The HeyCarson Story

The HeyCarson Story

In this week’s blog, we wanted to share with you something more personal. While we love giving you advice and how-to knowledge on running a Shopify store, we thought it important to tell you a little bit about HeyCarson and our story, so you could understand how we arrived to be who we are today.

HeyCarson was born in April 2015, in a small coworking space in Bali, Indonesia when our founder Jonathan started offering to do small development tasks using his technical resources to fellow Shopify store owners. One month later, we had our first subscriber. Running his own Shopify store at the time, he saw a hole in the market. Sure, large projects and big store re-vamps were available, but there was no one offering small tweaks and adjustments that took less than an hour. And thus, HeyCarson was born.

…I put up this site offering technical support for small projects on Shopify stores. We got our first five to six clients from this coworking space. And most of them loved it.” Jonathan, Founder and CEO

Fun Fact: The name HeyCarson was inspired by Carson, the butler from the TV show Downton Abbey.

“When you think of good service, you think of a character, with white gloves, doing everything needed to make your life easier. So we thought the archetype of a butler would work well. Butlers deliver service at high level, they solve problems fast, efficiently and seamlessly.

I googled top best butlers from Pop culture. Alfred from Batman, Geoffrey from Fresh Prince and Carson from Downton Abbey came up, among others. I was so excited to build the first website that I spent only a few seconds deciding on the name!”

Jonathan, Founder and CEO

Working Without Borders – Our Global Team

HeyCarson has always been a global company. While the idea for the business was born in Bali, our headquarters are in Ottawa (Jonathan is Canadian) and we now have over 20 employees from all over the globe including, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, and Serbia, just to name a few!

Between our employees, we have over 12 languages that are spoken across 24 time zones. We are developers, designers, customer success agents and more. To say HeyCarson encourages and embraces diversity would be an understatement.

Though we come from different parts of the world, different cultures, and backgrounds, we are all united by our passion for what we do. To see our faces and learn our names, check out our About Us page.

Here are a few testimonials about what it’s like to work at HeyCarson from our employees.

What makes this company special is its people. Each of them puts a huge amount of enthusiasm and soul into whatever they do on a daily basis.” Darina, HR

“I feel privileged working for HeyCarson! You can continuously improve your skills and learn something new every day. It’s great working with a team that’s strongly dedicated to providing the best possible service to clients in each small task.” Mia, Customer Success

“Working from the comfort of your home, while having a great team to support you virtually is a dream job. The HeyCarson team is like a big family – you don’t see them often but they’re always there for you” Aleksandra, Customer Success

Managing and Being Part of a Remote Team

Working remotely has exploded lately, and HeyCarson was well ahead of the trend, having started remotely years ago. This working arrangement brings its own unique challenges and benefits. While we don’t necessarily see each other in a physical sense, we all communicate daily through Slack, jokes and memes included. Just like any other company, we have an onboarding process for new employees, training, benefits and other things you’d expect as an employee of a regular company. 

Some of the unusual benefits of working remotely are that you can work anywhere, anytime, including in your pajamas! Most importantly, HeyCarson is a culture of sharing – we celebrate birthdays and achievements. We even have a Slack extension called HeyTaco!, where employees reward one another with virtual tacos for achievements or just because.

Once a year, we try to organize team-building events to bring the team together. This September the event took place in Montenegro and in June, some of our team members met up at the Shopify Unite conference in Toronto.

Not Just a Business – We’re a Community

While our task catalog is where customers get their tasks done, our Facebook group is where they go to connect and talk to other Shopify store owners. 100,000 strong, it was born around the same time as HeyCarson and provides a platform for e-commerce entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and find solutions to problems that come up with running a Shopify store.

In addition to performing small tasks, we offer our subscribers weekly perks and benefits from our partners. Recent examples include 60 days extended free trial on the Upsell and Social Autopilot apps, both by Bold, a company that specializes in eCommerce apps.

Our newest feature, the Store Showcase is an exclusive community, just for HeyCarson subscribers. It’s a space where subscribers can interact with other store owners to provide or receive honest feedback about their store design, UX design, and products.

Even this blog is all part of an effort to spread knowledge and create a sense of community for our current and potential subscribers. Through our collaboration with partners, writers, and other Shopify experts we are creating a domain where all entrepreneurs, developers and Shopify store owners can connect and learn from one another.

Looking to the Future

Where is HeyCarson going? Wherever our customers take us! As long as the Shopify ecosystem continues to thrive, (and it’s showing no signs of slowing down, just take a look at the recent Shopify Unite 2019 announcements here) we will continue providing small tasks to store owners. We will continue to develop with the digital landscape and listen to our customers, adding new tasks to our catalog and removing obsolete ones.

Since its inception in 2016 to today, our vision of helping Shopify store owners hasn’t wavered. What started as an idea has grown into a thriving business that employs over 20 people, has helped over 8000 Shopify merchants and has completed thousands of small tasks.

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