What is my Shopify URL? (and how to find it)

What is my Shopify URL? (and how to find it)

When you opened your Shopify account, you likely did research about running an online store. You probably heard a whole bunch of e-commerce jargon and chances are you found yourself wondering “what is my Shopify URL?”

Today, we’ll cover exactly what your Shopify URL is and how to find it. We’ll also discuss why knowing your URL is important and how it can change your Shopify experience for the better. 

What is a Shopify URL?

When you open a store with Shopify, you are provided with a default URL in the format of

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator and it is your web address, the place on the vast internet that is uniquely yours. With your URL, anyone can find their way to your store. 

Why would you want to know where to find your URL? 

shopify store url

This default URL isn’t very pleasing to the eye. And because it is the default one provided to all stores that register with Shopify, customers tend to view this URL as the one used by stores that aren’t very credible or still very new. 

While you can’t change this URL and will always use it to log in to your store, Shopify encourages its users to move away from this URL and to get a different domain from them or a third-party domain name provider. 

This builds credibility with your customers and is an invaluable space that can be used to announce your store’s name and your product for clear branding. 

This small-scale customization is something often done by top Shopify brands. They utilize all available marketing space to create a completely immersive shopping experience. 

For example, they’ll submit a task with a developer for custom features that enhances their brand and remove the “powered by Shopify” tag or customize it to their liking. These are just a few of the many ways to claim your online space and make your store an independent and powerful e-commerce entity. 

You might wonder if it’s possible to change your Shopify URL. And to a degree, you can.

With your new domain, you’ll only be changing the URL customers see and not the one you see. You’d still use the default URL to log in and access your Shopify store. 

Now that you know what exactly your URL is and how it affects your Shopify store, let’s show you where to find your Shopify URL. 

How to find your URL on Shopify

Option 1: Check your address bar

how to find my shopify store url

The easiest way to see your store URL is to look at your address bar after logging in to your Shopify account.

  • First, you will need to log in to your Shopify account with your unique login details. 
  •  At the top of your browser will be a line of text, usually with a .com extension after it. This is your URL. 

Option 2: Find it by your Domains

  • Again, log in to your Shopify store with your unique login details. 
  • On your dashboard, navigate to the left sidebar. 
  • Navigate down until you come to the Domains section. Click on it. 
  • If you are still running on your default URL, it will be the only URL available on the page. If you have another primary domain, scroll down to the Shopify-powered Domains and you will find your URL. It will look something like this:
myshopify url

Option 3: Find it in your source code

This method might look a bit more technical but it’s still relatively easier. You can also use this method if you don’t have access to the account as the above methods require. 

  • Go to the Shopify store as a visitor. 
  • On the store, right-click anywhere and from the drop-down menu, choose View Page Source Code. This might be different, depending on your browser, but the name will have some variation or Source and Page in it. 
  • When the code is open in front of you, you will need to open a search bar. With Windows, press on Ctrl + F, and with Mac, press on Command + F. 
  • In the search bar, enter “” and press go. 
  • You will likely receive a bunch of results, all looking relatively similar. There might even be multiple of them with all of them being correct. Just look for one that fits Formula and that will be it. 
how to change myshopify url


Now that you know what your Shopify URL is and where to find it, you can make informed choices about your store that will benefit your business’s growth and increase your revenue.

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