Boost Sales with Facebook Ads for Abandoned Carts

Boost Sales with Facebook Ads for Abandoned Carts

A guest article by adMixt team. They specialize in performance marketing for eCommerce and lead generation.

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Brands want to squeeze as many sales out of their site visitors as possible. Often, users who abandoned products in their shopping carts are your lowest hanging fruit. Users who take the time to browse your products and add them to the cart have shown strong purchase intent. You can use that information to help push those visitors down the conversion funnel.

There are multiple ways that you can recapture sales from abandoned cart visitors. Arguably one of the most effective channels is using Facebook retargeting ads.

Why Do Visitors Abandon Carts?

Cart abandonment has been a challenge for eCommerce since the dawn of time (ok maybe just the beginning of shopping carts). Brands and marketers have tried various tactics to win back sales from visitors that have previously left an item or 5 in their carts. But why does this happen? Are they just not that interested in your products? Or are there other reasons? Sometimes the shopper simply gets distracted and forgets to complete the purchase. Or maybe the shopper wants to do some price comparison across multiple brands. Other times, the shopper is conditioned to expect to get something enticing afterward like an offer to help complete the purchase. When this happens, buyers anticipate that gift before pushing that purchase button.

Why Choose Facebook Ads for Recapturing Cart Abandonment Sales

Marketers should have a plan for retargeting cart abandonment across all mediums including email and Facebook ads. The reason why Facebook retargeting is so effective for retailers is that you have the ability to capture more brand equity, drive more traffic to your store and collect the cash at the end of the funnel in a shorter window of time. Also, Facebook Ads have a larger reach than email. With today’s low open rates, most emails are not read.

Brands that combine retargeting campaigns with prospecting campaigns, and use Lookalike And Facebook Core Audience targeting have the ability to reach a larger audience. This exposes their products to new audiences, drives traffic to the store, and encourages a percentage to browse products and add them to the cart. The gap is then closed by serving a Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, retargeting them with the same products they viewed on your site.

What Should Marketers Focus on When Retargeting Site Visitors on Facebook

There are several things to keep in mind when setting up campaigns on Facebook. Just like in email, there is a set window of time that is relevant to retarget your visitors (usually within a 1-2 week period, possibly longer depending on the product). You’ll want to ensure that your ads are device specific and that the checkout on mobile is as easy as possible. Then you’ll want to exclude recent purchasers from your audience so you can serve them ads that send them on a new purchase path. Most importantly, you will want to use offers to bring your visitors back. This can include percentages off of their total order as well as free shipping and returns.

At adMixt, through our proprietary technology, we are able to do this and a lot more. Our team works with your budget in a strategic way to strive for the highest ROI possible. Contact us today to learn about how we can help you recapture sales through Facebook retargeting.

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