in design and color palettes to give direction to your branding – Naturals, Oxford, Ocean and Innovate are the presets that this theme comes with. 

Some of the powerful features that the Shopify theme comes with include a grid-style layout to feature multiple products or promotions throughout the store, product image rollover, home page video, slideshow, customizable homepage content sections and more. 

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Context by Fluorescent

A theme for storytellers, Context by Fluorescent is designed around visual storytelling for jewelry and accessories brands. The design layouts let you showcase brand imagery with high-resolution photography and additional image/ text sections on the product pages. 

Some of the other powerful features that makes it one of the best Shopify themes for jewelry and accessories brands is its predictive search and advanced product filtering. 

The theme comes with three built-in style presets  – Chic, Modern and Essential. 

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Story by Groupthought

Another Shopify theme that lets brands tap into the power of storytelling, is Story by Groupthought. The theme lets you put your story up, front and center with smart design layouts. 

The Shopify theme encourages storytelling by letting you add additional images and text on your product pages, set up an about page using a built-in timeline tool and even showcase the people behind your brand with a team section. Apart from these features, it lets you create and display Lookbooks in an editorial-style spread to give a premium touch to the pages. 

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Venue by Safe as Milk

If you have a physical store as well and want to encourage more walk-ins or more online orders, Venue by Safe as Milk is a good Shopify theme for your  setup. It is one of the best Shopify themes for jewelry brands selling across multiple channels. 

The Shopify theme offers features like the ability to create video galleries and featuring a single product front and center on the home page. Great for jewelry brands that come up with special or limited edition collections for a season. 

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Maker by Troop Themes

If you’re a jewelry brand that takes inspiration from the Vogue magazines of the world and believe editorial is the way to go, this theme is for you. Maker by Troop Themes offers an editorial-inspired design layout which is made for big and bold product imagery. 

The Shopify theme lets you create multiple slideshows to promote different collections, share your brand story on the home page with a video and even add customized content sections on the home page. This theme too includes three in-built styles  – Bloom, Fashion and Luna. 

We recommend this theme to jewelry brands with a smaller catalog. 

Need help with theme set up or customization? Reach out to the HeyCarson Shopify experts today. 

Didn’t find a theme that matches the look and feel you want on your Shopify store for your jewelry and accessories brand; or want to probe customizations on any one of them? 

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Now let’s walk you through a few must-have features that a jewelry and accessories Shopify theme must have, based on which we picked the above. 

Must-have features in a jewelry and accessories Shopify theme

Home page video

Ditch the usual approach of adding static image banners to promote all your collections. Instead, bring your homepage to life by featuring a video for every collection. Or you could choose to only add a video for a new collection that you want to promote! 

Also see if the jewelry and accessories Shopify theme you choose lets you set up an auto-playing background video. This adds a more immersive touch to your Shopify store, enhancing the shopping experience for visitors. 

Optimized for large images

More than 78% of online shoppers want online stores to share product images that bring them to life. In fact, 50% of online shoppers say it’s important for the store to use large, high-quality product images that are as close to the real product as possible. The reason being that it lets them view the product much more in detail – especially for items such as jewelry pieces that may have intricate details.  

So one of the first things you should check for in a jewelry Shopify theme is whether their layouts are optimized for large images.

Lookbook feature 

Most of our fashion jewelry and accessories purchases are based on a look we’re inspired by or want to recreate ourselves. But the whole game here is ‘visualising’ how different pieces can be put together to get that look. 

With a Lookbook feature, you can connect photographs to your products with hot-spots and display it on your homepage or your product pages to guide a visitor’s browsing ever-so-subtly! 

Product quick view

A lot of your store visitors are going to browse through multiple jewelry collections before deciding what to buy. But having to move back and forth while doing so can compromise the shopping experience you offer. This is where a product quick view feature comes in. 

Ask the Shopify theme developer if they have a product quick view feature. This will let your store visitors view product details in a popup so that they don’t have to leave their current page

Variant swatches

Online shoppers seek ease while exploring products. So if your brand offers the same jewelry piece in different shades, coatings, length or more, including swatches on your product pages is a good idea. 

Check if your jewelry Shopify theme lets you display custom swatches on product pages to showcase available product variants. This lets the visitor view how the product looks in each variant without having to navigate through multiple menu items to reach them. 


As a jewelry brand, you probably have a number of collections available in your store. But let’s assume an online shopper has seen a promotion of just one of them. In that case, they may assume that’s all you have. 

