Customer Success Stories: Four Point Puzzles

Customer Success Stories: Four Point Puzzles

We work with some pretty unique Shopify business owners. Their passion, dedication, and creativity always amaze us. This is a new blog series, where every Monday we will be highlighting some of the amazing people we work with and how HeyCarson was able to bring their e-commerce dream to reality. We will be asking these Shopify store owners a series of questions about their business and sharing their answers with the world! So, without further ado, let us introduce and bring into the spotlight this week’s Shopify store owner.

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Who: Lindsay Stead

Company: four point puzzles

Tasks completed:44

Customer for: 4 months

Who and what is four point puzzles?

We create high-quality puzzles, using unique and high-definition imagery.

Where are you located?

While our HQ is based in Toronto, Canada, our puzzles are sold in museums, art galleries and independent retailers across North America.

Why puzzles?

I really love jigsaw puzzles, I always have, ever since I was a child. In the past few years, I realized that there aren’t enough puzzles on the market that I really like so I jokingly said: “I’m going to make my own!” Eventually, the joking turned into research, a lot of planning and eventually, prototyping. I then decided to take a leap of faith and open four point puzzles!

What is the mission of four point puzzles?

To create contemporary, well-designed and beautiful puzzles that are also fun to put together.

What’s special about your puzzles? What sets them apart from the thousands of other puzzles on the market?

Most puzzles you can buy today are rectangular shaped, but our Moon puzzle is a circular puzzle. Another unique quality is how intricate the image is – you can see every little crater on the moon’s surface. The image is so clear and no two pieces are exactly the same, which adds to the challenge.

Did you know? The surface of the moon looks the way it is because it’s covered with dead volcanoes, impact craters, and lava flows.

To what do you attribute your success?

I think having such a novel product appeals to people. We think our Moon puzzle is really special in how it looks and feels. Of course, our success also depends on our team and their attention to detail when it comes to packaging, photography and the website.

What’s in the future for four point puzzles?

More puzzles! We want to have a full line with images that range from science and nature to contemporary art. Right now we’re selling our Moon puzzle across North America, but eventually, maybe even the world, who knows?

What is your advice to someone just starting out on Shopify?

I’m just starting out myself, so I’m not sure if I have much advice to offer…But I would say that for me, staying excited and focused is important. At the same time it should be a balance – don’t take things too seriously because we’re making puzzles, it should be fun!

How did you find HeyCarson and how did we help your business?

You were recommended to me by a Shopify Guru and you truly made my website look just the way I wanted it! My vision for four point puzzles was playful and light-hearted and I think we’ve achieved that. On the logistics end, you created an entire wholesale area to my site that is running seamlessly. My wholesale customers find it so convenient to be able to shop online – it’s been really great.

Can you pick one task HeyCarson’s developers completed that greatly helped your store?

Honestly, it’s hard to pick just one, but from a visual perspective, I really love the full-bleed hero video at the top of my homepage. It’s the first thing that my customers see and it really sets the tone for their whole experience on the site.

On the functional side of things, the wholesale capability I mentioned in the previous questions was also key to achieving my vision and getting my product into as many hands as possible.

Really, the entire the homepage fits the image I had envisioned for four point puzzles.

Bonus question to our developers: What was it like working with Lindsay?

We loved working with her! She always provided a mock-up and a detailed description of a request, which we as developers find so helpful. A few of us even called her a perfectionist, in the best sense possible. Overall, Lindsay was caring, understanding and patient to work with.

The Jigsaw is Up!

We want to thank Lindsay for taking the time to answer our questions and most of all, for trusting HeyCarson with the development of her store.

Did you know that July 19th was the 50th anniversary of man’s first steps on the moon? We can’t think of a more appropriate client of ours to commemorate this special date than four point puzzles and their amazing Moon Puzzle. Those of us who have put together a puzzle understand the meditative problem-solving skills they develop, and while Lindsay rates her puzzle a 4.5/5 on the difficulty scale, we think everyone should try solving a puzzle at least once!

Having a selling platform that’s customized to the needs of store owners is something we strive to do, and we’re happy to have done that for Lindsay and her business.

Stay tuned for more customer-focused stories, where we will continue to introduce you to the wonderful people we work with.

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