What is a Shopify theme?

What is a Shopify theme?

You made the decision to use Shopify’s e-commerce platform to start, grow, and manage your online business, but now you must put careful thought and planning into its design. This is where a Shopify theme comes in. But what is a Shopify theme? And how do you know which Shopify theme is right for your business?

In our guide to Shopify themes below, we’ll give you a breakdown of what a Shopify theme is, how to choose the right theme for your brand, and the benefits of having a personalized theme.

What is a Shopify theme?

A Shopify theme is the design template that determines how your store looks to customers visiting your online store. Different themes offer different styles and layouts, which can be customized to offer unique user experiences.

The decision to take your service or product online was the simple part. Designing an e-commerce store that will guarantee sales is not always that easy.

The reality is that if your e-commerce store does not offer your customers a professional experience, you will suffer low conversion rates. But, with the right Shopify theme, it will be far easier to make sales.

Your choice of theme is a major factor in your success because it affects how your store attracts, engages, and converts. So let’s take at what your Shopify theme offers you.

What a Shopify theme does for your e-commerce store

A Shopify theme allows you to showcase specific information on your e-commerce store about your product or service, in an informative yet creative way. 

A professionally designed theme saves you the time and effort necessary for coding and designing a successful online store. Shopify supports the latest two versions of all browsers on the market, and the platform is accessible on all devices. 

Both mobile and desktop traffic are important for your online business. But there is no question that mobile traffic has been steadily overtaking traditional desktop traffic. The trend is universal, irrespective of what you’re selling.

Shopify’s themes are mobile-friendly, and the platform includes a free built-in mobile commerce shopping cart. This enables your customers to identify with your brand and shop on all of their devices.

How your online store benefits from the right Shopify theme

What Is A Shopify Theme And Do I Need One

The right  Shopify theme helps with brand identification as it embodies your brand, products, and services. This visual presentation of your business visitors to your store with a better impression of who you are and what you stand for. 

With the right theme for your brand, you can customize your online store to best suit your needs, and those of your customers. No matter the industry you’re in, browse our Theme Directory to find the perfect theme that works for you.

How will you know which theme is right for your business?

The best theme for Shopify is the one that suits your industry, product, and business style. Consider the product or service you are selling, and ask yourself the following questions.  

  • Who is your target market? You need your customers to be able to relate to your brand through the theme you have chosen. 
  • Are you offering an international service? 
  • Do you need your theme to have various language options? 
  • Are there specific functions or features you need for your industry?
  • What is your budget to spend on a theme/design for your store?

Choosing a Shopify theme

There are so many templates to choose from, and we understand it may seem a bit daunting. HeyCarson makes this easier for you by categorizing hundreds of themes into easy-to-use sections. 

There are fast-loading Shopify themes,  industry-specific themes as well as Shopify themes with good blog sections. Check out the most popular ones to find out what is trending and what’s new. You can find them all on our Theme Directory with a few clicks. 

But even an attractive design will fail to yield the best return on investment if your store lacks certain critical features. And these may be dependent on your business and product type. 

Look at reviews on HeyCarson to discover what others have to say about the various themes. We have designed our library to be as user-friendly and practical as possible. But if you struggle to identify the right one for your online business needs, we are happy to assist you.

Free Themes

Although many of the options in the Shopify theme store are paid themes, free themes exist too. 

If you’re just starting in e-commerce and testing the waters, you may prefer the option to download free Shopify themes. Free themes are sometimes more limited with features than paid ones, though.

As your e-commerce project develops you may decide to upgrade to a paid Shopify theme.

Paid Themes

There are some fantastic paid Shopify themes available, for all industries and online store sizes. But are paid Shopify themes worth it

Paid themes offer more advanced features and extra integrations to be introduced. A theme that is well-matched to your product or service will make a big impact on your reach and productivity. So yes, paid themes are worth it. 

The key is to select the right one for your business needs.

Where To Find And Download The Best Shopify Theme

We mentioned this earlier – HeyCarson’s theme directory makes it simple to find the best theme for your particular store. Explore a selection of eye-catching themes and choose one that you feel will best meet your store’s needs. 

All the themes are mobile-friendly,  rich in features, and customizable for your brand.  

Downloading them is a simple process. Once you have chosen the theme that best fits your brand, select “get this theme” and you will be directed to log in to your Shopify store.

Is it possible to customize your Shopify theme?

How Will I Know Which Theme Is Right For My Business

Yes, Shopify themes are all customizable and can be tailored to better represent your product. 

Decide what you need from your theme. Are you looking for a theme with a specific speed or unique feature? Do you need more imagery or a Shopify theme with a video header? Perhaps a minimalist approach would better suit your brand?

Customizing your Shopify theme

Professional developers like HeyCarson can customize your theme in any number of ways, With our help, you can control what goes into your Shopify theme. 

This is good news because a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. Different businesses and brands have different products or services to offer.

So how easy is it to customize a Shopify theme? Well, this is done through editing Shopify theme blocks. These are the customizable modules that together make up the sections in your chosen template. 

The blocks are found in the Shopify Admin dashboard under the Customize Theme Section.

Here, it’s possible to use the blocks to add text, images, links, and any other item needed for display on your webpage. 

Note that some themes have sections with fixed blocks. In this case, customization is enabled by selecting choices set out by the theme’s designer.

The benefits of having a personalized theme

You know your business and product best. And that means that you are well-qualified to promote it with a personalized theme that resonates with your brand. This is why we offer a variety of theme-related services, from customization of your Shopify theme to code fixes. 

Having a theme personalized specifically for your business allows you to stay relevant and up-to-date with the trends in your industry. And when something no longer works for you, we can adapt it to suit the new direction your brand is taking. 

So if you need a custom project, capture your project specifications and we’ll give you a free estimate. Once we have your approval, we’ll get right to work. 

We simplify the entire process for you, saving you time and ensuring a professional result.

In conclusion

A Shopify theme gets your eCommerce store up and running and gives your store the professional image you desire. And with the help of the experts here at HeyCarson, it’s quick to set up, easily customizable, and hassle-free.

We offer professional and dependable support to Shopify stores and brands of all types and sizes. So give us a call today to get started on your Shopify journey with a personalized theme. Our range of innovative and affordable development services will take your product or brand to the next level.

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