Best Shopify themes

Best Shopify themes

Are you looking for the best Shopify themes for your business? There are thousands of Shopify themes available. Choosing the best theme for your store can quickly become a daunting task.

Luckily, we’ve got good news for you. 

At HeyCarson, we’ve worked with more than 35 000 Shopify brands. We’ve got the experience and know-how to help you find the best theme in no time at all.

Whether you’re looking for the best paid Shopify theme, the most popular theme, or even the most customizable Shopify theme, we’re confident you’ll find something in this guide.

What makes a theme great?

Have you ever wondered what to look for in a theme when selecting one for your store? 

Let’s start with a quick explanation of what a Shopify theme is. A Shopify theme allows you to change several design aspects of your online shop. For instance, most themes will allow you to:

  • Customize Branding.
  • Add Features.
  • Be Mobile-Ready.

You need a theme that:

  • Compliments your business.
  • Suits your branding.
  • Is fast loading.
  • Improves the customer journey.
  • Has features to promote your products.
  • Is easy to install and maintain.

13 Best Shopify store themes

We’ve scoured the internet to build a directory with the best Shopify themes around. 

All you have to do is browse our reviews and choose the best one to help your online business succeed.

Warehouse By Maestrooo

best shopify templates

The Warehouse Shopify theme by Maestrooo is our number one pick as the best Shopify eCommerce theme. The developers lovingly hand-crafted this theme for dropshippers. 

Dropshippers are online retailers that use services, such as the Shopify Fulfillment Network, to handle the logistics of running an online store. 

Warehouse isn’t just perfect for dropshippers, though. It comes with several handy features, a fantastic layout, and three different styles to bring your store to life.


Warehouse has three distinct styles to choose from. There’s a sleek-looking metallic style, a gentle fabric style, and a nature-inspired wood style. 

We find that these three styles cover most eCommerce industries. For instance, if you’re selling tech, you’ll love the look and modern feel of the steel style. 

In contrast, if you’re planning to sell apparel, the soft fabric style will be great for your business! These styles will make it easy to convey the right feel for your store.


Warehouse comes jam-packed with sales-focused features. A savvy merchant can use these features to quickly and easily run promotions, grow their fanbase, and improve sales.

One of the top features that we love is the Flash Sales feature. You can use this feature to launch a time-based sale instantly. Suppose you’ve learned that the middle of the month is a quiet period for your store. In that case, a flash sale could just be the thing you need.

Warehouse also has several standards and must-have features that every successful online store needs. For instance, the ever-handy FAQ page can help answer those sales-blocking questions. 

On the other hand, the product reviews feature should add some much-needed social proof to your eCommerce store. Remember, when people read about how fantastic your products are, it’ll be easier for them to commit and buy.

What We Love About This Theme:

  • Warehouse is perfect for stores with a large number of products.
  • Plenty of cross-selling opportunities.
  • Color swatches, videos, image zoom, and more to improve your conversions.

Pipeline By GroupThought

top shopify themes

The best-paid Shopify theme is undoubtedly the Pipeline Shopify theme. But you might be wondering if paid Shopify themes are worth it at all. We always answer with a resounding yes. Developers offer better features, more customization options, and better support with paid themes.

The developers created this theme for online stores that plan to be busy. Their exceptional architecture helps busy stores process many transactions in a given period. 

It has several handy features and three styles to customize your online shop further.


Pipeline has three distinct styles to choose from. The first style, Dark, is impressive with sharp-contrasting colors. 

The second style is Light. If you prefer a more classic-looking online store with plenty of open whitespaces, then Light is perfect for you.

Finally, there is Bright. Bright offers a gentle, light feel that suits cosmetics and luxury brand items.


Pipeline doesn’t disappoint when it comes to useful features. While most features are pretty standard, such as animations, cross-selling, and plenty of other product options, there are also some sought-after features.

GroupThink specifically developed this Shopify theme to make it easier to sell your products internationally. 

Some other notable features include a stylish slide-out cart and the ability to add promotions to the menu. Surely these features will make it easier for customers to buy your excellent products.

What We Love About This Theme:

  • In-store pickups make it possible to use this theme for brick-and-mortar shops.
  • Lookbooks will make your products stand out and provide customers with an immersive shopping experience.
  • This theme is fully optimized for mobile devices, making it one of the best Shopify themes for mobile.

Prestige By Maestrooo

high end shopify themes

There’s a reason why online merchants search for the most popular Shopify theme. The more popular a theme is, the:

  • The more users have tried it,
  • The better support it has,
  • The better its documentation is.