This is why having a Slideshow feature in your Shopify theme is important. This lets you showcase multiple product or collection images on your home page. For example, earrings, necklaces, headgear and more – all clearly displayed, makes it easy for the shopper to know what more you have! 

Product image rollover

To showcase your jewelry pieces, you’re obviously including a number of product images for each. Be it on the home page or the dedicated product pages. But in addition to this, you need to make it easy for the visitor to browse through all those images too! 

Having a product image rollover feature is an absolute must. This lets the visitor reveal different product images when they hover over products on your home, product and collection pages.

Product zoom-in

When you’re at a physical jewelry store, you’re able to pick up pieces you like to take a closer look at them from all angles. But you don’t have that option while shopping online. 

This is where your Shopify theme should include product zoom-in to let shoppers get a closer look at your jewelry pieces, online. It simply displays a magnifying glass icon on the product images letting the shopper zoom in and out of it to get a better view of the details. 

Certification of authenticity

One of the biggest reasons why jewelry shoppers tend to stall purchases is the lack of proof of authenticity. This especially holds true for luxury jewelry brands or brands selling fine jewelry online. Your customer testimonials are not enough proof for someone to make a purchase. 

This is why your Shopify theme needs to have a dedicated section to jewelry certificate of authenticity on the product pages. 

For those of you who have just started out online, a letter or certificate of authenticity (LOA) is an official document provided by the designer, maker or manufacturer to verify that a particular item is an original design. This often includes details about the material used, especially for the likes of gold, diamond, platinum and similar items. 

Customer testimonials

According to McKinsey, 80% of our online purchases are influenced by social proof. Especially our high-value purchases. This influence can be in the form of product reviews, ratings, testimonials or even Instagram pictures from your existing customers. It lets the shopper see your jewelry and accessories put together with different looks, helping them visualise whether or not it suits them. 

So make sure your Shopify theme lets you display social proof in separate sections on your product page. They should also give you the option to embed your Instagram feed that displays pictures from your customers. 

Search engine optimization

60% of shoppers begin their research on a search engine. They do so to be able to explore what brands they have the option to buy fashion jewelry and accessories from. This makes it critical for your Shopify theme to be SEO-friendly. 

This includes everything right from the pay layouts, content formatting to ensuring the smallest of elements like product reviews are crawlable. If the theme developer hasn’t mentioned this clearly, reach out to them with a query before making the decision. 

Product recommendations

A lot of jewelry and accessories buyers don’t come with a very specific product in mind. They have a general idea of what they like or what they want, but are more or less open to exploring what you have to offer. Think about how you typically shop at a brick and mortar jewelry store. 

This is where product recommendations come into play. Your jewelry Shopify theme should let you showcase recommended products on every product page to increase discoverability and also make it easier for the visitor to explore your collections. 

Stores that display product recommendations see a 26% increase in conversions on average. So this is a feature you should not skip!  

Product filtering 

Imagine visiting an online store looking for a bracelet. Now you use the search bar to look for bracelets and are displayed a hundred products under the same page. Sifting through all of them row by row can be tedious. The same holds true for your store visitors. 

Let your visitors be able to filter search results based on product type, price, popularity or even the material used. This helps them reach the product they want faster, getting them closer to converting on your site. 

Featured collections on home page

Be it a new launch, a limited edition collection or a range you want to bring more attention to, displaying it on your home page is important. 

Check if the Shopify theme you pick for your jewelry brand has a layout that includes the ability to feature collections on your home page. It should let you promote the collection with high-quality, big images to capture visitor attention instantly. 

Fullscreen product gallery

Another good feature for a jewelry Shopify theme to have is the ability to showcase products and photography in a fullscreen gallery. Think of it as a fashion magazine that the visitor can browse through to get an idea of all your collections and get an enhanced visual experience of your jewelry pieces. 

It is also wise to check with the Shopify theme developer if the product gallery is responsive. 

Multi-level menu

If you have a large inventory or multiple jewelry collections under your brand, it’s crucial  to make it easy for shoppers to navigate through the site. This makes it extremely important to have a multi-level menu in the store. 

This should be covered by your Shopify theme or they should give you the ability to customize the menu bar. 

PS. A stylish overlay window for the menu can add more personality to your Shopify store. Here’s an example of what it looks like: 

Quick buy/ add to cart

Let’s say you’re putting together an entire look for an outfit you plan to wear on the weekend. So you’re moving through different collections to find a neckpiece, bracelet, ring and other items. 

But as you do so, if you have to move back and forth between pages, it’d increase the amount of time you take to get everything in place. This is where having a Quick Buy button feature is important in your Shopify theme. 

