The fastest Shopify themes in 2022

The fastest Shopify themes in 2022

The speed at which your Shopify store loads can have a vast impact on the success and sales of your business. Think about your experience as a consumer: a store or website that takes too long to load affects the overall experience. In this case, you are likely to exit and search elsewhere to find what you are looking for.

A one-second delay in page loading can reduce page views by 11% and drop conversion rates by 7%. This makes finding the fastest Shopify theme key. 

In case you need a quick recap on what is a Shopify theme: in simple terms, a theme is a template that you download for your store. It impacts the store’s design and how customers experience it. 

Shopify has a host of speedy themes. But, it is worthwhile checking out which are the fastest to ensure that your store loads as quickly as possible, as this will help retain your customers. Picking the right theme can boost your store’s speed and, in turn, the quality of the user experience.

Eight fast loading Shopify themes to try

Choosing the best Shopify theme for speed requires you to have a good look at the loading times of each theme, as well as at your business. After all, you need a theme that will help you establish a solid aesthetic for your brand.


If you are looking for the fastest Shopify theme out there, look no further than a fairly new Shopify theme, Flex

fastest loading shopify themes

When it comes to speed, Flex operates very similarly to the Turbo theme discussed below. It was actually created as a theme to fill in the gaps that Turbo had, to create the ultimate option for businesses. 

So why opt for Flex instead? A big drawcard is a variety offered by this theme, with 13 styles to demo and choose from. Having so many style options makes it easier to pick what will best suit your brand and products. 

Flex can be used by several business types, from apparel and jewelry to technology and decor. Even food and beverage companies can use Flex.

Features include a variety of header and footer styles, sidebars, various product page layouts, background gradients, sale stickers, reviews and testimonials, and many more.

On your blog page, you can also display the comment count, show post excerpts, and customize animation to control how each feature is displayed or loaded on the page. 

It is also perfect for those with little to no experience in theme setup, as the theme is straightforward to work on, with the option of tweaking or adding certain things if you so wish.


fastest shopify themes

Boasting a desktop page speed score of 0.98, the Shopify Brooklyn theme loads quickly and works efficiently for optimal customer experience. 

This theme has a clean, minimalistic design but is far from boring. It is a classy, trendy option for any business. It is the ideal choice for stores that don’t just want to showcase product images but branding and editorial visuals, too. 

Brooklyn’s design focus on visuals allows you to show off products and marketing images, which draws in and keeps consumers engaged in browsing. It will enable you to go all-in on pictures, videos, and social media posts of products in a creative way.

Another upside is that it has the capacity for any catalog size. Stores with hundreds of products will find it works well, but so will those who only sell several specialty items. 

The cherry on top of a fantastic theme is the fact that it is free. When comparing free vs paid Shopify themes, do not think that a free theme means lesser quality. Brooklyn, one of the best free Shopify themes, offers many of the features you will get in a paid theme while maintaining excellent speed. 


fast shopify themes

The Turbo theme is perfect for a speedy Shopify store, as it loads incredibly fast and creates a quick and easy browsing experience for customers. The name pretty much says it all. 

The theme offers two-speed modes: Sport and Ludicrous.

Some of the features that Sport mode offers are:

  • Quick shop
  • Less HTML and CSS (how the theme is coded and styled), which increases page speed
  • Smart image loading

Ludicrous mode offers everything that the Sport mode does, plus page preloading.

Page preloading is one of the theme’s smart speed features. It does this by noting what the user is hovering their mouse over and then preloads that page in the background. This results in a quick loading time once the person clicks on that page. 

In addition to its loading speed, the theme has endless other features that make it easier for customers to navigate your store. For example, it features a dynamic menu system with a large menu and further submenus to categorize products and pages. This makes it simpler for users to find and navigate what they are searching for. 

The product page layout incorporates tabs, images, videos, and pop-out product descriptions, creating an engaging experience for users. 

It also features a newsletter popup that enables quick and easy signup for customers to receive communication about new products, specials, offers, etc., straight to their mailbox.

If you want a fast-loading theme with a well-laid out blog page, this is a great option.


fastest free shopify theme

The Debutify theme is versatile and can be used by many business types. It also has a very competitive loading time – pages take about 2 seconds to load.

The design itself is minimalistic, perfect for stores that want the focus to be on their products rather than being distracted by other design elements. This means that you should try to maximize the quality of your product images, as you want them to catch the customers’ eye and impress them at the same time. 

The theme allows you to customize the basic layout as much as you would like, letting you add personal touches from the brand’s aesthetic to the foundation that Debutify provides. 

This is easy to do, even for those with little experience, making it an accessible theme for all. 

But, as is, the theme already has native functionality for the features offered by a few major apps. This includes widgets like reviews, testimonials, and recommendations.