If you want to use one of the most popular Shopify themes that ticks those boxes, look no further than Prestige. Prestige is an elegant Shopify theme that can quickly and easily turn your online store into a luxury brand store.

This popular theme is especially liked by online clothing and apparel stores. 


Prestige comes with three distinct, fashion-inspired styles. While these styles can turn any clothing brand into a luxury affair, we find that the styles work well with most online stores.

The first style is Couture. Soft neutral colors and minimalistic styling will help focus attention on your products. Remember to take high-resolution, quality photos for the best impression.

Next, we find Vogue. This style has distinct, warm, summer-inspired colors that help bring your products to life. 

Finally, there’s Allure. Dark, contrasting colors make this an excellent option for an online shop with a muscular feel.


Prestige is popular because of its excellent features. Maestrooo designed this theme to enhance your visual storytelling. In other words, large, high-resolution images will do most of the work and sell your products for you.

Like with Pipeline, you also get the option to offer in-store pickup, making in-person selling quick and easy.

A final, noteworthy feature is the editorial content. It’s no secret that quality content is the best way to draw visitors to your website. Prestige makes it easy to create, edit, and publish content to improve your traffic.

What We Love About This Theme:

  • Customizable contact forms for a personalized customer experience.
  • Image zoom, hotspots, and rollovers bring your images to life.
  • Optimized for long-form text to help tell your brand’s story.

Impulse By ArcheType Themes

premium shopify theme

Some online merchants like to get knee-deep in their themes. These hands-on store owners prefer to customize their Shopify theme to provide a genuinely unique experience to their customers. 

A unique experience is more memorable and improves brand loyalty and profits.

If you’re one of those merchants, look no further than Impulse for the most customizable Shopify theme on the market.


Impulse comes ready with three styles that cover a variety of online stores. From the traditional Modern style to Clean and Bold, there’s something for everyone here.

Modern is, as the name would suggest, a robust, modern style perfect for any online store that wants to look great.

Clean is a minimalistic style, fit for luxury brands and merchants that want to show off their products with large, fantastic-looking photos.

Bold comes with solid and energetic colors and tones. These bold tones are perfect for any product that inspires feelings of excitement and adventure.


Impulse has all of the stock-standard Shopify features, such as cart notes, a quick buy function, and product reviews.

What makes it different from other Shopify themes is that you can dig into the CSS and customize Impulse to suit your specific needs. CSS is a set of rules that defines what fonts the theme should use, what colors, and how your store appears on different devices.

What We Love About This Theme:

  • Capable of handling high volumes of transactions at once.
  • Architecture that makes visual storytelling easy.
  • Easy to understand coding makes customization straightforward.

Show Time By Mile High Themes

A modern theme will always look amazing, no matter what device a shopper uses when browsing your store. 

Show Time is a new Shopify theme, and it is also the best modern Shopify theme around. It has style, class, and the essential features to ensure your online success.

best premium shopify themes


Show Time is ideal for stores with various products and brands. Its three distinct styles reinforce this and will make showcasing your products quick and easy.

The unique styles are CookTime, FurnishTime, and FashionTime. 

CookTime comes in vibrant, healthy-inspired colors, perfect for highlighting your kitchenware or any organic-themed products you may want to sell.

FurnishTime has subdued colors but adds a sense of class challenging to find with other themes. 

Finally, FashionTime is bold, modern, and stylish. 


Show Time comes with plenty of features to make selling quick and easy. This modern Shopify theme has features such as:

  • Promo Popups: Show off your latest deals with beautiful-looking popups.
  • Quick View: This feature makes it easy for customers to browse your products quickly.
  • Slideshow: Show off your best-selling products, promotions, or content with an easy-to-use slideshow feature.

Another excellent feature worth mentioning is the Quick Install feature. Show Time has minimal steps, so you don’t have to be a tech wizard to get your store up and running.

What We Love About This Theme:

  • Dropship-ready.
  • Perfect for high-volume stores.
  • Excellent press coverage features for telling your brand’s story.

Palo Alto By Presidio Creative

best shopify ecommerce themes

Suppose you’re looking for a futuristic Shopify theme that’s contemporary and comes with enough space to tell your unique story. In that case, Palo Alto is perfect for you.

This futuristic theme has three styles, looks fantastic on mobile devices, and has excellent marketing and conversion features.


Palo Alto lets you choose between Stanford, SoMa, and Palo Alto. All three styles suit a variety of eCommerce industries, so you are free to experiment and play around to find the best style for your brand.

