What is the Shopify programming language?

What is the Shopify programming language?

If you run a Shopify store or find yourself looking to open one, you might be curious about the Shopify programming language and how it affects your experience using Shopify. 

And while it might seem like a foreign language – because it is – knowing the language is what allows our developers to build cool features and create custom ones when you submit a task

But there is so much more to it than just cool features. Let’s discuss what language Shopify runs with and how knowing this can change your Shopify store. 

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What coding language does Shopify use? 

Shopify is built by a programming language called Liquid. It’s a language template that was created by Shopify and, in conjunction with open source coding language Ruby, is what makes your store run as fast and smoothly as it does. 

Shopify’s Liquid code is used on every Shopify store. It’s also used to build Shopify themes and creates dynamic sites and store content on every page. 

what language is shopify written in

Liquid’s syntax – the language ‘alphabet’ – is relatively easy to understand. The code is readable, even for those with no coding experience, and is easily distinguished from other code like HTML. 

It uses three big components:

  • Objects: objects are wrapped in curly brackets ( {{product}} ) and usually hold admin output data. What you put here will usually be displayed on your website as products. 
  • Filters: filters modify outputs. Parameters can be added to these filters that let you specify how filters are used. 
  • Tags: tags control the flow of the template with the use of the % sign. With this, you can create variables and conditions that apply logic to output. For example, tags are what will show that an item in your store is sold out when the last item has been bought. 

While it might sound confusing, there are tons of tutorials and interactive online classes that will help you understand the basics of Liquid. It’s also available on open-source platforms like GitHub, where you can play around with the code and maybe learn a thing or two. 

Why is it useful to know the Shopify programming language?

When you run a Shopify store, you might run into technical issues from time to time. While most issues are relatively easy to resolve, they might seem too daunting and confusing for someone with no coding knowledge. 

what code does shopify use

It will require the help of someone with technical knowledge. When you know some basics about coding and Shopify’s Liquid, you will be able to fix, or at least pinpoint smaller issues by yourself. 

It makes it easy for even complete novices to fix, edit, or understand things like Shopify’s sitemap or 301 redirects. This way you’ll be able to save your money for big fixes or changes you want to bring to your store that requires expert technical knowledge. 

To learn, you can duplicate your Shopify store and play around with the code. Because you have the original code backed up, you can reverse mistakes by uploading the Shopify file and continuing on as normal. 


The Shopify programming language liquid is easier to learn and understand than most coding languages. It might be foreign at first but with some patience and a little experimenting, you will open up a whole new world of Shopify shopping experiences. 

You’ll be able to troubleshoot issues, maybe even fix them, and save money in the long run. Knowing more about Liquid puts you fully in control of your store and is sure to enhance your Shopify experience.

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