How Carson Shopify Experts Helped A Niche Tee Store

How Carson Shopify Experts Helped A Niche Tee Store

We recently worked with Tim Smith on his store Style has no boundaries. We really loved the originality of his store and wanted to know more about it. Here’s what we learned about ‘Style has no boundaries’ and how we helped Tim to improve user experience on his store.

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What’s the story behind your store? What’s unique about it?

I have always had an interest in art and travel and fashion.

I’m interested in originality and people being able to express themselves by what they wear. When you wear a tee with a cool image on the front you are aware of it and at the same time, you bring the artists image to life.

From traveling, I have found many people share a common interest expressed through style. Whether it be music, art, sports or anything else. Originality is really what I’m getting at here.

What’s your vision for the store?

I plan to expand the store, find more original clothing. I am always on the lookout for new independent artists from around the world where I can bring their art to life.

How does your team look like?

It’s just me behind this. However, I do have artist friends, with whom I work.

What’s your pro tip for other Shopify sellers?

  1. Read a lot of blogs regularly.
  2. Have good developers like Carson team to help you make your store the way you want it. (Truly we didn’t ask Tim for this but not to mention, we are really delighted)

What Carson team has done for Tim’s store to improve User experience:

As we know that we help Shopify sellers with small tasks like theme fixes, here are the things we did on Tim’s store:

  1. Option to put titles on collection page banners:

A meaningful banner can add value to your store’s collection page. Tim has realized this and has put beautiful banners on his store’s collection pages. But, without a proper message, it looks little cosmetic. So,  Tim asked us to create an option in his theme for adding Title on collection pages so that he can Add and update the Title texts. 

We added an option in the theme to add Title

Here’s a cool banner with the title on Tm’s store

      2. Change product images on hover:

For a clothing store, it’s important to show the design of the cloth as well as how it looks on a model. It’s really great if it can be shown on the collection page itself without going to the product page. It also feels dynamic to the user when an element changes on hover.

We just did that for Tim’s store.

  1. Product page options:

By default, the options to select on the product pages were little clumsy. Tim wanted us to Fix it as shown below.

  • The Color options should be in plain text.
  • The drop-down box for Size and Quantity had to be on the same level and in same size.
  • The width of the Add to cart button had to be uniform with other elements.
    We did our work and you can see the result below.

 4.  Improved the sticky header:

The sticky header bar with the logo was not standing out while the page is scrolled down. So the trick was to change the background colour and add a shadow at the bottom so that it can be separated from the page content.

Here how it looks:


These are only few examples of the things we have done so far for Style has no boundaries and we are still working with Tim at taking his store to the next level.

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