Walmart Shopify integration (ultimate guide)

Walmart Shopify integration (ultimate guide)

Walmart and Shopify announced their partnership in 2020 with a clear goal of increasing the reach of both commerce platforms and helping sellers grow. 

But is it possible to integrate Walmart and Shopify? What are the benefits of doing this? 

And if it is possible, how would you go about it integrating them? We’ll cover that, and more, in this ultimate guide to Walmart and Shopify integration. 

how to sell on walmart with shopify

Is it possible to integrate Walmart and Shopify?

Yes, it is possible. Thanks to the Walmart Marketplace app on the Shopify store, integrating Walmart with Shopify is surprisingly easy. 

While they started as competitors, their partnership aims to introduce Shopify stores to Walmart’s 120 million active and loyal visitors. Just like with Shopify and Wish integration and Best Buy and Shopify integration, these e-commerce giants hope to increase their reach by combining their platforms’ power. 

What are the benefits of Walmart Shopify integration?

Increased customer reach

Shopify sellers will be able to add their products to the assortment sold by Walmart and reach a whole new pool of consumers ready to spend money. With this integration, your store – no matter how small – has the chance to be discovered by millions of shoppers. 

Easily create catalogs

shopify walmart integration

You can easily add products to Walmart with the integrations app and create product catalogs. Unlike importing Etsy products to Shopify, with the Walmart Marketplace app, the product integration is automated and lets you easily display the products you want to sell on Walmart. 

This makes it a lot easier for sellers. It requires no technical knowledge like it would with importing products from Alibaba to Shopify. With the app, even complete beginners will be able to easily create their catalog. 

Add unlimited products

Once you become a Walmart seller, you can add as many products to their marketplace as you want. There will be no cap on how much you can sell on their marketplace. Just use the bulk editing feature to easily create a limitless catalog with minimal work. 

Walmart and Shopify integration

Manage it all in one place

With the Walmart Shopify integration app, everything is streamlined to make it easier for sellers. you will be able to control your Shopify store and manage your Walmart catalog from the comfort of your Shopify admin. 

And because the two are so seamlessly connected, all your store inventory will automatically be updated across both platforms. The sync feature will make keeping track of inventory and product sales a breeze. 

walmart and shopify

How to sell on Walmart with Shopify

Step 1: Set up your Shopify store

If you don’t already have a Shopify store, now is the time to do so. Just go to and create your account. 

When you start your Shopify journey, you will be asked a few questions to better help you launch and manage your store. 

Fill in your contact details, your shipping information, and follow the prompts. All of these questions are asked so that Shopify can set up automated taxation and calculate shipping rates for your customers. 

After you have set up your store, choose a Shopify theme that complements your brand. And if there are specific features you want to add to your store, you can submit a task with us and have them custom-made. 

Take your time with setting up your store and choosing your theme. While you can easily change it in your Themes Library, changing it too often can be disorienting for repeat customers. 

When you have settled on the look you like, move on to the next step.   

Step 2: Add your products to Shopify

shopify and walmart

Shopify has made adding products very easy for merchants.

All you need to do is:

  • Log into your Shopify Merchant Dashboard.
  • Navigate to the left of the page, toward the Products tab. Click on the Products tab. 
  • On the Products page, click on the Add Product option. 
  • You will now be able to add all your product information. Add the product name, price, and any additional details or specifications. Add a gorgeous high-definition image to draw the attention of customers. 
  • When you have finished adding all the product details, click Save
  • Repeat this step with every product you want to sell in your store.

You can also use the CSV file import feature if you are migrating from a different platform. You can easily import products, like you would import eBay products to Shopify, with other store migrations or integrations.  

  • Go to Products.
  • From there, choose the Import option. 
  • Choose the Add File option and choose the CSV file you want to import.
  • Click on the Upload & Continue button to finish the upload.  
  • Review the products, ensure everything is correct, and click on Import Products

Step 3: Apply to sell on the Walmart Marketplace

 shopify plus walmart integration

To sell on Walmart, you will have to apply with their online portal. They use a five-step application form to evaluate whether your store is a good fit for the Walmart Marketplace. 

Go to the Walmart application form to start the registration process. There are certain things you will need:

  • to be a US entity, meaning you need either a tax ID or an address in the United States.
  • to be able to ship from a warehouse in the United States
  • Product barcodes or identifiers

Company registration

On the application form, fill in all the applicable information. It can be a little tedious but this is only because Walmart is known as a trusted seller. They need to ensure product quality and ensure their customers are safe when they purchase from the Walmart Marketplace. 

Product & integration

After you have finished adding all your company information, move to the next section – Product & Integration. 

In this section, you will be explaining what products you sell, how you ship the products and applying categories to them so that they are easier to find for Walmart shoppers. 

It’s important to be as accurate and meticulous as possible. Not only will it improve the chances of your application being approved but it will make cataloging your products on the marketplace more accurate. Accurate placement ensures your products are shown to the right buyers. 

is walmart a shopify site

Shipping and operations

Fill in the shipping and operations section. Be as specific and truthful as possible. 

Wait for approval

Review the information you supplied in the above steps before finishing your application. Now you have to wait. 

According to Walmart, the review process can take around 2 weeks. While you are waiting for approval, you can still start listing your products on Walmart. 

Step 4: Download the Walmart Marketplace app

Shopify offers its users an extensive app store with a massive host of bells and whistles. Its app store also hosts a variety of apps that make integration easier, like integrating Alliexpress and Shopify and Poshmark with Shopify

The same applies to the Walmart and Shopify integration. 

  • On your Shopify Merchant Dashboard, to the left of the page, will be the Apps tab. Click on it. 
  • In the top right corner of your page will be a button that reads Visit Shopify App Store. Click on this button. 
  • The Shopify app store will open on a new page or a new tab. At the top of the page will be a search bar. In this search bar type Walmart Marketplace and click on the search icon. 
  • If the new page asks you to login in, just log in with your store details and carry on with the above step. 
  • When the search results load, click on Walmart Marketplace by Walmart. 
  • On this new page, to the left, will be an Add App button. Click on this button. 

After you have installed the Walmart Marketplace app, start the configuration process. The configuration process might differ a little as updates roll out. But all you need to do is follow the easy prompts. 

  • Verify your contact details with a One Time Pin. 
  • Follow the Client ID and Client Secret configuration prompts to fully connect your Shopify store and Walmart Marketplace. 
is walmart shopify

Step 5: Import your products

After the configuration, you will be able to add your products. Unlike the Shopify Epic integration process, Walmart makes the process a whole lot easier with its sync features. 

Because everything is run from your Shopify account, which already holds all your products, you can just choose which products to sell on Walmart. 

From the dropdown menu, choose which products you would like to sell on Walmart.

  • All products – all the products on your Shopify store will be shown on Walmart.
  • Published products – this option will show only the products that are currently being sold on your Shopify store. This will not include archived products. 
  • Filter products – products that you choose based on product type, product vendor, smart collection, or collection

When this is done, you will finally have access to your Walmart dashboard. On the dashboard, which is accessible from your Shopify admin, you will be able to keep track of and sync all Walmart sales. 

You will be on the default dashboard settings. Follow the prompts and any Walmart hints to improve your business profiling, customize your product displays and order, and customize your Walmart store experience. 

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With Walmart Shopify integration, merchants can showcase their Shopify products to Walmart’s massive pool of active buyers. With the easy integration process, even beginners can access the benefits of combining these two commerce platforms. 

Increase your reach, improve revenue, and grow your business with Shopify’s easy and powerful e-commerce capabilities and Walmart’s trusted brand name.

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