Facebook Pixel Advanced Matching

Facebook Pixel Advanced Matching

A guest article by Flightplan team. They automate dynamic product ad configurations and help increase your conversions.

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Do you remember when Facebook released their new pixel? Well, they are at it again with Advanced Matching Capabilities! This new feature allows advertisers to pass customer data such as emails, addresses, and phone numbers from a merchant’s Shopify store to Facebook through the pixel.

This advancement improves advertiser tracking of customers and prospects by matching shoppers to the correct Facebook profile. Now more than ever, you can reach your customers in a more meaningful way as they are spending time on Facebook. This feature was recently added to Flightplan, allowing every user of our free automated dynamic product ad service to extend their reach and improve conversion tracking accuracy. Thanks to this new feature, we’re seeing a big lift in conversions. Facebook analysis shows an average lift of 10% more conversions being tracked. BOOM! That is huge for advertisers.

The benefit to the retailer is the ability to report on more conversions, make adjustments based on a heavier set of conversion data & ultimately achieve a stronger return-on-investment on Facebook through dynamic product ads. This is social commerce working in a similar way to marketing automation with data from Shopify store owners passing through to Facebook to inform the content that is served to these customers based on previous activity.

Product advertisers are constantly trying to crack the code on how to run the most efficient Facebook advertising campaigns with the least amount of resources. Merchants and agencies use automated technology services for serving and optimizing ads on Facebook to help streamline the process while they get on with higher priorities.

As Facebook adds more tools to the mix, it allows for greater efficiencies in what these services can provide to their customers. This feature is a step towards a tighter link with Facebook moving deeper into commerce. What this can mean for automated dynamic product ad services like Flightplan that optimize ad campaigns around previous prospect/customer data to grab customers attention to make purchases while they are having conversations with their friends on Facebook is huge.

What this means to you, is that the more products in your catalog, and the more customers you reach, the ability to reach further into their purchase funnel and collect more dollars out of your audience has become even more available through social commerce.

As a Shopify customer, you have the ability to streamline this process without a lot of friction and allow the already existing integration points between Shopify and Facebook to work smarter for your dollars spent. All you have to do is place a little code on the backend of your Shopify store and let the pixel powers do the magic, or sign up for a dynamic product ad service like Flightplan to do the heavy lifting for you without ever having to touch a piece of code on the backend of your store.

What will Facebook add to its feature set next? If you’re like us, you’re most likely sitting on the edge of your seat with anticipation waiting with excitement!

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