With its dynamic and contrasting colors, we think that the Palo Alto works excellent as a futurist theme for any tech or electronics store.

If you require a futuristic theme with a more subtle approach, then SoMa is perfect. SoMa has subdued, soft colors and uses large, high-resolution images to highlight your products.


Three features make Palo Alto a fantastic, futuristic-looking theme. The developers optimized Palo Alto for large, retina-ready images. Having a theme that caters to beautiful photos is a must.

Palo Alto also comes with an advanced multi-level menu. This multi-level drop-down menu is perfect for stores with a vast inventory of products. Customers can effortlessly browse your store and quickly find the products they want.

Finally, Palo Alto has a handy Quick Buy feature. Shoppers can buy products without ever having to leave the page that they’re currently browsing. This convenience will improve your conversion rate and profits.

What We Love About This Theme:

  • Plenty of product features, such as badges, reviews, and videos.
  • Improve your conversion rates with back-in-stock alerts and recently viewed.
  • Slideshows and animations that bring your store to life.

Boost By Clean Canvas

most popular shopify theme

If you’re looking for a feature-packed Shopify Plus theme, look no further than Boost

This Shopify Plus theme has advanced features, four unique styles, and it suits a variety of eCommerce industries, making it great value for money.


Boost comes with four unique styles to customize your online store. From the colorful tones of Spark to the bold design of Inspire, there’s plenty to choose from. 

We specifically like the neutral tones of Flourish and Bloom. The styles make Boost an excellent contender for the best Shopify theme on the market.


As you’d expect from a Shopify Plus theme, Boost has several excellent features that’ll turn your online store into a high-converting, successful business.

One notable feature is how fast this theme loads. The faster a Shopify theme loads, the better the user experience is. A great user experience leads to more sales and improved brand loyalty.

Boost is one of the fastest Shopify themes available to merchants.

What We Love About This Theme:

  • Fantastic editorial content features that make it an excellent Shopify blog theme.
  • Unique marketing features include product badges, popups, and product tabs.
  • Allows in-store pickups for a physical business. 

Pacific By Pixel Union

most popular shopify themes

If you plan to run your Shopify store on the popular WordPress content management system, you’ll need a superb theme such as Pacific

Pacific is a WordPress-compatible Shopify theme. It is also a Shopify theme with a video header that you can use to truly impress your visitors and urge them to buy your products.


Pacific comes ready with four fantastic styles. Savvy merchants can choose from Warm, Bright, Cool, and Bold to make their Shopify store stand out from the crowd. 

Bright is pretty great for any supplement, or food-inspired store, while Bold suits a clothing shop well.


Pacific emphasizes the home page, and it offers shopkeepers the opportunity to create a stunning-looking home page genuinely. 

For example, there’s the home page video option. You can use this option to showcase either a YouTube or Vimeo video. 

To add some excitement to your store, you can use the home page slider. This slideshow will let you keep customers informed about new stock, current deals, and best-selling products.

What We Love About This Theme:

  • A fantastic sidebar menu to help customers easily navigate your store.
  • Promo banners and in-menu promos make marketing straightforward.
  • Four well-designed styles suit a variety of online stores.

Craft By Shopify

best shopify themes 2022

Sometimes, you need a simple, straightforward theme that gets the job done. If this is what you’re looking for, then Craft is perfect for you.

Craft is a free theme for Shopify. But, just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s lacking in features. It comes with everything you need to launch your first Shopify store quickly.


Craft is available in one style. This default style suits a variety of online stores, from fashion to tech. This one style is enough to launch your online store quickly. 

Suppose you have a bigger budget and more time. You can chat with developers, like our team at Hey Carson, to customize your free Shopify theme.


Craft has all of the essential features to help you sell your products quickly and easily, no matter what they are. 

Some notable features include a quick setup, with very few steps to launch your store. Other features include the image galleries with rollover effects and even zoom!

What We Love About This Theme:

  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Essential features such as blog, FAQ, and promo banners, all for free.
  • Simple, minimalistic design for a no-nonsense Shopify store.

Avenue By Red Plug Design Co.

Not every Shopify theme can be cool. A cool theme is relaxed, fun-filled, and more playful than its counterparts.

Luckily, at HeyCarson, we found the perfect cool Shopify theme. Avenue ticks all of the cool boxes. It’s playful, energetic, and will make your brand pop.

It’s not just about looks, though. Avenue comes with essential features and some top-notch ones to make selling effortless.


Avenue has three cool-looking styles. Each style is pretty unique and will cover stores in various industries.