It lets the visitor directly add the product to cart and move to checkout, without leaving the page they are on. 

Pickup availability

With shipping and delivery delays becoming common, a number of online shoppers choose to purchase from stores based on pickup availability. They want to be able to place their orders online and then pick them up on their own – either from the store or from a pre-decided location. 

Jewelry brands tend to see such customers more. As most don’t want to risk losing their order in transit. 

So check if your Shopify theme allows you to add pickup availability options on the product pages or the checkout page. Alternatively, if they have a dedicated page for shoppers to check pickup availability, that’s good too! 

This way you can engage local shoppers by showing where items are available for pickup, easily. 

Extra sections on product pages

Irrespective of the type of jewelry you sell – fine, luxury, artificial or handmade, you want to make sure you help your customers make the most of the pieces they purchase from you. That’s why your Shopify theme should let you have little extra sections like ‘Care Instructions’ or ‘Guarantees’ on your product pages. 

Policy pages/ sections

As we move to making more online purchases, we often end up making a purchase decision that does not suit our needs. But as a jewelry brand, you need to be wary of the consumer’s habitual requests for return, exchange, and refunds. Your jewelry and accessories Shopify theme should include policy pages that cover this as well.

PS. It’s a good idea to also have a separate page or section for shipping and delivery policies as well, just to cover all grounds.

Add to wishlist

Offering the ability to save or wishlist a product for later can help jewelry and accessories brands reduce cart abandonment dramatically. This is especially important for those brands that have high-value products as making a purchase decision on impulse in those cases is often rare! 

Not sure how to check if a Shopify theme you like supports all the above? Reach out to the experts at HeyCarson to help you pick the best Shopify theme for jewelry and accessories brands.

Mobile friendliness

The share of mCommerce in eCommerce is expected to rise to 72% by the end of 2021. Owing to our need to shop on-the-go and the increasing amount of time we’re spending on mobile apps like Instagram, Pinterest or even the chat apps, most of our purchases are bound to happen on mobile devices. 

So make sure your jewelry Shopify theme is 100% mobile-friendly. From the smallest of elements like the ‘buy now’ button to the one for wishlisting products, the experience needs to be seamless for mobile shoppers! 


Yes, your jewelry Shopify theme needs to come packed with features. But it should be able to offer it all without making your site all too heavy. 

When reading through the details of the Shopify theme, ensure that the developer has included details about the page load time or how heavy the layouts are. It is important to make sure that irrespective of the design or the media files you eventually upload, the page load time never exceeds 3 seconds, or you could potentially risk losing conversions! 

You can also check this for yourself by running the live store URLs using the Shopify theme, through PageSpeed Insights.

Some other “good-to-have” features

While doing our research, we also found a few other features that you could look for in a Shopify theme for your jewelry and accessories brand. You know, just to enhance the shopping experience you offer!

Virtual try-ons

Ask the Shopify theme developer if they support virtual try-ons or an app that enables the same. In times when all a consumer has are product pictures to gauge what an item looks like or to visualize if it will suit them, virtual try-ons can definitely be a life-saver! 

3D models

We know you’re adding a lot of product images and videos to help your store visitors get a close look at your jewelry line. But what if you could add more depth to these images and help them choose the perspective they want to take a look from? That’s where 3D models come in. But you will need to check with your Shopify theme developer if their design and layout supports the same. 

If you need help enhancing the features of your Shopify jewelry and accessories store, reach out to the Shopify Experts at HeyCarson.

Getting the right Shopify theme for your jewelry and accessories brand

When you start a store, there are a number of things you need to look into. Choosing a Shopify theme can be an overwhelming decision – especially when there are so many free and paid options that you could opt for. 

But besides the list of the best Shopify themes for jewelry and accessories brands that we shared above, looking into every feature you need is the critical step. And that is based on what product you’re selling as well as the audience that you’re addressing. 

For example, if you’re selling fine jewelry or a luxury range, your store needs to reflect the same. But if your brand is into artificial, fashion accessories, it can opt for a look that exudes a ‘for everyone’ style. 

Think about Tiffany’s. 

Now think about the jewelry at Forever21. 

While both the brands are popular, each has a different target audience that their store’s look and feel needs to match! 

As a pro tip though, irrespective of your target audience, we do encourage you to opt for a paid Shopify theme for your jewelry brand. It lets you customize the look and feel of your store on a much grander scale, letting you infuse your brand into the store. 

Need help choosing a Shopify theme for your jewelry brand? 

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