It is one of the best Shopify themes for mobile, as the simple theme design creates an easy browsing experience for customers to look through product pages and blog posts on their mobile devices.


best fast loading shopify theme

If you are after a Shopify theme that is minimalistic and to the point, then Simple, exactly as the name suggests, is an ideal option for your store.

Simple is a speedy theme, with a 0.8-second page load time on a desktop and 2.5 seconds on mobile.

The landing page features all key products and services clearly to the user, so there is no need to dig around the store to find what they are searching for. This straightforward design means that the theme speed is quick for optimal user experience. 

This theme is ideal for stores looking to sell and/or showcase products, such as clothing shops or beauty brands. 

From the store management perspective, the simplistic theme design makes it incredibly easy to set up and maintain. 

The Simple theme also features a sidebar menu feature that allows you to categorize and display all product collections, as well as zoom in when hovering over an image for better visibility. 

There is also a product recommendations feature, which encourages the user to spend more time on the store and browse through more products, which will generally improve conversion rates. 


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The Kingdom theme is a good option if you want to transcend borders by selling products across regions. It’s also suitable if you need large inventory compatibility and dynamic pickup and delivery features. That said, even if you’re selling locally, this theme will still work well for you.

Kingdom is a fast-loading theme: the page load time on the desktop is 1 second. 

The minimalistic design allows Kingdom to be set up and launched quickly. The theme is very image-focused, allowing your business to showcase its products and brand imagery. This is an ideal space for campaigns and editorial content. 

Features include:

  • Quick buy
  • Cart notes
  • In-store collection
  • Contact forms
  • FAQ page
  • Reviews
  • Recommended products
  • Stock counters
  • Galleries
  • Image zoom and rollover
  • Lookbooks
  • Videos
  • Size charts
  • Enhanced search
  • Trust badges

The sidebar is an all-encompassing feature that lists all key information without having to scroll so that users can find what they are looking for with just a glance, creating an improved user experience. 

The slideshow is another standout feature where you can showcase featured products in a unique and eye-catching display that will impress users and amplify the store’s aesthetic. 


fastest shopify template

Having good photos in your store is a surefire way to catch the attention of potential customers. Boundless is optimized for large, high-resolution images, making it ideal for product pictures that feature details, like jewelry or art, and slideshows. 

It works well for fashion and beauty businesses, accommodation and venue providers, high-end services, and any other brands with an attractive aesthetic. 

Videos are also compatible with the design. The most notable feature is a homepage video. Here, you can embed a Youtube or Vimeo video that is prominent to the user as soon as they click onto the store. 

It also has sticky navigation, which keeps menu options visible to users while they scroll through the pages. This makes it easier to navigate their way back to where they want to be. 


fastest theme shopify

Businesses looking for a clean, simple theme that allows all of the focus to lie on the products need not look further than the Minimal theme. 

This theme is minimalistic in design and features, as the name indicates. Because of this, it is easier to set up and has a faster-than-average speed index for an effortless user experience. 

Features include cart notes, in-store collection, recommended products, stock counters, and more. 

This is the perfect theme if you are starting out and do not have the skills and time to set up a complex store. It is a clutter-free theme that requires little time and work but still impresses users with a classy look and convenient features.

FAQs on the fastest loading Shopify themes

What should my Shopify theme speed be?

When a theme has fewer files and code, it results in a quicker download process. 

There are online testing tools available to check the loading speed of your page. Ideally, your page loading speed should be under 3 seconds to avoid a high bounce rate. This is important because a customer who leaves a page is unlikely to return at a later stage.

How else can I speed up my Shopify theme speed?

Other ways to improve your theme speed include managing apps, images and videos, and fonts. 

fast loading shopify themes

Adding extra apps to your theme for additional features and functionalities adds to the overall code. This, in turn, leads to slower downloads, which will then slow down your theme. 

To fix this, take stock of any apps that are not in use or that you can spare. Once done, remove these from your theme to speed it up. 

Images and videos are an integral part of a Shopify store, and you generally want them to be high-res to add to the overall quality of your pages. But, overloading a theme with large image files has a massive impact on speed.

To combat this, there are online image optimizer tools that allow you to compress images without a major loss of quality. This way, you can keep crystal clear images without space constraints. 


A fast theme will ensure that a Shopify store and its pages load quicker than the average store or website. As a result, the user’s browsing experience is improved.

So, with a fast Shopify theme, you are on your way to a successful eCommerce store that provides easy and enjoyable browsing and shopping experiences for your customers.

If you need assistance with setting up or customizing your theme, you can always look to our Shopify expert team to do it all for you. HeyCarson is one of the best available, and we’ll work with you to help you put the best foot forward for your store.

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