For instance, Precise comes with bright red colors, lending warmth and energy to any brand. On the other hand, Lively adds a touch of excitement to your store with purple tones and plenty of white space.

Finally, there’s Casual. This final style suits almost every online store with its fun-filled green and yellow tones.


Avenue will make it easy for you to sell your products online. The slide-out cart, combined with the quick view function, will make it effortless for customers to shop.

There are also several animations and product options to help you sell your products and services.

An interesting and unique feature is that this theme helps you display any ingredients or nutritional information. This handy feature will help health-conscious shoppers better decide if a product is suitable for them. 

What We Love About This Theme:

  • Handy ingredients or nutritional information feature.
  • Designed for stores that sell goods across borders.
  • Various cross-selling features for higher conversion rates.

Turbo By Out Of The SandBox

best theme for shopify

Sometimes the most expensive Shopify themes are those with the most features, the best styling, and can help your business outperform its competitors.

If you need the most expensive Shopify theme on the market, then you need Turbo. We simply love this theme at HeyCarson because of everything it offers. 

From style to features, Turbo will help you launch your store and make money in no time at all.


As you’d expect from the most expensive Shopify theme, Turbo comes with plenty of styles to choose from. 

In fact, this Shopify theme has six styles that’ll help you customize your store and give it the unique look it deserves. 

The six premium styles are:

  • Chicago
  • Dubai
  • Florence
  • Portland
  • Seoul
  • Tennessee

As the names suggest, each style is a lovingly hand-crafted homage to these top destinations.


Turbo comes with the basic Shopify features that every merchant needs to sell their products and services online. 

But, Turbo truly shines when it comes to the following two features.

Turbo is fast. Like Boost, it is an incredibly fast Shopify theme.

You get the option to choose between Ludicrous and Sport. Both options offer different loading speeds while keeping your store running as smoothly as possible.

The final noteworthy feature is user-friendly, rich CSS customization. You can easily tweak designs in the editor safely and conveniently. You don’t have to worry about breaking any code with this theme.

What We Love About This Theme:

  • Comes jam-packed with all the Shopify essentials.
  • 6 fantastic styles to experiment with.
  • Smart page pre-loading for a lightning-fast experience.

Story By GroupThought 

shopify best themes

Story is a professional Shopify theme. Professional, in this case, means it looks clean and organized and puts the focus on your products. 

There are three professional styles and several useful features to help you quickly launch a professional-looking Shopify store.


Story comes in three styles named Chronicle, Heritage, and Quest. As the names suggest, each type focuses on delivering a professional browsing experience to your visitors.

Instead of focussing on fancy animations, and often confusing layouts, Story keeps everything organized and highlights your products every step of the way.


As you’d expect from a professional Shopify theme, Story comes with quality features to increase your online conversions.

One of those noteworthy features is the story-focused product pages. Instead of ordinary product pages, you get extra design boxes, which you can fill with text, and images to help sell your product better. 

This feature makes it easy for merchants to tell their brand story, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately make more money.

What We Love About This Theme:

  • A lookbook feature that displays collections in an editorial-style spread.
  • You can create various customized forms to increase customer loyalty and retention.
  • Stock counter, store locator, and in-store pickups make this theme excellent for physical shops.

Sunrise By Rewsterne Web Design & Illustration

best shopify store themes

If you’re planning to launch an online store that specializes in toys or anything cute, we’ve got fantastic news for you. Sunrise is a cute Shopify theme, perfect for online toy stores, kids’ apparel, or mommy & baby gear.

This adorable theme comes with four styles and no-nonsense features to keep your store going.


Sunrise has a range of distinct styles. The most notable ones are Uplift and Spring. These styles have warm, fuzzy colors that make any product look cute.


Sunrise focuses on your products and highlights them with cute style. The bright colors and the ample space around design elements will ensure that a visitor’s attention is only on the product. Exactly where you’d want it to be.

Some handy features include an image zoom, promo banners, and a slideshow to tell your story honestly.

What We Love About This Theme:

  • A cute style that’s difficult to find anywhere else.
  • The stock counter makes it easy to track your inventory.
  • Recommended products to help improve your sales.

Which Shopify theme is best?

The best Shopify theme is one that makes your business stand out. It should offer your customers a fantastic experience and help automate specific administrative tasks.

Our list of the ultimate, best Shopify themes have themes that all do this. If you need the best Shopify theme, you’ll find it in this list. If you’re still feeling somewhat overwhelmed, schedule a call with us. We’d love to work on your project and help you choose the best Shopify theme for long-lasting success.

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